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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 414, The God of the Desert and Storm

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


*Roar, Roar, Roar…* Roars and hisses resounded like tides, as more and more Mutant Beasts approached. Despite the Five-Color Spirit Flower and others desperate efforts, it would still be difficult to stop the beast tide from advancing.


However, at that very moment…


The eyes of Nine Tails, who was quietly standing in the air, flickered, as a cold look took over her face.


“It seems that I’ll have to attempt another breakthrough.” Sighing, deep red flames like rising straight from Hells burned within the depths of her eyes.


But in a moment, as if sensing her decision, an anxious voice interrupted her, “Hold on, Nine Tails. Interrupting your breakthrough is equivalent to damaging your own foundation. The next time you try to make a breakthrough, it will definitely be even harder.”


Saying this, Five-Color Spirit Flower’s petals fiercely shook. At the same time, an extremely strange fragrance started to diffuse from her.


*Roar, Hiss, Roar, Roar…* 


Immediately, countless Mutant Beasts let out roars and hisses, apparently excited. Some among these Mutant Beasts even started searching for the strange fragrance, and promptly darted towards the direction of Five-Color Spirit Flower.


“Snow Leopard, carry me away from here. Try your best to hold on until Nine Tails finishes her breakthrough.”


Instructing, the Five-Color Spirit Flower rose into the air before landing on the head of a blood-stained Snow Leopard.


At the same time, tremendous amounts of energy flowed into Snow Leopard like a tide.


*Roooaaar…* Suddenly, the Snow Leopard roared as a mesmerizing colorful glow surrounded his body.


More importantly, his aura started climbing at a breakneck pace, visible to the naked eyes.


Empowering, the Five-Color Spirit Flower was empowering the Snow Leopard with her energy.


She was using this to attract the attention of the entire beast tide.


Compared to the breaking through Nine Tails, the Marvelous Flower of Heaven and Earth, like Five-Color Spirit Flower, was undoubtedly more tempting.


“Superspeed…” Murmuring in his heart, Snow Leopard carrying Five-Color Spirit Flower instantly disappeared.


At the same time, the increasingly rich fragrance spread throughout the battlefield.


Looking up, a colorful and ethereal brilliance was scattered over half of the battlefield.


Smelling this fragrance, countless Mutant Beasts were completely crazy, and started chasing after the Five-Color Spirit Flower.




At this moment, on a distant hill, a humanoid figure suddenly narrowed its eyes, as if discovering something shocking.


“Surprisingly, so many good seeds have gathered around him.” The corners of the figure’s mouth spread, as if smiling.


If Humans and Mutant Beasts managed to catch a glimpse of this figure, they would be horrified, because this guy was actually one of the Ten Monstrosities of the Continent, ranked fourth, the Lord of Desert–Seth.


He had the head of a Jackal and the body of a Human. His ears were long and rectangular, and his snout long and curvy. However, it would be more accurate to describe it as a Hyena’s head rather than a Jackal’s.


This sinistrous Jackal-headed humanoid creature had once wiped out a small desert country overnight. Not to mention Humans, even many Mutant Beasts were terrified of his fearsome strength.


Rumor had it that no one had seen his true face. All they knew was he called himself Seth.


This sentence could be interpreted in another way, anyone who had seen his true face was dead.


As for Seth, those who were knowledgeable in myths and legends of desert, would definitely know that Seth was not just any name. It was the name of a God revered in ancient Egypt, also known as the ‘God of the Desert and Storm’.


Perhaps many Humans might not have heard his name, but his son, Anubis, the legendary God of Death, who was rumored to have a Jackal-head and the body of a Human, was pretty well-known.




And now, a humanoid Mutant Beast was actually proclaiming itself with the name of the legendary God, one could imagine what this implied.


No explanation was necessary. Or rather, when the Lord of the Desert – Seth raised a tree branch resembling a scepter, everything was already determined.


“Storms of the underworld, heed our call, and descend.” As he murmured, the clouds grew denser and darker, turning the sky dark along with themselves.


The next moment, much to the astonishment of countless Mutant Beasts, a black storm unexpectedly appeared out of nowhere. However, this black storm seemed to encompass both the sky and the earth.


From a distance, it appeared as if an apocalyptic storm was sweeping through.


“What’s going on!?” Five-Color Spirit Flower exclaimed in disbelief, her voice faintly trembling.


[Unbelievable, this is really unbelievable. There is actually such a terrifying existence in the Western Desert.]


At this moment, not to mention Five-Color Spirit Flower, even Nine Tails was horribly shaken.


In her senses, a harrowing presence, far beyond that of a Tier-2 Transcendent, had appeared on the horizon out of nowhere.


It was unfathomable, and full of violence and destruction.


She merely sensed it for just a moment, yet it had shaken Nine Tails’ very Soul.


“How could such an entity exist?” With a touch of disbelief, Nine Tails looked towards the distance in astonishment.


Faintly, she could make out a figure holding a scepter high behind the black storm.


However, just at this moment, as if sensing Nine Tails’ gaze, a hoarse and thick voice suddenly echoed from the horizon. It was from Seth. “We’ve come to defend you. Continue breaking through in peace.”


Just as these words echoed, the massive black storm encompassing both the sky and earth swept towards the beast tide that stretched across the desert.


*Roar, Roar, Roar…*


Wails of despair filled the desert as countless Mutant Beasts, unable to escape, were engulfed by the storm, dyeing it red with their blood.


However, this was not the end of it. Because, at this moment, the figure holding the scepter actually pointed it at the desert, with powerful fluctuations spreading from his scepter with a thunderous clap.


At the same time, the desert began to seeth as if it was given life.


*Roar, Hiss, Roar, Roar…*


Desperate roars and hisses abruptly rose and disappeared as the desert swallowed countless Mutant Beasts.


*Crack…* Cracking sounds of bones breaking and shattering echoed, as if they were thoroughly crushed, leaving a pool of blood staining the sand red.


And amidst this harrowing sight, that looked no different than the end of world, a figure holding the scepter slowly approached.


*Tap, tap tap…*


Amidst heavy footsteps, growing louder with each step, Five-Color Spirit Flower and even Nine Tails caught sight of a humanoid figure with the head of a jackal and the body of a Human.


But surprisingly, this figure did not even spare a glance at them. Instead, it picked a remote corner and sat cross-legged, seemingly consistent with what he had claimed, to protect.


“Why are you helping us?” Completely puzzled, Nine Tails voiced her doubt.


“This time, we’ve come only for the Celestial Tree,” after giving an explanation, a rare thing on his part, the figure chose to close his eyes.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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