Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 41, Yellow Zone!


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


After Yu Zi Yu had taken all the bullet and rocket fragments off from the Honey Badger’s body, Yu Zi Yu did not immediately drip his Life Essence.


The vitality contained in the Life Essence was so strong that it would do more harm than good to the Honey Badger, and even the Storm Wolves in their current state.


Having reached this conclusion, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to a nearby empty area.


*Rumble* The next moment, countless black roots emerged from the soil, splitting the ground apart, causing the entire canyon to slightly quake. Soon after, these roots kept coiling back and forth in the ground, entangling with each other like giant pythons. Sometimes they formed a black net, moving a large pile of soil to the side, and other times they bound and picked up large rocks and forcefully threw them into the distance.


In a short time, thanks to Yu Zi Yu’s terrifying power, a circular pit with a diameter of 20-30 meters and a depth of 6-7 meters had appeared on the ground.


After having completed this, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze again shifted to a small ‘river’ nearby.


[Well, I guess I can’t exactly call that a river.]


Due to the rain over the past few days, the rainwater was flowing along a low-lying elongated depression, forming a mountain stream flowing toward the distance. However, thanks to these mountain streams, it became possible to create a lake.


Smiling in his heart, Yu Zi Yu got back to working, using his roots to complete the final drain to bring in the water to the lake.


In just half an hour, a somewhat turbid lake appeared completely before Yu Zi Yu.


“Go in.” Yu Zi Yu’s branches placed Honey Badger into the lake, and then pushed the Storm Wolves into it as well.


Before they could climb out of the lake, Yu Zi Yu cut the tip of one of his branches, revealing a smooth cut surface. The next moment, a drop of rice Life Essence fell into the lake.


*Growl~ Growl~ Growl~*


After letting out a series of low growls, the Storm Wolves and Honey Badger calmed down.


It was because the surface of the lake at this time was permeated with a shining brilliance, giving them a warm and comfortable feeling, surging into them.



*Swoosh* The White Crane spread its wings…


*Mooo…* The Buffalo woke up…


Every Mutant Beasts’ gaze was glued on the nearby lake.


However, due to the swaying branches in the air, most of them hesitated for a moment and chose to stop.


“That’s their reward.” Yu Zi Yu could not help but find it amusing, watching these Mutant Beasts stop.


However, it was certain that constructing a lake was quite convenient. Not only made the canyon a bit more beautiful, but just the continuous dripping of Life Essence over a long period of time would turn this lake into a small Spirit Lake.


And a Spirit Lake was enough to nurture most animals.


As it crossed Yu Zi Yu’s mind, he thought of his main root.


This terrifying root was deeply rooted in the depths of the earth, its rootlets spread throughout the rocks, greedily absorbing the underground Spirit River flowing deep within the earth. Furthermore, this Spirit River contained a large amount of Spiritual Energy.


In Yu Zi Yu’s eyes, it was a great treasure.


As for how goot it was, one only needed to look at his main root to know. 


In just about ten days, his main root’s thickness had doubled. 


Moreover, what was even more outrageous was when his gaze shifted to the depths of the earth.


Yu Zi Yu saw that his main root seemed to be breathing, expanding and contracting, inhaling and exhaling terrifying Spiritual Energy.


This inhaling and exhaling was not that obvious for the Willow Tree on the surface. However, for the roots spreading underground, it acted like a catalyst.


Yu Zi Yu could clearly feel that his countless roots were continuously strengthening. What was even more terrifying was that they were continuously spreading out in all directions like a web.


It was estimated that in no time at all, 200-300 square meters of underground canyon would be littered with his roots.


If his cheat, the Evolution Points enhanced his abilities, then the appearance of this underground Spirit River was the cornerstone that propelled him to evolve once again.


“The underground Spirit River is so beneficial to me, so it must be quite useful to the other Mutant Beasts.” Yu Zi Yu concluded, after pondering for a moment.


If his speculation were right, everything that contained Spiritual Energy might become a resource that everyone would compete for in the future.



In the blink of an eye, several days had passed.


On one such afternoon, in a mysterious corner of this country…


“Haaa…” With a sigh, an old man looked at Yan Gao Yuan, who was sitting just across in a straight and upright manner, shook his head before comforting him, “Gao Yuan, you’ve had a tough time this time.”


“It wasn’t tough at all.” Yan Gao Yuan replied in a short and concise manner, but could not help but grunt in pain.


Immediately after, as if he was unable to suppress it…


*Cough, Cough…* He broke into a fit of cough. When he took his hand off his mouth, a sliver of red caught the old man’s eyes.


“It seems you’ve encountered a tough opponent.”


“Indeed, it was tough.” While replying, Yan Gao Yuan could not help but think of the Mutant Honey Badger with silver hair on its head. It was a truly bizarre creature.


One had to admit that it truly lived up to its former title of the ‘most fearless animal in the world.’ Even after becoming a Mutant Beast, it still retained its ferocious spirit.


Picking up the tissue on the table, wiping away the bloodstains on his hands and the corners of his mouth, Yan Gao Yuan began to talk about the main issue.


“Sir, based on the initial investigation, that mountainous area is likely going through an abnormal change. Of course, we cannot rule out the presence of an exceptionally powerful mutant beast.”


“I see…” Nodding, the old man picked up the report Yan Gao Yuan had submitted from the table and asked, “You said there is a persistent fog there, and it can affect a person’s mind.”


“Yes, that’s the reason I deduced that abnormal changes were happening there. Just like those places with anomalies appearing, where many things cannot be explained scientifically.”


“Indeed, anomalies are difficult to explain. However, considering that the fog there poses no significant harm, let’s designate that mountainous area as a Yellow Zone for now. But be sure to keep monitoring it closely. If there’s any unusual activity, immediately upgrade it to become a Red Zone.”


“A Yellow Zone under close surveillance, hmm!?” Yan Gao Yuan muttered, nodding in agreement.




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