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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 397, Taking Action, Harvesting

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Translator:  Ashish

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Battles were always cruel.


Mournful cries echoed through the sky, with blood flying all around.


However, at this moment, in a distant place, as if sensing something, a figure suddenly narrowed its eyes.


“The Inferno Snake Clan is at war with someone?” Muttering in a charming voice, a strange figure raised its eyes and looked towards the distant horizon. It could feel intense and powerful Fire Element fluctuations coming from that location. So much so that countless Mutant Beasts were trembling in fear.


Furrowing its eyebrows, the figure began twisting its body, rushing towards the depths of the desert, in the direction of the Inferno Snake Clan.


The Inferno Snake Clan had done her a favor. More precisely, she used to be a member of the Inferno Snake Clan.


It was only due to some chance and opportunities that she had managed to grow to her current state. During that time, the Inferno Snake Clan had provided her with Fire-Attribute Spirit Stones. In exchange, she protected the Inferno Snake Clan after she had grown.


Even when someone tried to snatch the Fire–Attribute Spirit Stone Mine, she would intervene.


The figure’s unique form was of particular interest. If Yu Zi Yu saw it, even he would be surprised.


Meanwhile, the battle was ravaging on.


Just at this moment…




With a hiss, an Inferno Python drew close to a Tier-1 Knight in the blink of an eye. Then, twisting its body, the Inferno Python coiled around the Knight, dismaying the Knight.


As for his mount, the Panda, despite its growls and struggle, also had several Inferno Pythons coiled around it, preventing it from moving even an inch.


 “Die!” Gnashing his teeth, the Knight formed a claw with his hand, and with fearsome Spiritual Energy surging around his fingers, ruthlessly clawed on the Inferno Python’s body.


*Squish…* With a stabbing sound, the Knight’s hand pierced deep into the Inferno Python’s body.


But immediately after, it brought a drastic change in the Knight’s expression.


“Poison!” Crying in a surprised voice, the Knight looked at his right hand, now blackened and even tinged with purple.


After fighting for so long, this was the first time he came to learn that the blood of the Inferno Snake was poisonous.


[No, perhaps, it’s just this particular Inferno Snake.] 


However, he did not have the time to brood over this, because the next moment…


*Crack, Crack…*


Sounds akin to bone breaking rang as the Knight felt tremendous force acting upon him from all sides.


Slowly, the thick Inferno Python had coiled around the Knight several times. What was even more frightening was that it kept tightening, as if wanting to strangle the Knight little by little.


Slowly, it became harder for him to breathe, and his body grew numb.


Giddily, the Knight saw the blurry figures of his companions urgently rushing towards him from afar, one after another.


“It’s too late.” In anguish, the Knight did not regret anything.


Every Knight hoped to die in a battle. Since he was destined to die, he would rather die on the battlefield, than be forever frozen in the depths of Misty Mountains, never seeing the light of day.


However, at this moment, a sigh suddenly rang in his mind, “I guess, I’ll have to step in!”


As the words fell, a touch of emerald rose in the center of the battlefield.


It was bright and vibrant, and exuded a rich vitality.


However, the moment it appeared, the blood on the entire battlefield seemed to have found its home, and started flowing towards it.


In a flash, the entire battlefield fell into a momentary silence.


Because, at this moment, everyone felt an immense pressure bearing down on them.


Everyone felt as if time came to a stand still, as if the very air had frozen.


The disparity in ranks caused each and every Inferno Python to freeze.


Even the distant four enraged Tier-2 Inferno Pythons froze.



At this moment, at a speed visible to the naked, the touch of emerald continued to rise, like a new shoot growing.


From an initial tender shoot to a small tree of one meter height…


Bit by bit…


Little by little, it kept growing bigger..


In the blink of an eye, a Willow Tree had grown to the height of over ten meters.


Glancing at the frozen battlefield, Yu Zi Yu shook his head.


