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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 417, Nine Tails’ Status Screen

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Comrades were comrades, but necessary gratitude should be expressed.


This time, although using the Fire of Quintessence overflowed during the breakthrough had caused Nine Tails to lose some vitality, it strengthened the foundation of the companions who had guarded her.


At this moment, if one were to look at Golden Ant, they might notice that his golden scales had become more radiant, and they had also gained a bit of translucent texture.


Just then, a congratulating voice echoed near Nine Tails, “Congratulations, Nine Tails.”




No words were necessary, just a sincere call was more than enough.


At this moment, casting a deep look at the approaching Nine Tails, Yu Zi Yu narrowed his eyes.


In an instant, a series of information poured into his mind like waves of fire, even bringing a warm sensation to Yu Zi Yu.


Yu Zi Yu even saw what seemed like a burning status screen.


Race: Celestial Fox

Rank: Tier-3 Transcendent

Bloodline Talent: It can grow an additional tail with each advancement, each tail carrying a formidable talent.

Unique Abilities: Enchanting Eyes – Its gorgeous eyes are the treasures of the world with the mystical power of bewitching.

Flame Mastery — It can control flames to a certain extent.

Flaming Claws — It claws entwined in flames are so hot that they can easily tear through metals.

Flame Cloak — Its fiery red fur is ablaze with wisps of flames. Anyone who touches it will be burned.

Speech — It has developed a strange bone, which allows it to speak all kinds of languages, even Human languages.

Flame Rush — Using flames as footholds, it can significantly increase its speed, even achieving explosive acceleration.

Flight – By utilizing Spiritual Energy, it can fly in the sky.

Fire of Quintessence – Unquenchable and everlasting, an undying flame fueled by Spiritual Energy.


It was not much different from before.


If there were any distinctions, it was that Nine Tails’ status screen now seemed to be burning, adorned with complex and beautiful patterns reminiscent of flames.


Yu Zi Yu’s gaze focused on the last ability of Nine Tails.


“Fire of Quintessence!?” murmured Yu Zi Yu, his voice carrying an unusual gravity.


Given his strength, he could naturally sense the terrifying nature of this deep red flame.  The very moment that flame appeared, the concentration of surrounding Spiritual Energy sharply fell, whereas the flames grew bigger and stronger.


Seemingly aware of Yu Zi Yu’s scrutiny, Nine Tails raised her paw as a cluster of crimson flame burned in between her claws.


“This is an ability I awakened, the Undying Flame, and it is extremely terrifying. Once ignited, it won’t die out unless Spiritual Energy is completely cut off from it.”


Listening to Nine Tails’ explanation, Yu Zi Yu nodded his acknowledgment.


Then, with a teasing tone, he remarked, “This shouldn’t be the most powerful ability you gained this time.”


Nine Tails just chuckled, but she did not deny either.


With a swoosh, a very thick tail swayed, gently caressing Nine Tails’ face.


At that moment, Nine Tails seemed to gain a touch of charm.


“Each of my tails carries a formidable talent, and now, the talent bestowed upon my fourth tail is ‘Undying’… Not only does the flame become undying, even my body becomes indestructible…”


After listening to Nine Tails’ explanation, Yu Zi Yu got slightly piqued.


After a moment, taking a closer look at Nine Tails’ body, Yu Zi Yu suddenly noticed a hint of distortion around Nine Tails. 


Flames lingered around her entire body, especially her limbs and neck, where they burned particularly brightly, forming what appeared to be bracelets and a necklace of raging flames. It was these raging flames that caused distortion in the air due to their high temperature, causing Nine Tails’ figure to appear a bit blurred.


More importantly, these Undying Flames were also surging with an inexplicable force, as if guarding something.


Apparently, as long as the flames kept burning, Nine Tails’ body would be nearly indestructible.


“Hmm… it’s quite weird.” After studying for a while, Yu Zi Yu still failed to fully understand these flames.


Nonetheless, he had a speculation. He reckoned that this should be a power akin to Principles. It was a kind of power only a few who could understand.


Those who couldn’t, were never able to understand its mystery.


It was an extremely formidable and mysterious power.



After a long while, after chatting with Nine Tails, Yu Zi Yu decided that there was no need to stay here anymore. 


After all, it was not his base. There was nothing here to even prepare a celebration feast.


Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu suggested, “Let’s go. Let’s return to Misty Mountains. Nine Tails’ breakthrough to Tier-3 is a cause for celebration for our Misty Mountains. It would be wrong for us to not have a feast in celebration here.” 


Hearing Yu Zi Yu’s proposition, Five-Color Spirit Flower also agreed, “That’s a great idea. A Tier-3 Transcendent is a matter of rejoicing. This is the second Tier-3 Transcendent of Misty Mountains after Master.”


“En.” Even Golden Ant nodded consecutively, a rare trace of joy on his face.


As far as he was concerned, Elder Sister’s breakthrough was a genuine motivation, urging him to reach a Tier-3 as quickly as possible.


However, considering his current Spiritual Energy was just over 400,000, Golden Ant restrained his eager desire.


“There is really no need to rush,” in the midst of soft murmurs, Golden Ant’s eyes flickered with determination.


Meanwhile, Yu Zi Yu paid no attention to the others; he had more important matters to attend to.


“Rise,” with a thunderous shout, Yu Zi Yu, roots buried deep in the desert, fiercely tightened.


The next moment…


*Crack, crack, crack…*


Accompanied by the cracking sounds of the ground splitting apart, a fiery red crystal, as huge as a mountain, resembling a red crystalline mountain, was pulled from the ground by Yu Zi Yu’s roots.


“Nine Tails, this is the half of the Fire-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine. You’ll be bringing it back.”


Saying so, Yu Zi Yu threw the 70-80-meter-long red crystal, which resembled a mountain, towards the sky.


“Alright.” Nine Tails grinned as her tails extended to catch the oncoming chunk of Spirit Stone Mine.


In just a moment, her tails had grown to about 40-50 meters in length.


From a distance,it looked as if her enormous tails were covering the sky.


Of course, the reason her tails grew so enormous was that each tail was formed with blazing flames, and these blazing flames seemed tangible, painting the sky in shades of red.


*Swoosh, swoosh…” After wrapping her tails a few times, Nine Tails had securely bound the piece of the Fire-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine.


Afterward, Nine Tails soared into the sky, carrying the enormous piece of Spirit Stone Mine that resembled a mountain.


The sight of this not only left other Mutant Beasts shocked, but even Yu Zi Yu was astounded.


The sight of flames sweeping through the clouds, and a massive red crystal, resembling a mountain, streaking across the sky was quite a spectacular sight, extremely so.



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