Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 4, Peregrine Falcon! The Fastest Bird


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“This is going to be my ace in a hole. “ Slightly pleasantly surprised, Yu Zi Yu had already planned on using it as his ace. As a tree, he could not move from his position, and had no choice but to hold his ground. If he encountered a powerful enemy who kept provoking from out of his reach, he could give his enemy a false sense of security using the length of his branches. Until, if necessary, use the air blast to instantly kill his opponent.


In fact, this attack could be considered as the legendary air cannon.


Of course, there were other means to attack from a distance. 


For instance, he could grab a stone using his branches and throw it directly. But it would not be as powerful as that. After all, it was the ‘legendary air cannon’.


If he became stronger, he would be able to compress more air, and its resulting power would be truly extraordinary. At that time, even if he was facing those modern weapons, Yu Zi Yu would not be afraid.


[Anyway… how can modern weapons appear here? Eh…] Suddenly, Yu Zi Yu recalled that he had sighted planes passing overhead more than once over this half month.


Initially, Yu Zi Yu concluded that this was a modern world, and coupled with the fact that the Willow Tree resembled much like it did in his previous life, he believed that this world should not be too unfamiliar.


He reckoned that this could be the world from his previous life. However, when he considered the fact that he had grown over twenty meters in a span of just half a month, and looked at the surrounding trees, which had also grown by a few meters or so in the same span, Yu Zi Yu remained skeptical about this world being his ‘previous world’.




In his previous world, trees did not have this kind of abnormal growth rate. Furthermore, they did not actively absorb that strange energy like him.


If they actively absorbed strange energy in the air, their growth rate would probably have been even higher, so much so that they might not just cover the sky.


Not only that, Yu Zi Yu also noticed that some animals also had some differences from their counterparts in his previous world.


Only, the animals did not absorb the strange energy as fast as the trees, and the changes in them were not as obvious as the changes in the trees.


They merely ran faster and had sharper senses.


Just like today, no animal had dared to trespass his turf for days.


As a result, his current Evolution Points were pretty low.


He had spent most of the Evolution Points he had gathered with great difficulty on upgrading his branches.


Now, he was only left with 3 Evolution Points.


Of course, Yu Zi Yu was not completely inhumane. He still had a compassionate heart.


*Chirp, chirp, chirp…*


Suddenly, sharp and continuous birdsongs rang from somewhere on Yu Zi Yu’s body.


He looked up toward the top, where a nest had been made on a triangle formed by the branches at some point.


It was a bird’s nest. A very simple nest.


In this nest were eight fledglings roughly the size of a fist, and they were the ones frantically chirping. Their mouths were wide open, like a greedy mother-in-law asking for a dowry.


“Are these little ones hungry? “ Yu Zi Yu muttered to himself, speculating. 


Be that as it may, Yu Zi Yu could not hide his joy, looking at the nest of fledglings. Only because they were eyasses of Peregrine Falcons.


A breed of medium-sized raptor. An adult Peregrine Falcon could reach a body length of 41-50 cm, and a wingspan of 95-115 cm. When hunting for prey, the Peregrine Falcons would fly high into the air and then dive down at speeds up to 270-360 km/hr.


A 300 km/hr diving speed! That was simply amazing.


It must be brought to notice that the fastest land animal, Cheetah, could reach a speed of only 120 km/hr.


And the Peregrine Falcon, on the other hand, was three times faster than the Cheetah.


Hunting at that speed, the wind pressure alone would be simply suffocating.


And the fledglings in the nest were the Peregrine Falcons that were as swift as an arrow.


Their lower body was white, their upper chest were covered in fine black spots, and their lower chest to the lower tail feathers were densely covered in black horizontal spots.


They might just be fledglings, their jade as white claws were rather sharp and pointed, and their bean-sized eyes bright and sparkling.


As for why this nest of eyasses was nesting on Yu Zi Yu, he himself was to blame for this.


It was because not too long ago he had cut off the branches of the surrounding trees as he hated the fact that they were too tall and blocking the sky. And then, this nest of eyasses fell from a large tree.


At first, Yu Zi Yu was thinking of using them to replenish his Evolution Points, but when he recognized that they were medium-sized raptor, the Peregrine Falcons, he came up with plans of his own.


If he could train them, this nest of Peregrine Falcons would be of great use.


Furthermore, all the plants and animals were undergoing evolutions…




If only if…


This eyrie of Peregrine Falcons’ beaks were sharper, and their bodies were sturdier…


In the future, these Peregrine Falcons would be able to kill anyone with bullet-like speed in a flash.


Just picturing it made him exhilarated.


If he was lucky, these little ones could become his right-hand men.


Thinking so, Yu Zi Yu naturally took upon himself to babysit them.


Furthermore, he did not need to gather any food.


Every now and then, whenever he hunted for the Evolution Points, he was able to get some animal carcasses.




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