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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 400, Someone Has Already Been Standing in the Clouds

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Another Fox’s scream shook the sky.


The next moment, the sky seemed to have ignited as the blazing red flames in the sky surged all of a sudden, billowing towards the distant desert like waves.


However, this was not the most terrifying part.


The most terrifying part was that these surging deep red flames kept accelerating and rotating, taking the shape of a tornado in the blink of an eye.


“Flame Tornado,” whispering, Nine Tails drove the tornado of flames, that was hundreds of meters wide and could raze half a city to nothing, towards the blurry figure in the distance.


In the desert, the concentration of Fire Element happened to be the highest. As such, as a Fire-Attribute Mutant Beast, Nine Tails’ combat power had risen by several times over. Not to mention Snake Queen, even Yu Zi Yu in the distance could not help but narrow his eyes at Nine Tails’ fearsome display of power.


If such an attack was unleashed in a city, it was powerful enough to raze it to ground in a short half hour, and that too under the presumption that Humans were going to resist. If they did not, Nine Tails would be able to devastate the entire city in moments using this kind of fearsome attack.


This was the true combat power of an Apex Tier-2 Transcendent, and almost the greatest combat power.


Even in the face of Snake Queen, one of the Ten Monstrosities of the Continent, Nine Tails showed no fear, rather she was even overwhelming her opponent.


“Damn it!” Feeling a bit helpless and frustrated, Snake Queen looked at the deep red tornado enveloping the sky.


In the face of it, not to mention engaging in battle, even getting close to Nine Tails was proving to be difficult for her.


Defense was not her forte, her forte laid in speed and her mysterious Divine Ability.


However, her forte failed to provide an edge in the face of such fearsome and overwhelming flames. She had no choice but to retreat. After all, she was not like that Turtle among the Ten Monstrosities of the Continent, who dared to take on even the attacks of a Tier-3 Transcendent. 


*Haaaa…* Heaving a deep breath, Snake Queen gazed towards the distance through the corner of her eyes, where a colossal tree had covered the sky.


“I guess, I’ll have to retreat.” Making up her mind, Snake Queen’s figure suddenly became increasingly blurred.


Vaguely, one could even hear the rustling sounds akin to the sound a Snake makes while rapidly slithering through the desert.


The next moment…


With an ear-piercing clap, the towering tornado of flame fiercely descended on the desert.


It was as if a forbidden curse from legends had descended. The resulting shockwaves were so strong that it even knocked off the Mutant Beasts standing dozens of kilometers off their feet. What was even more terrifying was the towering waves of sand in the distance, that swept over like a tsunami.


“Hmph!” Cold snorting, Ah Long, one of the six Knights, riding Stormscale, slowly stepped forward.


He was also accompanied by Zi Yan.


The two of them, one on the left and one on the right, silently stared at the towering waves of sand in the distance, reaching the height of tens of meters.


After a moment, they looked at each other, before their Spiritual Energy surged, slowly wrapping around their lances.


At a speed visible to the naked eye, a lance of Spiritual Energy, 20-30 meters long, had taken shape in their hands.


Just at this moment…




Giving out a thunderous roar, Ah Long and Zi Yan, one on the left and one on the right, carrying their lance of Spiritual Energy, charged toward the incoming sand waves.


They might not be Snake Queen’s opponent, but taking care of the sand waves caused by the shockwaves was not a problem for them.


The next moment, they thrust their lances, creating waves of sand that were as sharp as blades, and their size no less than the oncoming waves from afar.




The waves of sand collided into each other with a sky-shattering crash, canceling each other out, revealing a sun-like fiery radiance.



Meanwhile, unbeknownst to everyone, a ghostly figure had sneaked away quietly, taking advantage of the sand waves sweeping in all directions.


*Haaaa…* Heaving a deep sigh, a hint of relief flashed on the cold and frosty face of Snake Queen, feeling the relief of surviving a disaster.


[While we both are called Monstrosities of the Continent, that monstrous tree is far beyond me. No, even that Old Turtle I encountered is nothing before him. The difference between him and this monstrous tree is like an Ant and a Dragon.]


This oppression, this horror… it was nothing she had felt before. She had never, ever imagined that there would be this intimidating and this horrifying.


While everyone was pursuing ‘power,’ someone was already standing in the clouds.


However, just as Snake Queen was about to accelerate and completely escape this nightmarish place, a laughter resounded in her ears, “Where do you think you’re going?”


Just as these words rang in her ears, ripples appeared in space before her.


The next moment, right before Snake Queen’s eyes, which had already shrunk to the size of a pinhole, a green glowing thing, radiating an extremely sharp aura emerged from the rippling space.


Snake Queen had no idea how sharp the thing radiating this sharpness was, but just looking at just the mere glow had caused her eyes to bleed.


“Petrify it.” Reacting out of instinct, a mysterious force gathered in her eyes before surging towards that surging green light.


However, in a moment…




Much to Snake Queen’s astonishment, accompanied by a sound akin to a cloth ripping, her Petrification power, which had always been unmatched and the target only managed to escape it relying on speed, was unexpectedly pierced.




Stunned, utterly stunned.


However, compared to the momentary stupefaction, what Snake Queen felt more was the chilling sensation in her limbs. That chill that surged from the very tip of her tail to her head.


“Is this what Humans commonly call ‘fear?’” mocking herself, Snake Queen stopped in her tracks.


At this moment, she felt a slight pain right in between her eyebrows.


However, what surprised her was that this pain lasted only for a moment.


Slowly lifting her eyes, Snake Queen found that the green glowing thing had stopped half a meter from her eyebrows.


The pain she had just felt was caused by the extreme sharpness of the green glowing thing. Just the aura leaking from it had injured her.


“What is this?” Staring blankly for a while, Snake Queen finally began to examine the green glowing thing.


Surprisingly, it looked like a Willow Leaf.


The use of ‘looked like’ stemmed from the resemblance in shape; however, in every other aspect, it stood worlds apart from an actual Willow Leaf. It exuded an extraordinary beauty, captivating and enchanting, as though the Creator had dedicated meticulous care in its crafting.


It was entirely transparent and wrapped in elaborate and exquisite patterns, adorned with a hint of emerald green luminescence flowing through its delicate structure. Furthermore, it was not floating still in the air, but rotating at a very slow speed, as if…


However, Snake Queen knew that it was not that this willow leaf was rotating slowly, rather it was rotating at such a fast speed that the eyes were not able to process it.


And this gave the illusion of it rotating very slowly.


“You are very lucky.” A faint chuckle rang in her mind.


Yet, what Snake Queen felt was not a sense of warmth but a chill gripping her entire body. Vaguely, she recalled her encounter with a ferocious Lizard when she was still weak.


At that time, helplessness, fear and even despair had gripped her mind.


“How long has it been since I felt this way?” As she mocked herself in her mind, Snake Queen heard that voice again that left a deep mark on her Soul.


“Remember, the only reason you didn’t die is because you stopped in front of the gates of Hell. Had you taken another step, or even moved a few millimeters further, this Flying Willow Leaf Blade of mine would have pierced through your brow completely, obliterating your Soul along with it.”



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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