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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 394, The Giant Black Eggs

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After a short while, in a corner of Australia, the ground was riddled with holes.


The Black Wyvern’s massive Dragon Wings happened to be hanging down the mountain, his blood flowing like magma, dyeing half the mountain red.


However, that was not what was terrifying.


What was truly terrifying was that the sky above the black Wyvern appeared dark red as the blood rained down.


Bathing in the blood rain, countless battered and exhausted Humans looked at the proud figure not far away in disbelief. From beginning to end, the Wyvern had not lowered his head, not even once.


“You stupid lowlives, you don’t even realize you’re being used.”


He was still as arrogant as ever.


Nonetheless, no one questioned it.


Over a dozen Apex Tier-2 Superhumans had besieged him, along with nearly a hundred ordinary Tier-2 Superhumans.


Even with the participation of so many Superhumans, and the use of two tactical nuclear missiles fired by Americans, and Spirit Energy Cannon used by the Chinese, they still failed to defeat this Wyvern.


Rather, it only infuriated the Wyvern further, which ultimately resulted in heavy losses for the Humans as a whole.


From the very beginning when she was grinding her own agenda, to now, Ling Er had no choice but to actively cooperate with the Humans.


Just this was enough to prove the dreadful combat power of this Mutant Wyvern.


Everyone knew a Tier-3 Transcendent was terrifying, but for it to be as terrifying as this Wyvern was beyond everyone’s imagination.


More importantly, the Black Wyvern had only recently broken through, his Spiritual Energy happened to be just over a million.


He might have undergone a qualitative transformation, but it was ultimately not as terrifying as Yu Zi Yu.


If it were Yu Zi Yu, he would have obliterated everyone with just a single whip of his branch. Ling Er would not have been shocked by that result but this…


[But this black Wyvern, unexpectedly…]


*Haaa…* What was even more helpless was that some powerful Superhumans had noticed numerous terrifying entities gradually approaching from the heart of Australia. 


“Did we just get exploited?” With an uncertain expression, the Chinese middle-aged man with an ethereal demeanor looked towards the heart of Australia.


“I guess so.”


Nodding, the strongest Iron Knight of China, whose right arm had been torn apart by the Black Wyvern’s claw, was also speechless.


During the battle, they had already discovered the existence of powerful entities, spying from afar. However, as they were already locked in a heated battle with the Wyvern, it was already impossible to retreat.


Now, they were in a dilemma.


*Haaa…* Taking a deep breath, Ling Er took the initiative to suggest, “Let’s retreat.”


“Retreat!?” The Chinese Superhumans were slightly taken aback, nonetheless, they did not object.


Now, it was indeed not the time to be stubborn. Especially with one terrifying aura after another in the distance, everyone’s expression could not help but turn grim.



But just at this moment, a sudden voice echoed through the sky, “Traitors shall all perish.”


At these words, the heavily injured Black Wyvern suddenly trembled.


At the same time, under the disbelieving gaze of countless Humans, the Black Wyvern, with his wings hanging down the mountain and bleeding constantly, suddenly had his aura soaring continuously. 


What was even more incredible was that the blood flowing down the mountain, like magma, began to flow back continuously, as if time were reversing.




“How is this possible?”


Cries of shock and exclamations filled the air. Not only Humans but also many Mutant Beasts in the distance, rushing over, could not hide the shock on their faces.


“As expected, he indeed kept an ace up his sleeve.” The speaker seemed to be commending, but also expressing their helplessness.


Among the numerous Mutant Beasts, the massive Lizard at the forefront, pounced suddenly.




Amidst a roar that shook the sky, in the horrified gazes of countless Humans, a gigantic green Lizard, hundreds of meters long and resembling a mountain, came down from the sky and fiercely clashed with the Black Wyvern.


At the same time…


A noble and elegant Black Cat, walking upright, holding a black energy ball that resembled a starry sky, appeared beside the Black Wyvern’s head in a flash.


“Spirit Cat, have you betrayed me too?” the Black Wyvern’s voice carried a hint of madness, seemingly infuriated to the extreme.


“You shouldn’t have killed my parents,” the Black Cat’s cold voice resonated, fiercely slamming the energy ball into the head of the Black Wyvern.


*Boom!* With a deafening explosion, the Black Wyvern’s head swayed uncontrollably, as his aura, which was recovering, came to a halt.


Apparently, the mysterious Black Cat’s energy ball could suppress his regenerative abilities. However, it was precisely this dark energy ball that had completely enraged the Black Wyvern.


*Roooaaarrr…* The Black Wyvern gave out a terrifying roar, causing the entire world to change color.


Suddenly, a bolt of lightning streaked across the sky as dark lightning arcs streaked around the Black Wyvern.


Then, he spread his Dragon Wings, and directly pounced on the approaching horde of beasts, ignoring the Humans.


“Betrayal is the most unforgivable for someone as proud as him.” Seemingly understanding the Black Wyvern’s emotions, Ling Er chose to continue to stand down.


“Indeed.” Heaving a sigh, China’s Strongest Knight also chose to stand down.


Had it not for their difference in race, he really wanted to be friends with this Black Wyvern.


He was really pleased with the Black Wyvern’s arrogance, as well his clear distinction between likes and dislikes.




Their difference in species set them on a hostile path.


However, just at this moment, as if sensing something, the Strongest Knight squinted his eyes and looked towards the distance.


In his gaze, a group of short and lean Humans were sneaking out of the Black Wyvern’s lair. 


“It can’t be true, can it!?” Seemingly witnessing something unbelievable, the usually cold Strongest Knight’s expression underwent a drastic change.


“What is it?“ asking, Ling Er also looked along the Strongest Knight’s gaze right away.


The next moment, much to Ling Er’s astonishment, more than thirty Humans, seemingly Japanese, slipped out of the Wyvern’s lair, carrying four giant black eggs with intricate patterns, the size of an average Human.


“Th-they… seem to have ransacked the Black Wyvern’s lair?” The facial muscles of China’s Strongest Knight twitched, dumbfounded at this discovery.


He could not believe that while they were fighting for their lives here, some people were actually reaping the rewards.


However, at this moment, it was evident that not just Chinese Superhumans had discovered them.


Even other countries had noticed.


And now, seemingly aware of the strange gazes, the leader of the Japanese Superhumans hurriedly explained with a pleasing smile on his face, “Everyone deserves a share. There’s everyone’s share in it. But for now, we should hurry up and slip away.”


Saying this, a look of horror took over the face of the middle-aged man with a small goatee as he glanced at the distant, terrifying battle.


During their clashes, just any casual attack caused the ground to split, and stronger strikes leveled mountains to the ground.


Such clashes were indeed too horrifying.


At this moment, after shooting a deep look at the Japanese Superhuman in the distance, China’s Strongest Knight remained silent for a moment before nodding in agreement, “Alright, let’s retreat.”


He further added, “Prioritize protecting the Japanese.”


Just as he stated this, the countless Chinese Superhumans, as if realizing something, rushed towards the Japanese.


However, compared to then, a blond young man with a robust figure happened to be faster. He had started leading a large group of people towards the Japanese at a moment’s notice. 


He was the leader of the American team. He was comparatively not that famous, but he was no less weaker than China’s Strongest Knight. He had performed outstandingly over the course of the battle.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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