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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 398, The Legendary Mutant Beast: Snake Queen

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At this moment, Yu Zi Yu shifted his gaze and looked at the three remaining giant Tier-2 Pythons not far away. 


“What about you?” But before his voice could even fade away, another hiss resounded.


However, before its hiss could end, Yu Zi Yu’s glowing emerald branch had already pierced into its body.


What Yu Zi Yu failed to notice was the wronged look in the depths of the Tier-2 Flame Python’s eyes.


Poor thing, it just wanted to roar. It never expected for itself to die like this.


Anyhow, thanks to the lessons learned from these two instances, the entire battlefield fell into silence again. Not a single Python dared to make a sound.


This invisible oppression was too terrifying. Moreover, Yu Zi Yu’s actions were gradually breaking down their psychological defenses.


They already have low intelligence, and now, after experiencing repeated psychological torment, it would be strange that they could endure any further.


Just at this moment, a grim voice rang in their ears again, 


“One last chance, think it through!”


Just at the drop of these words…


*Hiss…* A mournful hiss reverberated, but halfway through, as if recalling something, the owner of this hiss, the Tier-2 Inferno Python shot a glance at Yu Zi Yu, his eyes flickering with fear.


Afterward, before Yu Zi Yu could make a move, it decisively lowered its body.


The stronger one was, the more they feared. The wiser one was, the more afraid they were of death. This was the nature of all living beings, regardless of how strong they were.


Yu Zi Yu had easily subdued these Inferno Snakes making good use of this point.


As for why Yu Zi Yu had not attempted this kind of subjugation on other groups, there were very few groups that Yu Zi Yu found worthy of subjugation. A den of Mutant Snakes like Inferno Pythons, born in fire, possessing high heat resistance, and capable of flexibly using the Fire Element, was excellent.


This kind of group could be called a High Level Mutant Beast Species, second only to the unfathomable Royal Clan among Mutant Beasts.



At this moment, with this Inferno Python prostrating, the other struggling Tier-2 Inferno Python also stopped resisting and decisively lowered its head.


*Hisss, hisss…*


*Hisss, hisss…*


One soft hiss followed another as the remaining Inferno Pythons prostrated themselves. Since, even their leaders had surrendered, it was futile to resist any further.


“Great, great…” Yu Zi Yu broke into a hearty laughter as his canopy shook violently.


“Pitter-patter, pitter-patter…*


The next moment, countless green specks of light rained down like raindrops, diluting the scent of blood on the entire battlefield.


At the same time, many Inferno Pythons coiled their bodies in comfort and pleasure.


Rain of Vitality—An application of Life Essence, which can help in healing the body.


This was an ability that Yu Zi Yu liked to use.


However, the most important aspect about it was that it also helped Yu Zi Yu infuse his aura into the target, branding them as the members of Misty Mountains.


Now, since the influence of Misty Mountains was becoming more and more formidable, things would become hectic without such clear markings.



Meanwhile, on a distant sand dune, a figure was silently staring at the distant towering tree blanketing the sky, a look of shock on its face.


“How is this possible?” Seemingly incredulous, the figure’s voice carried a rare sense of astonishment.


However, after a moment, the pupils of this figure contracted sharply, as if realizing something.


“Is that it?” muttering to itself, the figure’s expression drastically changed.


‘It’ was a legendary existence. Although no one had seen it take action, both Mutant Beasts and Humans alike, considered it the uncrowned queen of this continent.


‘Majestic as the vast sea, malevolent as the depths of Hell,’ this phrase was the best interpretation for it.


Now, gazing at the towering giant tree from afar, this figure began to understand why it was praised as the most ferocious entity on the continent by the Humans.


No one was at its level. It covered the entire sky, and its mere presence affected the surroundings. The aura radiating from it was so terrifying that everyone under its influence would feel as if their entire body was frozen.


“Hoooo, hooooo…” Covering its chest, the figure tried hard to suppress the unease in its heart.


Just at this moment, as if detecting it, a gentle voice echoed in the figure’s ears, “Nice to meet you, my dear friend from afar.”


Hearing this voice, the figure, without a moment of hesitation, turned around and fled, throwing the giant tree behind it.


Its speed was so terrifying that it left a series of afterimages before transforming into a streak of light, zooming through the desert. Surprisingly, it disappeared in a flash.


However, just at this moment, a charming voice suddenly rang beside it, “Just where do you think you’re going?”


Amidst a gentle laughter, crimson flames swept towards the figure.


“Courting death!” The figure did not hesitate either. Shouting in a cold voice, it flipped its hands and smacked them towards the surging flames.


Meanwhile, watching the figure clash with Nine Tails, Yu Zi Yu in the distance could not help but squint his eyes slightly.


There was no denying that there were only a few things that could surprise him. And now, such a thing had actually appeared before him.


A strange figure with the upper body of Human and the lower body of a Snake.


However, she did not appear fiendish like Bull Demon, rather she looked extremely beautiful.


Upon closer inspection, her Human Form resembled a slim and slender woman. Her thin black robe perfectly outlined her ravishing curves. At a glance, she appeared extremely beautiful and mesmerizing.


Her facial features were strikingly beautiful, with phoenix-like eyes that emitted a peculiar and enchanting allure.


Although she had just shouted softly, Yu Zi Yu still managed to capture her voice from afar, which carried a hint of warmth and tenderness, seemingly whispering to his ears.


However, this beautiful woman had the lower body of a Snake, very much like the legendary Nuwa, who possessed the upper body of a Human, and a lower body of a Snake.


Emerald scales covered her snake tail, shimmering under the dazzling sunlight, radiating a unique brilliance.


“Snake…Queen…” As if recalling something, Yu Zi Yu’s heart suddenly became clear.


Snake Queen–the legendary Mutant Beast that roamed the depths of the desert all year round, the most terrifying Mutant Beast in the desert kingdom, that could turn any creature into a lifeless statue with just a glance.


Its bizarre methods made even the strongest tremble with fear.


And now, this notorious Mutant Beast, the Snake Queen, was clashing with Nine Tails.


*Yip…* With a rare Fox scream, the sea of flames in the sky gathered into a gigantic figure, tens of meters tall.


It was made from flames, yet it appeared as tangible as a real body.


The next moment, its giant claw smacked down.


*Boom!* Accompanied by extreme heat, the area within a few kilometers shook violently.


The spot where Nine Tails’ palm fell, everything had been charred black as if molten lava had flowed through.


“This…” Furrowing her brows, the Snake Queen looked at Nine Tails with a gaze of incredulity. She had never heard of a Mutant Beast this powerful.


What she found even more unbelievable was the fact that Nine Tails could easily deal with her Petrification.


She may be having a hard time accepting it, but Snake Queen did not stop even for a moment.


Rather, she narrowed her eyes again.




Immediately after, the air along her gaze shook.


At the same time, wherever her gaze fell, the desert began to petrify. Even some withered plants instantly petrified.


Minor Divine Ability: Petrification – Wherever the gaze falls, the soul will be captured, and a large amount of elemental energy will continuously gather, filling the target and eventually turning it into stone.




| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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