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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 396, Battle Starts

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“Master, should we take action?” Inquiring, Ah Long gently stroked his mount—Stormscale.


Not only did the prolonged and continuous battles not make Ah Long and his mount–Stormscale feel fatigue, but their fighting spirit was also soaring, with red aura swirling around their bodies.


From a distance, they seemed to be enveloped in a crimson haze.


The duo looked quite formidable and awe-inspiring.


“Go ahead.” Yu Zi Yu waved his branch, and gave his consent.


If it were before, Yu Zi Yu would not let these Knights directly clash with the Inferno Snakes.


But now, after days of fighting, enjoying the nurturing of Yu Zi Yu’s Life Essence, and having their psyche tempered by the Five-Color Spirit Flower, Ah Long and the other Knights have undergone significant transformations.


Furthermore, even Snow Leopard had stepped into Tier-2, a testament of considerable progress.


The current Snow Leopard, utilizing his Innate Talent—Superspeed, even impressed Yu Zi Yu. He was as fast as a flash of light. Among his peers, only a few entities could catch a glimpse of his figure, and even fewer could contend with him in battle.


Of course, the Transcendent Snow Leopard could only execute Superspeed for a limited number of times, comparable to an assassin’s momentary burst of speed.


A prolonged battle would tire it out.



At this moment, hearing Yu Zi Yu’s voice, Snow Leopard promptly crouched down.


*Haaaa…* Exhaling a deep breath, Snow Leopard’s body became taut bit by bit, resembling a taut bow, exuding a palpable sense of strength.


And just a moment later…


With a deafening boom, Snow Leopard vanished into the air.


Only those with keen eyes could barely catch a glimpse of a white streak cruising through the air.


“That’s some fearsome speed…” Before the words were even finished, in the distance down the hill… A deafening crash reverberated through the desert as shattered pieces of rocks flew everywhere.


Immediately accompanied by a piercing cry that resonated through the sky.


Upon closer inspection, a gaping wound had appeared on the seven-inch spot—the heart—of a dozen-meter-long Inferno Python, which resembled a creature bathing in flames.


Blood gushed out of the wound, filling the air with a pungent smell of blood.


*Hisss, hisss…*


*Hisss, hisss…*



Snake’s hisses rang to no end as countless Inferno Pythons were alarmed.


In addition, a dozen massive Pythons raised their heads towards the sky and roared, giving out the most miserable roar.


“Let’s go too,” saying so, Ah Long patted his mount–Stormscale and leaped out.


And immediately afterward…


*Boom, boom, boom…*


The earth quaked. Although only Ah Long and the Knights were charging, the cloud of dust they raised filled the sky, giving the impression that a huge army was charging.



Right then, a voice suddenly rang in Yu Zi Yu’s ears, “Master, let me join in on the action too.”


Sitting on one of Yu Zi Yu’s, Golden Ant cast a deep glance towards the depths of the hill and stated in a solemn voice, “I can sense a few Mutant Inferno Pythons that can pose a threat to them.”


“Alright, go ahead.”


Yu Zi Yu nodded his approval, not intending to stop him.


He was not worried about Golden Ant.


As the most talented member of the Ant Clan, his talent of strength was absolutely daunting.


Now, he was gradually revealing his formidable potential.


*Crack, Crack…* Golden Ant clenched his fists, as cracking sounds echoed as if the air had exploded. His eyes became focused, and the next moment…


He kicked the leaf beneath it.


*Boom!* Accompanied by a loud noise, Golden Ant shot towards the depths like a cannonball. At the same time, he raised his fist, gathering strength. The next moment, a visible transparent column of light shot towards the front.


Air Cannon: By striking the air, creates a powerful air cannon that obliterates everything in its path.


This was an extremely formidable technique and a testament to Golden Ant’s terrifying physical strength.



Not long after, in the distant depths of the hills…




A transparent light column as thick as a water bucket struck the ground, shaking the area within several hundred meters.


What was even more terrifying was the shockwave created by the impact. The shockwave was so powerful that it could knock people off their feet several kilometers away.


However, it seemed that this transparent light column had thoroughly angered this den of Inferno Snakes lurking within the Taklamakan Desert.


*Hisss, hisss…*


*Hisss, hisss…*



One after another, shrill hisses, seemingly coming straight from prehistoric era, reverberated through the desert.


The next moment, the ground split apart as towering Red Pythons emerged from underneath.


With entire bodies covered in flames, tongues of flames flickering from the corners of their eyes, and radiant red scales covering them, they appeared quite scary.


At this moment, their bodies were continuously swaying as they lifted their thick form towards the sky.


There were four of them, and the sight of these four huge Pythons, bathed in flames, propping their bodies straight in the desert, appeared both magnificent and terrifying.


*Hisss, hisss…*


Amidst the furious hissing, flames swept through the entire sky, causing the temperatures to rise rapidly, turning the entire area into a furnace.


Inferno Python, mutating from unknown species of snakes and born in the flames, were genuine Mutant Serpents with the Fire-Attribute.




As loud as thunder roar reverberated through the sky, as Ah Long, wielding a lance, rushed towards a colossal Tier-2 Python on Stormscale.


On the other side, Zi Yan, along with Snow Leopard also picked their targets and charged, not wanting to fall behind.


As for Golden Ant, he shot directly towards the thickest and the biggest Python.


His arms rose and fell and transparent columns of light shot out one after another.


At the same time, a murmur echoed in the air, “Strength Boost–2nd Stage.”


Just at the drop of these words, Golden Ant started trembling violently, as if he was enduring a great deal of pressure. Even his expression became solemn.


However, what it gained in return was an even more terrifying power.


Visible to the naked eye, the light columns it emitted were thicker and more tangible than the previous transparent light column.




Accompanied by a loud noise, the transparent light column fiercely struck the body of the Inferno Python.


The impact was so strong that it even caused the Inferno Python’s body to sway violently. What was even more terrifying was that the impact even shattered the thick scales of the Inferno Python, and glaring red blood flowed from within.


This was the might of Golden Ant’s punch after activating his Strength Boost. Just one punch inflicted such excruciating pain that ordinary Tier-2 Transcendents could hardly endure. 


Even now, the Tier-2 Inferno Python seemed a bit stunned. However, before it could react, a petite figure landed on it…


*Boom, boom, boom…*


The next moment, one punch after another struck the Inferno Python’s body, leaving fist imprints on it.


“How violent.” Yu Zi Yu was a little taken aback at the sight of Golden Ant’s brutal display of power.


Actually, this Tier-2 Inferno Python had become a living target for Golden Ant.


What was truly terrifying was that the power of Golden Ant was enough to knock the Inferno Python.


Watching the massive Inferno Python in the distance madly rolling and thrashing in agony, Yu Zi Yu mourned for it in silence.


It was really unfortunate to encounter Golden Ant.


Golden Ant’s small size and fearsome strength made it a natural nemesis of such large-size Mutant Beasts. Encountering him was plain unlucky.


In contrast, others, whether it was Ah Long or Zi Yan, even when going all out, only had the upper hand; they were not crushing their opponents one-sidedly like Golden Ant.


It stood as a testament to how big of an advantage Golden Ant had against those large-sized Mutant Beasts.


In Yu Zi Yu’s eyes, Golden Ant’s formidable strength could display its might in any situation, except against some Soft Body Mutant Creatures or those without tangible form.



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