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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 403, Black Wyvern Eggs

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Shortly afterward, a branch gently extended. 


The next moment…


*Screech…* Giving a loud and sharp chirp, the oldest of the Peregrine Falcon–Fal I landed on Yu Zi Yu’s branch.


“You look exhausted.” Smiling, Yu Zi Yu’s red branch, burning like flames, gradually turned deep blue in color. It was accompanied by a cool and refreshing wave reminiscent of a cold breeze in summer.


Of course, there were also countless green specks of light continuously merging into the body of Fal I.


“Master, how can I not be tired? I have been flying straight for a day and night!” Fal I complained with a touch of grievance, feeling weak and fatigued.


While he roughly knew the location of the Fire-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine, the Taklamakan Desert was vast. It still took him a considerable amount of effort to find it.


More importantly, Fal I keenly sensed many terrifying creatures lurking in the depths of the Taklamakan Desert.


Fal I spared no effort to avoid alerting them. He flew so high that he even got pulled into by the jet streams.


And the price to pay for this was naturally a substantial consumption of Spiritual Energy.


However, now was not the time to care about these things. In just a moment, Fal I organized his words and passed Bull Demon’s message to Yu Zi Yu as he was instructed.


Listening to the message, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes could not help but shrink, a rare moment for him.


“Black Wyvern’s eggs from Australia!?” Murmuring, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes could not help but flicker.


It was an undeniable fact that Yu Zi Yu could not help but be tempted by anything related to mythical species. After all, the Black Wyvern had just undergone a change in its lineage.


If lucky, his offspring might also undergo a thorough change in their bloodline, perhaps even a pure Dragon might be born.


Although this was wishful thinking, in any case, there was still a possibility. Even if not, those were Wyvern eggs, extremely invaluable as well.


As far as Yu Zi Yu was concerned, these two eggs were tantamount to having two top-level Tier-2 Transcendent.


And for Humans, besides getting their hands on two top-level Tier-2 Transcendents, they could help speed up Humans’ research on mythical species.


If Humans succeeded in their research, it might even further drive the overall evolution of Humanity.


Thinking about this, a faint smile appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s lips, carrying a hint of coldness.


“As Mutant beasts, it’s better for them to return to their roots.” Sighing, Yu Zi Yu also strengthened his resolve.


As the saying went, ‘if the enemy is strong, we are weak’.


The strength of mankind comes from weakening the Mutant Beasts. Naturally, Yu Zi Yu could not tolerate this.


Humanity and Mutant beasts could never coexist peacefully. The two sides were destined to fight. It was not that Yu Zi Yu was trying to take sides, rather Humans had never given him the opportunity to choose.


When the nuclear warheads were launched on Misty Mountains, an unresolvable grudge had been forged between Yu Zi Yu and the Humans. As for why Yu Zi Yu and Humans did not take action against each other, it was because each side was wary of the other side.


Yu Zi Yu was wary of certain methods used by Humans, while Humans feared Yu Zi Yu’s personal strength.


However, there was one thing that was certain, if a chance arrived, Yu Zi Yu and Humans both would not hesitate to take action against each other.


This had nothing to do with justice. Both sides were simply fighting for their own survival.


Of course, this did not mean that Yu Zi Yu and Humans would stop at nothing.


Although Yu Zi Yu did not have a good impression of some Humans, he was not that crazy to exterminate them.


Firstly, it was not feasible.


And secondly, this world needed Humans.


As a race that had taken in this world for tens of thousands of years, the culture of Humans had reached a peak, and had become a model for many races to emulate.


No matter when and where, there were Mutant Beasts learning everything about Humans.


Knowledge, culture, and more.


Even Misty Mountains was no exception.


This stood as a testament of the profound impact of Humans on the entire world.


“The best way to deal with Humans is to win over a group of them, support them, and use them to battle against other Humans.”


Yu Zi Yu heaved a long, heavy sigh. He had long figured out how to deal with Humans.


And it was nothing new to him.


In myths and legends, the West had the concept of ‘faith’, while the East had ‘ritual.’


These were ways for almighty beings to consolidate their position using ‘Humans’ as pawns.


Thanks to the history lessons, Yu Zi Yu found it easy to draw inspiration.


However, in order to use this method, Yu Zi Yu had to raise his strength to an extreme, enough to dominate the entire era.


At that point, whether he wanted to become Lord Almighty or God, he would face significantly lower resistance.


However, thinking about this, Yu Zi Yu could not help but self-deprecatingly smile.


[As a tree, it’s better not to aim too high. Now, what’s important is to retrieve those two Black Wyvern eggs.]


Yes, retrieve.


Yu Zi Yu had already regarded these two Wyvern eggs as possessions of Misty Mountains.


With this in mind, Yu Zi Yu slowly lifted his gaze.


After a moment, a voice full of majesty echoed through the entire hill, “All of you, come and see me right away.”


As the words fell, one figure after another fiercely jolted.


However, immediately after…


*Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh…*


Accompanied by successive swishing sounds, the six Knights, Snake Queen, Golden Ant, Transcendent Snow Leopard, and the others, all arrived in the vicinity of Yu Zi Yu’s tree body.


“Greetings, Divine Tree…”


“Greetings, Master…”


One after another, everyone respectfully greeted Yu Zi Yu in unison.




Nodding slightly, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to Snake Queen.


“Snake Queen.”




Promptly responding, the figure with the upper body of a Human and lower body of a Snake took half a step forward.


Intelligent as she was, she naturally understood some rules.


“I need you to lead the six Knights to the east of the continent, ambush a group of Humans, and retrieve what belongs to our Misty Mountains.”


“Uh…” Snake Queen was momentarily stunned, but she did not question the command and accepted it with a nod, “I accept your command.”


Hearing Snake Queen’s response, a satisfied smile tugged at the corners of Yu Zi Yu’s lips.


Right then, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to the astonished Zi Yan.


“Are you thinking that I’m ordering you to go against your country despite my promise?”


“Yes.” Without hesitation, Zi Yan affirmed, “One of my conditions for following you was that I won’t act against the interests of China.”


“You did,” Yu Zi Yu also admitted, nodding.


But after a moment, a sly smile appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s lips as he stated, “But I’m not asking you to go against your country, I’m asking you to deal with Japan.”


Speaking up to this point, a cold smile appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s lips.


“This time, even if Misty Mountains refrains from taking any action, powerful nations like Russia, the Alliance of Southeast Asian Nations, and others won’t be holding back. Japan is destined to be destroyed. My request for you is simple: reclaim what belongs to our Misty Mountains at any cost, reclaim what belongs to our Misty Mountains.”




As she was unaware of the whole story, Zi Yan chose to remain silent.


However, one thing was certain, if she really had to raise her spear against the forces of Japan, her spear would not hesitate.


She might feel guilty if she was forced to act against China, but definitely not against other countries.



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