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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 405, Snake Charmer Lineage

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


In the southern part of the Asian Continent…


Along the coast, there was a city belonging to China named Morning Glory.


This was one of the newly developed cities. In the past, it used to be called Beihai (Northern Sea City).


It had the saying, ‘Morning Glory during the day, and Northern Sea during the night’.


Now, with the change of times, this city, which had completely collapsed into ruins, has been revitalized.


The reason for its resurgence from ruins was that this city was a coastal city, bordering on Beihai Sea.


During the invasion of Sea Creatures, thousands of Sea Creatures had swept through half of the city.


Now, there were hardly any Humans left in Morning Glory, and most of the remaining ones were Superhumans who were temporarily stationed here to resist the Sea Creatures. As a result, rather than calling it a city, it was more like a transit station in the name of the city.


It had everything a city should have, but unfortunately, Humans with little strength dared not stay here.


People who had never experienced an invasion of Sea Creatures could hardly imagine how despairing it was.


Huge gaping maws, cold icy pincers…


Mutant Sea Creatures, that used to be Humans’ prey, had turned into death scythes, harvesting fragile Humans without mercy.


On that day, blood had painted the entire city red. Even now, one could see the mottled and dark bloodstains on some old buildings.



At this moment…


*Toot, toot…* Accompanied by the long and resonant whistle of the ship, a giant steel ship approached from the mist-covered sea from afar.


“They’re back.” With a chuckle, a soldier who had been waiting at the port raised his long sword.


“Welcome them.”




Amidst resounding shouts, a spectacular scene unfolded before the eyes of onlookers, one fully armed soldier after another surged from all directions, as if there was no end to them.


In the blink of an eye, the entire port was filled with soldiers. By a rough estimate, there were over a thousand of them. Furthermore, a couple golden figures could also be found among these thousand people.


However, compared to them, all these golden figures stood at the top of the city wall, with their capes rustling along the wind, giving off an extraordinary aura.


Dragon Guards, the best and strongest special forces of China.


Today, they were deployed to welcome others.


However, these soldiers failed to notice the silent appearance of other figures in a remote corner of this city.


“You must understand there will be consequences of attacking,” a burly man with a cold and stern face stated in a heavy and serious voice.


“Of course, we understand.” Affirming with a nod, this person emphasized, “We can’t afford to offend China. But, we are only robbing the Wyvern Eggs, and we will try to hide our identities as much as possible. At least, China won’t cause trouble for us openly.”


Hearing this, everyone fell into contemplation.


Now, things were different from before; all countries were riddled with crises.


Had the Wyvern not been of significant importance, they would never take the risk of offending China.


They had no choice either.


It was worth mentioning that even more Superhumans were planning to intercept the Japanese team.


As for the Chinese team, because there was a glimmer of hope, other countries could not let this change go that easily.


*Haaaa…* Taking a deep breath, a Superhuman of Russia was about to give his go, but the next moment…


An eerie yet unique melody suddenly rang in the city. The melody was sharp and piercing, yet it carried a peculiar charm.


In just a moment, it was echoing through more than half of the city.


“What’s this?” A bewildered voice echoed as a confused look appeared on the Russian Superhumans’ faces.


But after a moment, as if realizing something, the expression of one of the Superhumans changed drastically.


“Pungi, it’s Pungi.”


Pungi was a very ancient wind instrument, used by snake charmers of an ancient country. Using the melody produced by this instrument, the snake charmers could easily manipulate poisonous snakes.


Now, this ancient and mysterious instrument was unexpectedly sounding in the city.


Moreover, its melody seemed to be fused with Spiritual Energy, giving it an inexplicable charm.


“No, this can’t be?”


The Russian Superhumans exchanged glances as their expression changed for the worse.


But before they could contemplate further…


*Hisss, hisss…*


*Hisss, hisss…*


*Hisss, hisss…*


Hisses filled the city as Mutant Snakes crawled out in the outskirts of the city.


More terrifyingly, at the end of the sea…


*Fuuuusshh!* With a loud splash, colossal Sea Snakes broke out of the sea.


At this moment, in an underground part at the city center…


*Cough, cough…*


A series of coughs rang as crimson blood stained an ancient instrument resembling a gourd.


Nonetheless, sitting on a boulder not far away, a shirtless old man, thin and withered, still struggled to blow the wind instrument, trembling.




“Sir Snake Charmer…”


Voices filled with concern rang as countless figures surrounding the old man clenched their teeth tightly.


The next moment…




Sighing, the old man in the center, the Snake Charmer, put down the wind instrument in his hands. Then, with a hoarse voice, he spoke, “China has deployed at least three Apex Superhumans this time. Their terrifying strength is far beyond our imagination. If we want to steal the Wyvern Egg, we can only take risks and strive for a slim chance of survival in the midst of disorder.”


Saying this, the old Snake Charmer broke into a fit of cough.


“Elder, please don’t speak anymore. Your body can’t hold on,” begging in a trembling voice, a dark-skinned yet beautiful girl hurried over and helped the old man up.


“No need.” Waving off, the old Snake Charmer continued with a sigh, “I do not have much time from the very beginning, and now, I have forced myself to advance to Tier-2 using secret techniques. It has cost me the rest of my lifespan. Now, I only have a few days to live. But it’s enough.”


Saying this, the old Snake Charmer raised his arms, as if embracing the sky, and excitedly stated, “Can you see? This is how terrifying our Snake Charmer profession is. Just at Tier 2, just at Tier 2, we can rouse thousands of Snakes with the Pungi in our hands… Hahaha…”


With an increasingly triumphant laughter, the old man’s eyes dimmed even further.


However, after a moment, as if remembering something, the old man suddenly paused in his laughter, and used his last bit of strength to issue a warning, “But remember, Snakes are extremely tyrannical creatures and uncontrollable by nature. Never summon them in places crowded with civilians. Otherwise, I will become a sinner…”


As the words fell, the old man’s eyes became dull and completely devoid of any life.



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