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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 406, Blood Butcher: The Most Evil and Cruelest Man

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


*Hisss, hisss…*


Suddenly, shrill hisses echoed through the sky and the ground.


The next moment, in the astonished gaze of countless people, dozens of meters tall waves rose in the distant sea, as Mutant Sea Snakes emerged along the waves, one after another.


However, it was not just Mutant Sea Snakes.


*Roooaaar…* Amidst an inexplicable roar, a giant Turtle, resembling a mountain, emerged from the sea. 


It was a Tier-2 Mutant Turtle, awakened due to the sudden rampage of the Mutant Sea Snakes.


However, this was only the beginning.


*Skitter, skitter…* 


Countless basketball-sized Green Crabs poured out from one side of the sea.


On another side, raising massive pincers, one enormous Red Lobster after another crowded around a gigantic Crimson Shrimp, around twenty to thirty meters in size, as it emerged from the sea.


At this moment, the entire sea was filled with the shadows of countless Sea Creatures.


As a coastal city, Morning Glory often faced Sea Creature attacks. Now, roused by the strange melody, the invasion of Sea Creatures occurred earlier than expected.


“Enemy attack, enemy attack…” deafening shouts that seemed to shatter the eardrums suddenly echoed through Morning Glory.


In the face of this endless tide of Sea Creatures, no one showed any hesitation.


Soldiers swiftly took their positions. On another side, countless Superhumans prepared themselves for the battle. Even those preparing to welcome Ling Er and the others back tightened their grip on their weapons at the moment’s notice. 


“Deal with the invasion of Sea Creatures first.” Issuing this command, the leading soldier drew his longsword from his waist.


The next moment…


*Boom, boom, boom…*


Along with countless artillery sounds, smoke filled the entire southern shore of the city. At the same time, mournful wails and cries of despair resounded throughout the entire battlefield.


At this moment, the blue sea had been dyed red, Every artillery round took the lives of a bunch of Sea Creatures. However, compared to the horrifying number of sea creatures, all of this seemed insignificant.


In less than half an hour, an uncountable number of Mutant Sea Creatures came ashore.


Among the numerous green crabs, the largest one was in the middle, and it was about 3-4 meters in height and 10 meters in length.


At this moment, it raised its huge eyes and scanned the surroundings.


Suddenly, as if it had discovered something, it let out a sharp screech, before its huge legs kicked the water violently, splashing the large amount of water into the air with a loud crash.


However, before the water could fall back to the sea…


*Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…”


Accompanied by numerous swishing sounds, the water in the air shot towards the incoming artillery rounds, transforming into thousands of arrows of water.


“A Tier-2 Sea Creature!”


At the reminder, the Superhumans looking at the water arrows bolting in the sky had grim expressions on their faces.


After all, Tier-2 Transcendents could not be taken lightly. Their strength was beyond the understanding of normal people. Even if it was just one beast, if left unchecked, it could destroy most of the battlefield with its devastating strength.


This was a Tier-2 Transcendent, a monster that could not be judged by common sense.


*Haaaa…* Heaving a long, deep breath, a golden figure tightened the warhammer in his hands. The next moment, without waiting for anyone else to react, the figure disappeared in a flash, soaring into the sky.


Then, he fiercely slammed the air with his massive warhammer.


*Boom!* With a thunderous roar, cracks appeared in the sky like a mirror, as a fearsome shockwave spread in all directions.


With just this one strike, the figure managed to intercept most of the water arrows.


However, the very next moment, the Dragon Guard hurled the warhammer in his hand without a moment of hesitation.


The golden warhammer produced a piercing swoosh as it headed straight towards the giant Mutant Crab like a meteor.


At the sight of the golden warhammer whizzing through the air, not to mention the Giant Crab, even the Superhumans could not help but raise their eyebrows..


The tens of meters wide golden storm it brought was the most dazzling sight on the battlefield.


Its formidable momentum was awe-inspiring.


“No wonder he’s called the Meteor Hammer.” Sighing deeply, Ling Er, who had already landed, squinted her eyes.


Meteor Hammer was an independent Superhuman of China, with formidable combat capabilities.


Shortly after the demise of three Dragon Guards in the Spirit Flower Disaster, he quietly joined the Dragon Guards and took the place of No. 7.



While the entire city was defending against the beast tide, unbeknownst to everyone, sighs of helplessness echoed in several corners of the city.


As Humans, there were not many people who were willing to take advantage of others when they were fighting against a beast tide.


Unfortunately, China was just too strong, enough to leave many in despair.


Three Apex Superhumans stood at a higher position, while over a dozen Tier-2 Superhumans were standing by here and there.


With such combat power, not to mention the current beast tide, even if the number of beasts doubled, it would still not pose any trouble to China.


Smiling wryly, the Russian Superhumans exchanged glances before tacitly nodding.


“Let’s move. Attacking them when they are preoccupied with the beast tide would significantly increase our chances of stealing the Wyvern Egg.”




Everyone also nodded their agreement.


Just like the Russians, Superhumans of other countries hiding in various other corners of the city, harboring similar thoughts, also started moving.


The Wyvern Eggs were just too important. Such a treasure was best kept within one’s own country.


Of course, not everyone thought this way. For instance, on the tall city wall, a one-eyed man licked the blood on the tip of his saber, grinning.


“A Tier-3 Wyvern’s Egg. If I consume it, I should be able to advance even further.” Murmuring to himself, the one-eyed man swung the saber in his hand.


Immediately after, a blood-red energy arc shot out from the saber, cutting the necks of several Chinese soldiers.




“Blood Butcher?”



Amidst cries of disbelief, every Chinese soldier stared fixedly at the one-eyed figure walking towards the center of the city.


However, before they could say anything more, they felt a cold sensation on their necks.


*Thud, thud, thud…*


Immediately after, their bodies fell to the ground, reduced into cold corpses.


However, had others managed to hear ‘Blood Butcher’ muttered by them, it would have caused their faces to turn pale.


Blood Butcher, also known as the Butcher, was one of the most wanted criminals in China.


After all, not everyone fights for their country or Humanity.


There are always some selfish individuals, who are willing to commit heinous deeds for their own desires.


Blood Butcher was one such individual. His hands had been dyed red by the blood of his fellow Humans. The number of Humans, who had lost their lives at his hands, had surpassed the number of Mutant Beasts he had killed by several times.


If it were not for his terrifying strength and elusive whereabouts, China would already have him executed.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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