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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 399, A Legendary Battle

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Minor Divine Ability: Petrification – Wherever the gaze falls, the soul will be captured, and a large amount of elemental energy will continuously gather, filling the target and eventually turning it into stone.


This was Snake Queen’s Innate Divine Ability. Due to some kind accident during her development, she came to possess this Divine Ability after she was born.


However, this Divine Ability consumed a certain kind of energy that Snake Queen called the Ocular Force. If she consumed a lot of this energy, it would cause her eyes to ache, or worse, her vision would become blurry.


At this moment, Snake Queen was staring fixedly at the enormous Fox amidst the sea of fire in the distance. Subsequently, a stony texture began to spread along the desert in between the two at a speed visible to the naked eyes.


“Hee, hee…” Nine Tails chuckled, paying not much attention to it.


Ordinary people, or even many Transcendents of the same Tier might find this technique pretty fearsome, but unfortunately, she was Nine Tails, who possessed the Celestial Fox Bloodline. She was perfect in every way. Even her insight had reached an extreme level.


At this moment, she could clearly see a mysterious energy eroding everything like waves, and at a very fearsome speed at that.


“It might be fast, but it’s not faster than me.” In a rare moment of laughter, the flames under Nine Tails surged.


Immediately afterward, much to the astonishment of Snake Queen, Nine Tails’ figure blurred, before instantly disappearing from her sight.


“How ridiculously fast.” Snake Queen heaved a sigh, feeling helpless.


Her Minor Divine Ability was useless against opponents with astonishing speed and the ability to detect her power. Now, she had unfortunately encountered one who could do both.


However, this was not the end. 


[Since the Minor Divine Ability is useless, then let’s just duke it out.] Thinking of this, the Snake Queen flicked her snake tail.


“Booooom!* Kicking the sand into the air, her figure merged into the sand.


At the same time…


*Bang, bang, bang…”


Consecutive collisions echoed across the desert.


The next moment, the sand that was kicked into the air gathered into a colossal Python, 30-40 meters long, no smaller than the Red Fox of flames in the air.







Deep and resonant Fox screams and spine-chilling shrill hisses continuously rang, intermixing with each other, drowning even the sounds of their clash.




Right this instant…


There were only two behemoths continuously clashing in the desert.


From the initial few kilometers to tens of kilometers, their battlefield kept growing bigger and bigger.


“Flame Pillar…”


Shouting in her heart, Nine Tails, concealed within the waves of flames, raised her head, before opening her jaws and breathing out.


With a thunderous roar, the flames breathing out of her mouth turned into a pillar as thick as a water bucket, shooting straight towards Snake Queen.


Only, before it could get close to Snake Queen…


A tremendous amount of sand rose from the ground, taking the shape of a shield several kilometers high.


*Kaboom!* Immediately after, a deafening crash shook the desert for dozens of kilometers. The resulting shockwave kicked the dust high up into the air, creating a sandstorm.


At this moment, if one looked at the center of the battlefield, they would see a collision of sand and flames, occupying the sky and ground half and half.


One half was filled with sand, and the other half was filled with flames. At their point of intersection, the sand seemed to crystallize under high temperatures, turning transparent.


However, before this crystallization could continue further, Nine Tails’ pupils suddenly shrank.


At the same time, even more terrifying flames began to surge from her mouth.


*Boom!* The formidable high temperature seemed to distort the air, creating a mirage around Nine Tails.


However, it was these extremely hot flames that completely broke through the blockade of sand.


*Kaboom!* With a sky-shattering clap, the sand shield was completely penetrated.


Immediately afterward, the increasingly thick flame pillar cut the desert in half.


From a distance, it appeared as if a laser beam was fired, leaving a charred track.


Be that as it may, no sign of satisfaction could be found on Nine Tails’ face. Only because warning bells rang in her mind, warning her of impending danger.


“So, you’re hiding in the sand?” Nine Tails whispered to herself as she pointed her limbs towards the desert.


“Scorched Earth…”


As she uttered, a burst of deep red flames surged from Nine Tails, spreading in all directions with Nine Tails in the center.


“Uh…” Suppressing the twitching of the corners of her mouth, Snake Queen, hidden deep underneath the sand, promptly retreated.


In the face of such an unreasonable wide-scale attack, not to mention sneak attacks, even getting close was a tall order.


In addition, Snake Queen had observed a formidable aspect of Nine Tails. Witnessing Nine Tails employing widespread assaults continuously, she deduced that Nine Tails harbored an inexhaustible reserve of spiritual energy. Snake Queen discerned no indications of fatigue in Nine Tails.



At this moment, a voice rang in Yu Zi Yu’s ear, “Divine Tree, who do you think will win?”


Watching the spectacle, the Five-Color Spirit Flower asked curiously, a rare occurrence for her.


“Nine Tails won’t lose,” Yu Zi Yu promptly replied, smiling.


“Won’t lose, how can you be so sure!?”


The Five-Color Spirit Flower was a bit puzzled.


The next moment, looking at the puzzled Five-Color Spirit Flower, Yu Zi Yu explained, “The most astonishing aspect of Nine Tails lies in her mastery over Spiritual Energy, coupled with an unceasing source of Spiritual Energy. To be more precise, even after unleashing consecutive formidable techniques, her Spiritual Energy remains plentiful. She exhibits no signs of physical exhaustion. There is no significant difference between her current state and the state at the outset of the battle.”


“Uh…” Listening to Yu Zi Yu’s explanation, the Five-Color Spirit Flower was once again left bewildered. [Is she the legendary perpetual motion machine?]


In a daze, the Five-Color Spirit Flower looked towards the battlefield again.


The next moment, she saw Nine Tails erupting with stronger flames, as if they were endless, dyeing the sky horribly red.


The scorching flames gushing out of her were powerful enough to burn down half the city, and enough to turn this desert into Hell.


“Emm…” The spectacle stirred intense emotions within the Five-Color Spirit Flower, leaving her in a state of numbness. [Indeed, she deserves to be the Elder Sister of the Nine Great Beasts. Her skills are truly beyond anything.]



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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