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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 393, The Terrifying Incident in Australia

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Unique Ability: Avalon – An inherent power of the sword, said to have been passed down from mythical legends. Anyone inside Avalon is immune to all physical impacts. Even attacks beyond its level cannot reach those protected by Avalon.


This was the innate ability of the sword, a defensive skill that the blond girl had mastered after wielding the sword for a long time.


At this moment, a blue light curtain unfolded, shielding countless Humans.


At this precise moment…




Accompanied by a fearsome roar, a flickering pillar of light, with lightning striking around it, descended from the depths of the night sky.




With another deafening clap, in the astonished gazes of the Superhumans, the pillar of light fiercely crashed into the blue light screen.


However, the very next moment…


In the amazed and stunned gazes of many, the blue light screen only trembled slightly as ripples spread over it like ripples in a lake. Then, the fearsome pillar of light, like the water flowing in a river, flowed along the blue light screen, scattering in all directions.




In the aftermath, amidst the howling winds, the breath of Wyvern snapped countless trees in half, leveling mountains after mountains.


Be that as it may, the Humans under this blue light screen remained calm, as the Wyvern’s breath did not even manage to rustle even a single strand of hair.


At this moment, if one observed closely, they would notice that the blond beauty standing at the forefront suddenly trembled a little.


Apparently, casting such a massive blue light screen was taxing for her.


However, she could not flinch at this moment.


With a cold gaze, the blond girl, holding the long sword, shouted in an icy cold tone, “Charge…”


At the drop of her command, five figures, each donning a white cape, suddenly charged out.


The Twelve Knights of the Round Table, their status was equivalent to the secret task forces of China. They were a symbol of the ‘highest combat power’ of Britain. Even China was wary of their formidable prowess.


Because all twelve of them were Tier-2 Superhumans.


At present, only five had arrived here, the remaining seven were guarding Britain.


It should be noted that the internal affairs of Great Britain, which was on the brink of collapse, was not as complicated as that of China and America. 


Their entire nation was supported by two major forces.


One was the Twelve Knights of the Round Table led by Cornerlia Shelley, the King of Knights. The other was a group of Wizards, who called themselves the Court Wizards, and mainly specialized in long-range attacks.


“What a strong-willed little girl.” Pursing her lips, Ling Er could not help but chuckle.


In order to help everyone withstand this Breath Attack, the blond girl had resorted to using her trump card, a clear testament to her strong-will.


However, they were not comrades. Although they were all Humans, each had their own axe to grind.


Even Ling Er was carrying with a mission: she must seize the corpse of the Wyvern at any cost.


In other words, they were competitors to some extent.


“So, this is the chivalry she adheres to…” muttering to himself, the Strongest Knight of China became lost in thought, glancing at the blond girl.


However, after a moment, he shook his head.


Unlike Great Britain’s Knights of the Round Table, the Knights of China was more like a profession.


Great Britain’s Knights of the Round Table was a symbol of status.


There was no comparison between the two.


However, it could not be denied that this little blond beauty truly possessed the renowned chivalry of the west. It was nothing short of sacrificing oneself to protect others.


Be that as it may, they were in a contest for supremacy.


A sigh escaped from the Strongest Iron Knight of China as he gratefully looked at the blond girl. Nonetheless, he commanded the Panda he was riding as it suddenly leaped out



Meanwhile, oblivious to the Humans, pairs of cold eyes were silently watching them from a distance.


The pairs of cold eyes belonged to a dozen or so Mutant Beasts.


However, the striking thing about these Mutant Beasts was that all of them were Humanoid in appearance. 


Some bore resemblance to Kangaroos, but their limbs happened to be terrifyingly developed. They were extremely tall and straight. Their arms were crossed in front of their chests, and a thick, whip-like tail was swaying gently left and right behind them.


Although their tails were only swaying gently, its movement was creating loud swooshing like sounds.


Others resembled Black Cats, but happened to be standing upright. They had an air of elegance and nobility, as well as freedom. Their slender bodies showcased a sense of strength.


There was also a pure white rabbit, lying quietly in a corner. Every now and then, it would reveal its teeth, gleaming white like polished jade.


“Didn’t expect the Humans to really come?” Suddenly, a voice broke the silence.


“It’s normal; Humans are greedy by nature,” Responding indifferently, the Kangaroo with well-developed limbs added in a cold voice, “If Ned had not been the first to break through to Tier-3 and rule the continent, we would not have attracted Humans from other continents. But, there was nothing we could do. Ned is exceptionally talented. In addition, he just chose to secretly break through when we were preoccupied with our own war. We had no choice but to now helplessly watch,”


At the words, the lead Kangaroo heaved a sigh.


“Now, all we can do is hope that these guys have some means to cause trouble for Ned.”


Speaking of this, the lead Kangaroo also turned around and looked at a giant green Lizard behind him, and added with a sneer, “Ned is the second one in your Lizard Clan to break through to Tier-3. Are you sure you want to do this?”


“Hmph!” Coldly snorting, the Green Lizard disdainfully replied, “He was already banished from our Clan. Now, after advancing, not only did he fail to return, but he even attempted to enslave the entire Clan. If something is to blame, it would be his wild ambitions.”


The Kangaroo did not say anything in response, rather the corner of its lips rose slightly, as if mocking.


[Isn’t it because you, Green Bastard, are weaker than him, and yet you are unwilling to relinquish power!? Still, it couldn’t be any better for us. If this Green Bastard didn’t hold onto the Lizard Clan’s tail, it would indeed be exceptionally difficult to surround and kill Ned.]


After all, the Lizard Clan happened to be a powerful Clan on this continent.


Not only was their individual combat power extremely extraordinary, but they also held a terrifying advantage in numbers.


At present, the southwest corner of Australia has been occupied by hundreds of thousands of Mutant Lizards.


Among them, many possessed ancient bloodlines, referred to as Atavistic Lizards by Humans, hiding in plain sight. If they sprang into action, not to mention coming so close to Ned, they would have struggled to set foot on the continent.


It should be brought to notice that the Black Wyvern–Ned’s lair was located along the coast.


When Humans touched the shore, they were intentionally guided to the vicinity of Ned’s lair by some Mutant Beasts. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Humans to be completely oblivious to the true danger of Australia until now.


Australia was no longer the same as in the past.


Unless someone ventured deeper into it, it was genuinely challenging to imagine the horror of this continent today.


In the words of some Mutant Beasts, this entire continent already belonged to the Mutant Beasts.


Even some Humans were under their control.


Everything was premeditated, all in order to merely check the capabilities of Humans of other continents, and incidentally, inflict some injuries to Ned.


As for the final outcome…


They would ultimately be taking the stage and enjoying the real harvest.



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