Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 40, Flame Queen! Ling Er


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


However, upon reflection, Yu Zi Yu felt that he had gained quite a lot from this experience. After all, he had deeply embedded a valuable piece within the Human ranks.


Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu softly called out, “Qing Er, how are you doing now?”


“Uh…” After a moment of silent contemplation, the figure in white leaning against his trunk pouted and complained, “I got in a car, and have been bouncing up and down until now.”


Saying so, Qing Er expressed her dissatisfaction, “Master, do I really have to control this body the whole time?”


“Yes.” Smiling, Yu Zi Yu’s voice was filled with a sense of pride.


Even he had not expected that the girl called He Ling Er would actually accidentally awaken Elemental Talent, and would later catch the eyes of the leader of this team, Yan Gao Yuan, who specifically requested her to be sent to that mysterious department.


What did that mean?


As long as he devotedly cultivated Qing Er, it would give birth to an excellent chess piece. By then, he would be able to gain knowledge about various Human affairs through Qing Er. 


Moreover, he had already confirmed with Qing Er. Currently, she could control that body for more than ten hours at once.


And when Qing Er was not in control of it, that body would enter a state of sleep.


This way, a cycle could be formed, allowing ‘Ling Er’s’ body to have a normal daily routine like a normal Human.


Looking at Qing Er, who seemed a bit reluctant, Yu Zi Yu also understood.


As far as Qing Er was concerned, controlling that body was quite burdensome.


As these thoughts crossed his mind, Yu Zi Yu stated with a smile, “Qing Er, as a reward, I will provide you some Life Essence regularly.”


“Really!?” Her eyes widened as Qing Er suddenly let out a cry in joy.


“I keep my promises.”


“Yay! Thank you Master, thank you.” Dancing in joy, Qing Er, dressed in white dress, revealed a genuine smile on her face.


Life Essence was a very important and precious treasure for her. It could accelerate her evolution and nourish her Soul at the same time…It could be said that this kind of treasure held an extraordinary appeal for her.



Meanwhile, as Qing Er was joyfully dancing, two fully armed special forces soldiers in the back of an armored vehicle on an unmetalled road looked at the little girl who suddenly fell asleep again, and the corners of their mouths twitched.


“Is this little girl narcoleptic? Why is she always sleeping day and night?”


“Sleeping is fine, but the problem is that she always falls asleep without any warning.”




A rare silence fell between the two soldiers as a helpless look blanketed their faces.


After a moment, as if they had thought of something, the two glanced at each other before they both noticed a mischievous gleam in the depths of their eyes. It had been a long time since they’ve seen such a pure and innocent little girl.


Moreover, according to Boss Yan, this little girl has exceptional talent. If nothing unexpected happened to her, the genius camp would have another monster.


“I’ve even thought of her future title,” idle and bored, one of the special forces soldiers joked.


“What is it?”


“Sleeping Beauty…”


“Uh…’Sleeping Beauty’ is a bit too much. I think we should call her Flame Queen. It sounds nice.”


“Flame Queen? This title has some substance. Hey, bro, you really like Ling Er, don’t you? “


Other than a playful grin, the special forces soldier remained silent. However, the faint flickering gleam in his eyes seemed to convey something.



Moon had risen in the sky. The air was damp and moist.


Several hours had passed since the departure of the Humans.


At this moment, Yu Zi Yu suddenly raised his eyes as if he had sensed something.


Through the thick mist, he saw four giant green wolves limping toward him. Their bodies were covered in wounds of different sizes, which were still bleeding. This gave them a particularly ferocious appearance.


The leader of the pack, the Storm Wolf, had something resembling prey in its mouth. 


On a closer look, it turned out to be Honey Badger who was several times bigger than before. 


However, at this moment, Honey Badger’s condition was not looking good. Its entire body was riddled with wounds. Some vital areas even had fist-sized depressions. What was even more alarming was the wound at its abdomen, which looked as if something had penetrated there; blood was continuously flowing out.


*Growl~* With a low growl, Honey Badger tried to struggle free as his eyes fixedly stared in a certain direction.


“This time, you guys have really worked hard.“ Yu Zi Yu heaved a sigh. He could not help but feel a little sorry.


The Storm Wolves were still fine. They could withstand Human gunfire, and had only suffered some minor injuries at most. However, the Honey Badger, whom he had tricked, and the man named Yan Gao Yuan, had truly suffered greatly. Especially when it was hit head-on by a Human armor-piercing rocket, leaving it with just a breath of life.


However, even in such a state, the vindictive Honey Badger still refused to leave. Its crimson eyes were filled with madness.


If it were not for the Storm Wolf, which had high intelligence and took the advantage of dense fog to bite onto it, promptly retreating from the battlefield, Honey Badger would have most likely died in the battle.


*Haaa…* sighing, numerous branches from Yu Zi Yu slowly extended toward Honey Badger.


Then, countless branches intertwined to form a giant hand that took Honey Badger from the mouth of the Storm Wolf, as if cradling it in its arms.


*Growl~ Growl~ Growl~…* Lifting its head, Honey Badger looked at Yu Zi Yu’s branches and let out low growls, continuously struggling to get free. But with its severe injuries, each of its growls sounded more like cries of agony than anything else, more painful than the last.


“Don’t move.” Conveying a message through the branch, regardless of whether Honey Badger could understand or not, Yu Zi Yu had tightly bound it layer by layer with his branches.


Then, like agile tentacles, the branches entered Honey Badger’s wounds.


Honey Badger continued to growl in anger. 


But the next moment, an intense bout of pain hit it as its entire body began to tremble.


“Just hold on a little longer”“ whispering softly, Yu Ziyu used the branches to remove the rocket fragments from Honey Badger’s body.


One by one, bloody fragments of bullets and rockets were pulled out of Honey Badger. Some fragments were even lodged in its bones. If they were not removed, Honey Badger’s injuries would be extremely difficult to heal.


Fortunately, Honey Badger was a Mutant Beast. If it were an ordinary beast, it would have died long ago.




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