Weak, too weak.


Although the Inferno Snake Clan was quite large in size, he could suppress them with a snap of his finger. He could just obliterate them from the face of this earth with just his pressure.


Just like now, the gigantic Python entwining the Knight started trembling slightly.


Then, amidst countless terrified gazes, bit by bit, its body slowly flaked into blood-colored dust, scattering in the wind.


“You failed. I’m taking over this battlefield,” Yu Zi Yu stated indifferently, then his body shook fiercely.


The next moment…


*Boom, boom, boom…*


Accompanied by fearsome tremors, his roots dug deep into the ground, continuously spreading as his body started growing to its complete form.


His trunk kept thickening, and in an instant, it grew so thick that several dozen people would be required to hug it. As for his canopy, it shot into the sky and spread so vast that it covered the very sky itself.


All of a sudden, the desert which had only been seen scorching sun for tens of thousands of years, suddenly gained shade and greenery…


A canopy woven from countless branches had blanketed an area of several kilometers.


At this moment, as Yu Zi Yu looked toward the ground, he saw countless Inferno Pythons prostrating on the ground. Even the Tier-2 Inferno Pythons in the distance could not stop trembling.


Not a single Inferno Snake tried to hide, or flee.


Yu Zi Yu’s pressure was truly terrifying to the extreme. Even electric arcs could be seen streaking through the air.


“Still want to fight?” With a shadow of a smile on his face, Yu Zi Yu swept a gaze at the Tier-2 Inferno Pythons in the four different corners of the battlefield, his voice carrying a hint of mockery.


However, the next moment, the response Yu Zi Yu received was an angry hiss.


*Hiss…* With a shrill his, a giant Red Python, over ten meters long and as thick as a bucked, opened its maws as a hot energy began gathering inside.


However, before it could breathe out.


*Swoosh!* A streak of emerald green flashed in the air.


In a moment, much to everyone’s horror, a towering emerald green glowing chain zoomed through the air, piercing straight through the throat of the Python.


“I gave you a choice, and you still won’t listen?” Yu Zi Yu sneered, channeling his Spiritual Energy.


*Gulp, gulp…* Accompanied by a sound of swallowing, the body of this Python shrank at a speed visible to the naked eye. In just a moment, it was reduced into a red snakeskin, slowly floating to the ground.


*Gulp!* A Knight, who had joined Yu Zi Yu after Liu Zi Yan, gulped nervously, horrified.


“As expected of the Tree Monster…” muttering to himself, the Knight lowered his head even further.


Meanwhile, Yu Zi Yu did not attach any importance to it.


Rather, he was relishing the harvest; the 180,000 Evolution points, and the increase in his Spiritual Energy by 40,000-50,000.


At his current cultivation, he had started to feel the impending bottleneck. He could no longer enjoy continuous increase in his Spiritual Energy at a terrifying speed by simply cultivating in seclusion.


Whereas devouring the Spiritual Energy of Mutant Beasts  could provide a certain degree of growth, just like now.


And this was another one of the reasons driving Yu Zi Yu to travel.


Compared to everything else, Yu Zi Yu found his own strength of paramount importance.


Training the Knights, Lupin, and the others was only of convenience. After all, no matter who was fighting, at the end of the day, it was still Yu Zi Yu who was reaping the rewards. Moreover, in a way, that he would not incur public wrath.


After all, while improving his cultivation by killing others might sound tempting, it would bring down the wrath of Heaven and Humans on him.


If the world got the wind of it, it was possible that the entire world would be against him.


It just so happens that Yu Zi Yu had the strength feared by others. As such, taking a different approach was better.


Just like now, he could slowly reap rewards under the guise of cultivating his subordinates.


Although it was slower, it was advantageous in terms of safety. Furthermore, he could also build a good reputation, which would prove to be of significant help for the founding of his own country in the future. It would also help him attract powerful Transcendents among Mutant Beasts.



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