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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 404, Hunting in the South

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*Boom, boom, boom…*


Accompanied by fearsome tremors, Snake Queen and the Knights of Mist transformed into a sharp sword, rushing straight towards the east of the continent.


Yu Zi Yu shot a brief glance at them before carrying on with his business. He was not too worried about them.


He believed that their strength was more than enough to carry out their mission.


As one of the Ten Monstrosities of the Continent, Snake Queen alone was enough to annihilate more than half of Japan. Furthermore, there were powerful Superhumans like Ah Long and Zi Yan among the team, possessing fearsome combat strength to be considered as Second Order or even Third Order Tier-2 Transcendents


As a team, reclaiming the Wyvern eggs should not be difficult for them.


Yu Zi Yu’s only concern was whether countries like Russia and Alliance of Southeast Asian Nations would send true powerhouses.


But after thinking about it, Yu Zi Yu put his worries to rest.


[First of all, there is no guarantee that those powerhouses are coming, and even if they are, it’s not going to be a problem. Snake Queen and the others are strong enough to ensure their survival. Furthermore, I’ve also given them Life Essence. It will further increase their chances of survival. Even if they can’t win, can’t they escape?]



Of course, Yu Zi Yu was excessively worried on his part.


Currently, on this continent, the evolution of Mutant Beast was far ahead of Humans. While there may be Humans who could contend with the ‘Ten Monstrosities of the Continent, they were few and far between. They could even be considered as rarest of the rare.


Among Mutant Beasts, there were terrifying beings like Yu Zi Yu, whose power was unquestionable. Overall, when it comes to top-level combat power, Humans were at a considerable disadvantage.


Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu shifted his gaze back to the sand hill.


His worries for Snake Queen and the others had been put to rest already.


At present, Nine Tails had entered a state of deep cultivation.


And coincidentally, her bloodline happened to be advancing at this moment, preventing Yu Zi Yu from leaving.


After all, sacred and extraordinary Mutant Beasts like her were most vulnerable during their bloodline advancement. If no one was guarding them, they would be in danger.


At this moment, as if sensing Yu Zi Yu’s thoughts, a voice rang in his ear, “Divine Tree, are you worried about Nine Tails?”


“Yes,” Yu Zi Yu admitted with a nod. He candidly stated, “I wanted to go and snatch the Wyvern Egg in China’s hands, but I can’t get away right now.”


Hearing Yu Zi Yu’s dilemma, the Five-Color Spirit Flower chuckled, but before Yu Zi Yu could say anything, her petals gently trembled.


The next moment, much to Yu Zi Yu’s astonishment, space started distorting, before the entire hill gradually disappeared.


“Flower in the Mirror, Moon in the Water…” as the Five-Color Spirit Flower murmured, the entire hill had completely disappeared from Yu Zi Yu’s sight.


In its place was an endless desert.




A bit shocked, Yu Zi Yu focused his gaze on the Five-Color Spirit Flower.


The next moment, a piece of information flowed into his mind.


Unique Ability: Flower in the Mirror, Moon in the Water – It allows her to create a field centered around herself that distorts the light rays, making everything within the field to disappear. Reality and illusion intertwined, making it difficult for anyone to distinguish.


Yu Zi Yu stared blankly, a bit confused.


However, in a moment, looking at the vast and endless desert filled with nothing but sand, realization finally dawned upon Yu Zi Yu.


“Did you cover this entire area?” Yu Zi Yu asked the Five-Color Spirit Flower with surprise.


“En…” Nodding, the Five-Color Spirit Flower stated in a prideful voice, “This is a life-saving ability I recently developed. In simple terms, it’s invisibility. However, I’m not only hiding myself but also concealing the surroundings. With this ability combined with my power to confuse others, I can gain a foothold anywhere.”


Listening to the somewhat smug, or more accurately, somewhat triumphant voice of the Five-Color Spirit Flower, a slight smile appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s lips.


“It’s pretty good for sure…” Successively nodding his acknowledgement, Yu Zi Yu understood the intentions of the Five-Color Spirit Flower. 


“In that case, you stay here and guard Nine Tails. I’ll go and come back soon. How about that?”


“Okay,” smiling, the Five-Color Spirit Flower promptly agreed.


However, after a moment, as if thinking of something, the Five-Color Spirit Flower suddenly stated, “But, Divine Tree, you have to bring me a gift, okay?”


“Very well.” Nodding, Yu Zi Yu too agreed readily.


Compared to the Five-Color Spirit Flower solving his dilemma, a gift was not a problem. Moreover, Yu Zi Yu dared to guarantee that this gift would definitely not be trivial.


After all, it was a gift given by him, Yu Zi Yu. If it was not precious, how could it be considered a gift?


At this moment, he looked at the nearby Golden Ant, Snow Leopard, and Mantis. He ordered, “You all will be staying here and wait for the Nine Tails to exit her cultivation.”


“Yes, Divine Tree.”


Their voices echoed in unison, before Golden Ant and the others voluntarily retreated to the entrance of the Fire-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine.


However, whether it was intentional or not, Golden Ant kept his gaze fixed on the nearby Tier-2 Inferno Pythons from the corner of his eyes.


Obviously, he held some distrust towards these two newly joined companions. However, it was reasonable as well.


While Yu Zi Yu was still here, even if these guys had some ulterior motives, they would definitely keep themselves in check. However, once he left, no one could guarantee that they would behave as obediently as they were now.


And this was another one of the reasons why Yu Zi Yu had left Golden Ant and the others here.


Nine Tails was in deep cultivation, and could not be disturbed. Although this was just an advancement of her bloodline, it was far more important than her breakthrough in strength. Otherwise, Yu Zi Yu would not have been hesitating so much.


But now, thanks to the Five-Color Spirit Flower’s protection, Yu Zi Yu was also more at ease.


[While Five-Color Spirit Flower might not be good in combat, her tricks are beyond anything. If she went all out, she should be able to protect Nine Tails.] Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu turned his gaze towards the distant south.


According to Bull Demon’s message, Ling Er and other Chinese Superhumans were meeting with the support team sent by China in that direction.


And that was where Yu Zi Yu’s destination was.


*Haaaa…* Yu Zi Yu took a long, deep breath, as Spiritual Energy surged around him.


The next moment…


*Boom, boom, boom…* Accompanied by deafening sounds, Yu Zi Yu’s massive figure fiercely shook before his entire body started shrinking at a rapid yet visible speed.


When his size had shrunk to the height of a dozen or so meters, a slight smile tugged at the corner of Yu Zi Yu’s lips. Then, his body started sinking, merging into the desert.


Shortly after that, silently, without anyone’s notice, a Willow Tree over ten meters tall fled southward.


This was another application of Yu Zi Yu’s Unique Ability – the River of Earth. After assimilating his body into the ground, he then cast the River of Earth ability to travel through the earth.


It somewhat resembled the legendary Earth Release Technique but was much simpler.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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