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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 416, Soul of Darkness! Nine Tails Breakthrough

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“Celestial Tree, I intervened this time only to obtain a branch from you,” the Lord of the Desert–Seth finally revealed his purpose after chatting for a while.


“A branch!?”


“Yes, a branch.”


Nodding, Seth did not conceal anything, straightforwardly stating, “I have a formidable enemy, a Darkness-Attribute Mutant Beast. I’m having a hard time taking it down. I need to rely on your abundant life force to suppress its Dark Energy.”


At this point, Seth glanced at the healed Golden Ant not far away and added, “The Sand Python you encountered the other day was just a wisp of its Soul.”


“A wisp of its Soul?” Astounded, the Golden Ant was stunned.


“It’s formless, and utilizes sand to take a corporeal form and then use it to attack others. Isn’t that the reason you found it difficult to crush it:”


Listening to Seth’s explanation, Yu Zi Yu’s curiosity was also piqued.


[Is there really such a bizarre existence in this world?]


At this moment, seemingly sensing Yu Zi Yu’s curiosity, Seth’s face darkened. He promptly and actively explained, “The Soul of Darkness is a terrifying existence living in the depths of the Taklamakan Desert. It is no less terrifying than me. It can split itself into countless wisps, and each wisp can sustain a Mutant Beast or any tangible form using sand. That kind of peculiarity is rarely seen in the world. Moreover, it’s nearly immortal. Even if I use my entire strength, it’s difficult to deal with.”


At this point, the Lord of the Desert seemed to recall something unpleasant and added in a cold tone, “Originally, it devoured the Soul of that old Human, and later on, it manipulated thousands of Humans to crusade against me. It was for this reason that I, in a fit of rage, slaughtered almost an entire country.”


Listening quietly, the teenage form of Yu Zi Yu woven using countless rootlets raised an eyebrow, mirroring Yu Zi Yu’s current mood. The Soul of Darkness had truly left Yu Zi Yu in surprise.


[It sounds even more bizarre than Ling Er. To think such a character, surprisingly, kept a low profile and hid in the depths of the Western Desert.]


“Hmmm…” Yu Zi Yu was unable to deny the sheer terror of this kind of bizarre existence.


[But that’s okay. According to the Lord of the Desert, it seemed to be very apprehensive of Vitality.]  Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu, the teenage figure woven from countless rootlets, also looked towards the large tree behind him.


After a moment, Yu Zi Yu’s teenage figure extended its right hand, as a three-meter-long, wrist-thick branch fell into its hand.


Then, Yu Zi Yu smoothened the entire branch with a sweep of his right hand.


At this moment, if one looked at the branch, he or she could see flickering green radiance flowing along it.


Faintly, intense vitality could be felt breeding within it.


“This is the branch you wanted.” Saying so, Yu Zi Yu tossed the branch in his hand.


“Thank you, Celestial Tree.” Seeing this, the Lord of the Desert was overjoyed.


At this moment, Yu Zi Yu was unaware that despite its strangeness, the Soul of Darkness was extremely important to the Lord of the Desert. If he managed to hunt it, his strength would sky rocket.


Of course, the Lord of the Desert would not mention this.


Yu Zi Yu was also tactful enough not to ask.


Naturally, he saw through the Lord of the Desert’s thoughts, but he was not the type to dig deep into other people. Moreover, Nine Tails and the others owed the Lord of the Desert for saving their lives.


Since Yu Zi Yu had accepted the favor, he knew the importance of it.


Taking the branch and feeling the extremely rich vitality, the Lord of the Desert did not stay for long.


However, as he was leaving, as if remembering something, the Lord of the Desert suddenly stopped and reminded, “Celestial Tree, the wind is warning me. The sea may have changed, perhaps something we don’t know has happened.”


“Mhmm.” Nodding slightly, Yu Zi Yu also agreed, “Indeed, I also have some premonition.”


Saying that, Yu Zi Yu turned his gaze, deeply looking in the direction of the sea, and added, “If I’m not mistaken, some terrifying entity in the depths of the sea might be spying on us.”


However, despite saying this, Yu Zi Yu did not attach much attention to it.


Even if there were terrifying entities watching stealthily, thanks to his current strength, he feared none, except a Tier-4 Transcendent.


Be that as it may, Yu Zi Yu still had some confidence.


He believed that a Tier-4 Transcendent should not have been born in this Era of Transcendence yet, even in the unfathomable deep sea. After all, he had Evolution Points, and access to numerous Spirit Stone Mines. His foundation happened to be extremely solid.


He considered himself to be unmatched when it comes to absorbing Spiritual Energy. He was so confident in this, he could swear that if someone reached Tier-4 ahead of him, he would stop cultivating.


According to Yu Zi Yu’s estimation, even in the depths of the ocean, where the concentration of Spiritual Energy was highest, a Tier-3 Transcendent would have at most four or five million Spiritual Energy.


Six million Spiritual Energy was a significant threshold that could not be easily crossed. And he already possessed around nine million Spiritual Energy.


With some training and refinement, he would be able step into Tier-4. Becoming divine in the truest sense.


By then, not to mention suppressing all enemies in the world, but finding someone to match him in battle would be difficult.


[Once I became Tier-4 Transcendent, my strength would finally be enough to execute my plans.]


Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu’s desire to return to Misty Mountains became even more urgent.


And Nine Tails did not keep Yu Zi Yu waiting for too long.


Just a few hours after the Lord of the Desert left…




A loud and resonant Fox’s scream, as if coming from ancient times, resonant through the desert, shaking the entire world.


Looking up, a horrifying wave of deep red flames swept through the clouds, as if to incinerate the entire world.




Nine Tails let out another scream, as her four tails constantly extended towards the sky.


Her tails would gently sway every now and then, resembling banana leaves. However, with each sway, they would unleash a gust of countless sparks of flames.


At the same time, intermittent lightning arcs started flashing around Nine Tails.


Spiritual Field — The symbol of Tier-3. The concentration of a million Spiritual Energy can even distort magnetic fields, which in turn ripples through reality, affecting the surroundings.


At this moment, amidst lightning and crimson flames, a gorgeous Red Fox, around the combined height of three Humans, stretched its body to the utmost.


However, if one looked at it closely, it would appear extremely beautiful and enchanting.


“Master,” Nine Tails called out in a charming voice, slowly walking out from the sea of crimson flames.


*Tap, tap, tap…*


She might have been walking in the air, but it seemed as if she was stepping on everyone’s hearts, causing many Mutant Beasts to involuntarily shudder.


Faintly, they all felt a wave of heat blowing towards them.


However, surprisingly, this scorching wave of heat did not harm them at all. Instead they felt extremely comfortable, like they were receiving a baptism.


Upon closer inspection, they all had a faint smell emanating from their bodies.


“What’s this!?” Touching the black substance oozing from their bodies, Golden Ant could not help but furrow his brows.


Because it was too smelly, unbearably foul.


“This is the impurity in your bodies.” Saying this, Nine Tails’s voice resonated in their minds again, “I appreciate your kindness, thanks a lot. I’ve specially used my ‘Fire of Quintessence’ to cleanse your body a little.”



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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