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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 410, Humans, Shall We Make a Deal?

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The entire city fell into a deathly quiet, silent and still. Except for the gigantic Willow Tree that reached into the sky.


At this moment, beneath the towering Willow Tree, stood a teenager on a root, bearing a faint smile on his lips.


He raised his right hand and curled his index finger.




With a deafening boom, the massive body of the Mutant Turtle, that had been pierced by Yu Zi Yu’s root, came flying.


However, it would be more accurate to call it the turtle shell covered in blood than a body.


The flesh and blood of the Mutant Turtle had been devoured by Yu Zi Yu’s roots. Furthermore, Yu Zi Yu had also gained a Unique Ability from it.


Unique Ability: Turtle’s Breath – Like a Turtle, after taking a long breath, one can completely restrain one’s own aura. If cultivated to the extreme, one can even become indistinguishable from inanimate objects.


After reading the introduction of the ability, Yu Zi Yu was completely satisfied. Such an ability was always beneficial.


Of course, compared to this ability, what pleased Yu Zi Yu more was the millstone-like enormous turtle shell that was flying over from a distance.


There was a massive hole in the turtle shell, left by Yu Zi Yu when his roots pierced through it.  Nonetheless, this turtle shell was still a defensive weapon. With a little refinement, Yu Zi Yu believed it could even withstand a nuclear attack.


“I can use it as a gift for Old Ninth. He’ll definitely like it.”


Smiling, Yu Zi Yu began to plan in his mind.


Old Ninth, Brewmaster, enjoyed crafting things, and Yu Zi Yu was also interested in making him forge some powerful weapons for Misty Mountains.


Crafting a shield using a material like this turtle shell, which was at least Tier-2 material, or even close to Tier-3 would undoubtedly yield excellent results.


At that time, they could be used to arm some groups.


For example, the Mutant Polar Bears.


They already had quite formidable defenses. If they were armed with such a shield, they could almost charge through the entire battlefield unhindered.


Thinking about gifts, Yu Zi Yu also remembered the matter of preparing a gift for the Five-Color Spirit Flower.


“What gift should I prepare for the Five-Color Spirit Flower?” Rubbing the chin with his hand, Yu Zi Yu looked towards the entire battlefield with a scrutinizing gaze.




Gulping nervously, Humans could not help but shudder at the sight of Yu Zi Yu’s teenage form looking at them. Even powerful Superhumans like Iron Fist Tyrant, who could be ranked in Second or Third Order of Tier-2, instinctively lowered their heads.


A powerhouse’s dignity was untouchable.


As for a terrifying existence like the Tree Monster, which was capricious and possessed fearsome strength, they dared not provoke it even further.


Although they had no idea why the Tree Monster chose to communicate with them in the form of a teenager rather than instantly wiping them all out, they understood that this was by no means a reason for them to be presumptuous. Whether they could survive depended entirely on the whim of this monstrous entity. If they wanted to survive, they had no choice but to bow their heads.


Just at this moment, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes suddenly brightened, as if discovering something. His gaze was surprisingly focused on a girl holding a gourd-shaped wind instrument.


By Yu Zi Yu’s aesthetic standards, this girl could be considered above average. Furthermore, her Innate Talent happened to be pretty amazing as well.


Yu Zi Yu focused his gaze as he carefully read the introduction on her Innate Talent.


Innate Talent: Voice of All Things – She is able to hear the sounds of all things in the world and can communicate with them using musical instruments


[That’s quite a peculiar talent she got. While it may not be of significant help in battles, it would prove to be useful for supportive roles. Especially…] Yu Zi Yu focused his gaze on the strange instrument held by the girl.


“If my guess is correct, someone used this instrument called ‘Pungi’ to arouse the snakes, thus triggering this beast tide.” In the rare moments of speculation, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes glimmered non-stop.


[The fact that an ordinary cultivator was able to rouse tens of thousands of snakes with such an instrument is really remarkable. If someone like this girl, having an Innate Talent like the Voice of All Things, is cultivated to that level, it would be truly terrifying.] Thinking along these lines, Yu Zi Yu made up his mind.


The next moment, a verdant streak of light flashed through the air, coiling around the distant girl.


“From now on, you shall follow me,” an indifferent voice echoed in the girl’s mind, causing her expression to change drastically.


However, before she could mount any struggle, she felt her body not listening to her, and then, her consciousness had fallen into a daze.


The paralyzing effect of the toxin secreted by Yu Zi Yu’s branches, which even Tier-2 Transcendent Beasts would find it challenging to resist, unexpectedly worked quite well on the girl who has just reached Tier-1.


At this moment, Yu Zi Yu’s branches retracted, carrying the girl away from right under the eyes of her companions.




“No, Saroli…” 


Cries of despair resound as the dark-skinned companions of the girl rushed toward her. However, before they could get too far, a figure stood in their way.


“Stand back,” the old man commanded in a stern and warning tone.


“Elder, Saroli, she…” In a voice filled with reluctance, a young man cried, his eyes completely red with tears.


Saroli, as the most outstanding genius of the Snake Charmer Lineage, was undoubtedly considered their goddess.


She was kind and simple. Her kindness and simplicity have charmed the hearts of countless young men.


But now…


“I’ll say it again, stand back.” Giving another stern warning, a ball of Spiritual Energy gathered in the old man’s right hand.


He gave the impression that he could fire this ball of Spiritual Energy at any moment, ruthlessly striking the group of young individuals.


At this moment, after taking a look at this group with interest, Yu Zi Yu stopped paying attention to them.


They should be glad. Had this Human not stopped them, several lifeless corpses might have been lying on the ground by now.



Meanwhile, Yu Zi Yu gazed at the beautiful girl with a wheatish complexion, who hung from his branch, a smile playing on his lips.


“This girl named ‘Saroli’ will serve as a perfect gift for her.”


[It’s rare to encounter a girl with such a strange Innate Talent and modest strength. With Five-Color Spirit Flower’s method, controlling her should be easy. At that time, Five-Color Spirit Flower can even travel among the Humans using this ‘Human vessel.’]


The reason why he thought of this was because Yu Zi Yu recalled some Western myths.


[In myths and legends, Gods often descended to the mortal realm by borrowing a ‘Human vessel.’ While Gods does not exist now, some of their means can still be imitated. In my opinion, these so-called Gods are nothing more than powerful beings. If I were to grow a bit more strong and proclaim myself a God, what would be the harm?] With this in mind, the desire in Yu Zi Yu’s heart to break through became even stronger.


[However, before breaking through, I would need some things.]


“Yes, some things!” Suddenly murmuring, an idea suddenly popped in Yu Zi Yu’s mind.


[I’ve been having a hard time finding those things. However, it may not be difficult for these Humans. Hell, some of them might even have them already.]


Thinking about this, Yu Zi Yu slowly raises his gaze.


However, the deep, mysterious look in his eyes caused the hearts of observing humans to skip a beat.


Yet, before they can dwell on their confusion, a peculiar voice echoes in their minds, “Humans, shall we make a deal?”



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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