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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 418, Returning to Misty Mountains

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Leaving the Inferno Snake Clan to guard the remaining half of the medium-sized Fire-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine, Yu Zi Yu led Nine Tails and other Mutant Beasts towards the direction of Misty Mountains.


As for the six Knights and Snake Queen, Yu Zi Yu had already instructed them to meet up at Misty Mountains, so, if everything went well, they would sooner or later arrive at Misty Mountains.


*Boom, boom, boom…* The ground trembled as a Willow Tree, over ten meters tall, traversed through the sea of sand.


Closely following behind it were Transcendent Mutant Beasts Mutant Beasts, running extremely fast.


However, compared to them, the sight in the sky happened to be more striking.


An enormous Red Fox with four huge tails, bathing in flames, was flying towards the east, carrying a mountain-sized red crystal.  Along the way, not to mention ordinary Mutant Beasts, even powerful Tier-2 Mutant Beasts could not help but shrink their necks at the sight of this spectacular sight in the sky. 


The fearsome heat emanating from Nine Tails was enough to make any Tier-2 Transcendent uneasy.



And three days later, in Misty Mountains…


A towering tree rose from the ground,


“I didn’t expect you all to return before us.”


Saying this, Yu Zi Yu looked towards the figures, kneeling on one knee, not far away.


They were the Knights, Ah Long, and others including Knight Zi Yan.


They were also accompanied by a creature with the upper body of a Human and the lower body of a Snake, coiled beside them.


“Greetings, Divine Tree,” in unison, everyone greeted and lowered their heads.


“En.” Yu Zi Yu gave a small nod in acknowledgment. He then turned his gaze towards a giant black egg laying in the center of the Spirit Pond.


This giant egg bore a striking resemblance to the Wyvern Egg Yu Zi Yu had brought. However, what was a bit shocking was that this giant egg had some cracks, as if it was about to break into pieces.


At this moment, seemingly aware of Yu Zi Yu’s scrutinizing gaze, the nearby Snake Queen apologized, “Divine Tree, when we were engaging with Humans, a Human tried to destroy the Wyvern Egg. Even though we acted promptly, the Wyvern Egg still got…”


Speaking of this, Snake Queen’s voice could not help but turn slightly colder.


This was their first mission.


For someone as proud as her, it was somewhat difficult to accept this result.


“It’s okay.” Yu Zi Yu waved off his branch, not minding it that much.


He just did not want the Wyvern Egg to fall into Human hands. As for whether it shattered or not, it did not matter to him.


Moreover, he still had another Wyvern Egg with better Innate Talent in his hands.


Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu’s branch also entered the depths of the canopy, taking out another giant black egg covered in intricate patterns. It emanated an ethereal black sheen, with intermittent lightning arcs streaking around it.


This was the Wyvern Egg that was in China’s hands, and it had the best prospects.


[This one is more than enough. As for the other one…]


Staring deeply at the giant egg in the Spirit Pond that already had cracks, Yu Zi Yu was struck with an idea. “Well, let’s use it to help someone else.” 


Yu Zi Yu had not made this statement on a whim. After all, carrying the bloodline of a Tier-3 Transcendent, these Wyvern Eggs were truly invaluable. Even if it could not hatch, if someone ate it, it would provide tremendous benefits. More importantly, it might even allow the Mutant Beast or even Human to obtain the bloodline of the Wyvern.


With these thoughts in mind, Yu Zi Yu started cooking plans.


[Anyway, it’s not the right time to think about it.] Raising his eyes slowly, Yu Zi Yu turned his attention towards the horizon, where Nine Tails, who was one step behind, was flying towards Misty Mountains, dragging a chunk of Spirit Stone Mine.


“Pass it to me!” With a light shout, Yu Zi Yu’s glowing branches, resembling divine chains, shot towards the sky.


The next moment…


Binding the chunk of Fire-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine, Yu Zi Yu fiercely pulled, dragging it towards the Himalayan Mountains.


There was already a small Fire-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine in the Himalayan Mountains.


Now, with the addition of this almost half of medium-sized Fire-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine, the Fire-Attribute Spiritual Energy there would become even more abundant.


From then on, this place could be considered a paradise for the For most Fire-Attribute Mutant Beasts.



Moments later…


*Booom…* Accompanied by fierce tremors, the 70-80-meter-long piece of Spirit Stone Mine fiercely crashed onto a peak of Himalayan Mountains.


Before the ordinary Mutant Beasts could react…


*Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh…*


One after another, black roots surged from the ground, like giant Pythons.


Afterward, in the astonished gaze of many Mutant Beasts, Yu Zi Yu’s roots tied the 70-80 tall section of the Spirit Stone Mine and fiercely dragged into the ground.


At this moment, if someone could see where the Spirit Stone Mine disappeared, they would undoubtedly discover that the ground there was flowing like a river.


The River of Earth – Yu Zi Yu’s ability that could transform the ground into rivers and streams.


Casting it here, the effect was immediate.


After completing all this, Yu Zi Yu finally breathed a sigh of relief.


Then, his gaze turned towards Nine Tails, who was galloping in the air, creating scorching waves of flames, and introduced to the numerous Mutant Beasts, “Your Elder Sister has successfully become a Tier-3 Transcendent…”


Before he could even finish his sentence…


*Grooar, Pffffteee, Roar…*


A series of loud and resonant roars, as if coming from ancient times, resounded through the sky.


Looking up, Sarcosuchus, Titan, and Tundra, along with other Mutant Beasts, could be seen rushing over in disbelief in the distance.


“Elder Sister, did you really break through?” Somewhat in disbelief, White Tiger, who was standing on a peak, spread his wings and flew into the air.


“Of course.” Nodding her confirmation, Nine Tails looked at the excited faces of the Mutant Beasts and no longer concealed her aura.”


The next moment…


*Zap, zap…* She was accompanied by countless red electric arcs streaking in the air as a terrifying aura spread in all directions.


*Boom!* Fearsome gusts blew one after another, causing the countless towering trees in Misty Mountains to bend.


This was a Tier-3 Transcendent.


Their aura was nearly tangible. The moment it surged, it proved to be a tremendous danger to ordinary Tier-2 Transcendents.


Looking closely, not to mention White Tiger, Sarcosuchus, and others, even the terrifying Snake Queen, revealed a look of shock as she looked at the terrifying figure surrounded by deep red flames in the sky.


“She broke through just like that!?” Snake Queen cried in disbelief, her eyes continuously flickering.


As far as she was concerned, Tier-3 was not some distant concept. However, only when one had reached her realm would they understand how difficult it was to break through to Tier-3.


It was not just a matter of accumulating sufficient Spiritual Energy, it was also a matter of one’s foundation.


If one’s foundation was weak and insufficient, let alone breaking through, one’s survival would be at stake, and getting severely injured would be unavoidable.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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