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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 402, The Arrival of the Peregrine Falcon

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Race: Lamia Clan 

Rank: Tier-2 Transcendent

Innate Talent: Mastery of Sand — She possessed a terrifying control over sand. She can effortlessly terraform the land into a desert and control it further.

Unique Abilities: Serpentine Movement — She slithers like a snake, with a speed dazzling enough to bewilder and confuse the senses.

Soft Body — She can freely shrink and stretch, or even twist her body to any angle, which allows her to reduce the impact of weak physical attacks.

Sand Escape — She can easily blend into the vast desert, stealthily moving at a terrifying speed.

Green-Scaled Snake Tail — Her formidable tail possesses the ability to contract and extend with unrestrained flexibility, reaching terrifying speeds that generate sonic booms. Its incredible strength is capable of shattering mountains with ease.

Minor Divine Ability: Petrification — In her sight, all creatures are equal. She could petrify everyone and everything in her sight at the cost of her Ocular Force.


Going through the Snake Queen’s status screen, Yu Zi Yu was not surprised at all.


Powerful entities like her were destined to have luxurious status screens. However, there was no denying the sheer brilliance of her Minor Divine Ability. In his brief glance, Yu Zi Yu too was left amazed.


[This could be considered my first encounter with a Divine Ability, right?] After giving it a thought, Yu Zi Yu became a little more confident.


Divine Abilities were different from Innate Talents and Unique Abilities; they involved the application of Principles. 


Ordinary Innate Talents and Abilities could not even come close to their might and strangeness by no means.


Of course, that did not mean that Innate Talents and Abilities were inferior to Divine Abilities.


Top-class Innate Talents like Five-Color Spirit Flower’s Instant could rival some powerful Grand Divine Abilities.


At this moment, as if sensing it, the eyelids of Snake Queen, who had been meditating with closed eyes for a long time, suddenly trembled.


After a moment, with a gaze filled with doubt, she looked toward Yu Zi Yu’s tree body.


“As is customary, I need to prepare a gift for you,” saying this, Yu Zi Yu’s branch moved towards Snake Queen.


Immediately after…


The tip of the branch snapped with a crisp sound, as several drops of rich green sap dripped from the broken end of the branch.


“What’s this!?” Suspiciously, Snake Queen opened her palm. Even if she had no idea what it was, Snake Queen could keenly sense the terrifying vitality contained in this green drop.


[Perhaps, just a drop of this green sap might be enough to turn several kilometers of desert into an oasis…] thinking in her heart, Snake Queen felt a shock from the center of her palm.


At the same time, a strong vitality surged into her body.


*Hisss…* Snake Queen gave out a rare Snake-like joyful hiss. As if undergoing a baptism, the rich vitality flowed into every cell of her body.


More importantly, Snake Queen keenly felt many of her hidden injuries rapidly healing.


The state of her body was improving at a speed visible to the naked eye.


“This is Life Essence, arguably, my most precious treasure,” Yu Zi Yu gave a brief explanation, but he did not stop.


The next moment, his branch trembled slightly as a verdant leaf fell.


“This is my second gift, a proof of your identity.”


Upon hearing Yu Zi Yu’s words, Snake Queen reached out and caught the Willow Leaf, just like the one she had seen earlier. 


It was crystal clear, but with simpler patterns compared to the previous intricate and gorgeous design.


Staring at this Willow Leaf, Snake Queen could not help but bite her thin lips.


It was just a gift for a namesake.


In truth, it was more like a warning.


Of course, if she had no plans of betraying, this Willow Leaf would indeed be a very nice gift.


After all, it was a Spirit Leaf carefully crafted by a Quasi Tier-4 Spirit Tree.


It might be just one leaf, but if she put it in her mouth, its effect would surpass the effect of several drops of Life Essence.


Furthermore, the terrifying thing about this Willow Leaf, thin as a cicada’s wing, was that it was as sharp as a blade.


If infused with Spiritual Energy, it might even become a formidable weapon.


*Haaaa…* Snake Queen let out a long sigh. As sharp and intelligent she was, she naturally understood Yu Zi Yu’s intention.


However, she did not take it seriously. She could not say anything about others, but she dared not betray such a powerful demonic tree.


Without experiencing it first hand, it was hard to understand how terrifying this Tree Monster was. Even her very Soul was struck with fear. At that moment, she felt as if her body was not hers. The vast Spiritual Energy in her body seemed to have fallen silent, as if she were an ordinary person. 


That despair, that horror…


Only a few people could understand it.


As these thoughts swirled in her mind, Snake Queen gripped the Willow Leaf and the few drops of Life Essence in her hand tightly, and looked towards Yu Zi Yu’s towering tree body in the distance, expressing her gratitude, “Thank you very much, Divine Tree.”


Thanking, she, who had never been good with words, added, “I will definitely guard your territory.”


“En.” Yu Zi Yu nodded his satisfaction.


When it came to entities like her, subduing them was more than enough.


As for loyalty or anything else, it could not be forced.


However, Yu Zi Yu believed that as long as he did not fall from the clouds, whether it was a Dragon or a Snake, they would have to prostrate before him.



Time passed quickly, in the blink of an eye, a night had passed, and a red sun had risen on the distant horizon.


Just as Yu Zi Yu was waking from his cultivation, he suddenly heard a sharp screech.


Looking into the distance, Yu Zi Yu discovered a Peregrine Falcon the size of a fist in the sky, darting straight towards him at a terrifying speed.


There was no denying that the Peregrine Falcon was terrifyingly fast.


Especially now, when it was diving down straight towards Yu Zi Yu, spotting his presence.


His speed was qualitatively increasing.


*Boom, boom, boom…*


Amidst the continuous rumbling, unending sonic booms, a white stream of air was drawn across the sky.


“What’s that!?”


“Is it an enemy?”



Alarmed cries filled the air as the recently joined six Knights and Snake Queen jolted awake from their slumber, gazing towards the sky.


As someone who had recently joined Misty Mountains, the six Knights and Snake Queen naturally did not have much interaction with early Mutant Beasts like the Peregrine Falcons. In fact, the six Knights were not even aware of the existence of the Peregrine Falcons.


However, now, as they looked into the distance at the black figure tearing through the sky, their pupils could not help but shrink.


It was fast, horribly so.


Its speed was beyond their imagination.


Ah Long and Zi Yan could not help but suspect him as a Tier-3 Mutant Bird.


And no one else had more say in this matter than Snake Queen.


After focusing her gaze at the Peregrine Falcon diving in the sky, Snake Queen bit her thin lip.


Only now did she realize that there were many powerful creatures under the Divine Tree, much to her horror.


The Red Fox, who could fight her on even grounds, need not be mentioned.


Then, there were six Knights waiting not far from the Divine Tree.


In addition, she could even sense several weak auras lurking in some corners, but not much weaker than her.


And now, high up on the horizon, another terrifying predator bird was approaching.


*Haaaa…* Taking a deep breath and suppressing the shock in her heart, Snake Queen chose to wait quietly.


As for why, she did not suspect that the Peregrine Falcon was an enemy. Because, as the Peregrine Falcon came closer and closer, she could sense a very unfamiliar yet familiar smell from it.


And as a member of the Lamia Clan, Snake Queen was most sensitive to smells. Naturally, she could discern that this was the scent of the Divine Tree.


Thinking of this, Snake Queen raised her jade arm and sniffed.


And indeed, she could smell an identical scent pervading around her.



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