Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 42, Nine Tails


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Yellow Zone was a classification made by the military based on the degree of danger in a particular area. Apart from Yellow Zones, where one should exercise caution, there were also Green Zones and Red Zones. There was also the most terrifying of all, the Forbidden Zones. 


The Green Zones were safe zones.


The Yellow Zones implied a certain level of potential danger than required vigilance.


The Red Zones implied that it was an area with a high level of danger. Usually, it was either dominated by powerful Mutant Beasts, or riddled with crises.


As for Forbidden Zones, its other name was ‘Death Zone’, which alone indicated its horrifying nature.


So far, the Humans had confirmed the existence of three Forbidden Zones. Every one of them was deep, unfathomable, and incredibly terrifying, capturing the attention of the entire world.


The first one was the Bermuda Triangle, which had gained the moniker of ‘Devil’s Triangle’ even before the resurgence of Spiritual Energy.


After the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, the terrifying nature of the Devil’s Triangle had escalated dramatically.


As for how terrifying and dangerous it was specifically…


Inside, the sky was perpetually shrouded in a veil of darkness, resembling a fragment of shattered world. And the chaotic magnetic field had materialized, distorting everything.


Apart from the Bermuda Triangle, there were two other Forbidden Zones. One was the Great Blue Hole, located about 120 kilometers off the coast of Belize, which devours everything like a black hole, and the last one was known as the ‘Deadliest Heaven Lake’, which was located within the federation’s border. 



At this moment, the old man, watching Yan Gao Yuan’s departing figure, suddenly smiled, as if he had thought of something, and asked, “I heard you brought back a little girl this time.”


“Yes, a girl who has awakened Fire-Attribute Elemental Talent.”


His footsteps momentarily paused. A faint smile appeared on Yan Gao Yuan’s lips as he turned around and added, “She’s quite impressive.”


“Haha, it’s rare for you to speak so highly of someone. Give me a chance to meet her.”


“Sure.” Yan Gao Yuan smiled and readily agreed. [If Ling Er could gain his attention, it would be a blessing for her.]



Meanwhile, deep within North Canyon, Yu Zi Yu was still standing quietly, unaware of the conversation between Yan Gao Yuan and the old man. Otherwise, he would have laughed out in disbelief.


Although there was only a difference of one word between Yellow Zone and Red Zone, they carried completely different implications.


The Forbidden Zones were worthy of global attention.


Whereas the Red Zone fell under the scrutiny of every single country. They were constantly monitored, had an army stationed in their vicinity, and were suppressed by the very same army if necessary.


In fact, it was the price paid for designating an area as a Red Zone.


As for Yellow Zones, although they also fell under the nation’s scrutiny, they were considered less significant. After all, there are countless areas designated as Yellow Zones within the federation’s border,


If one were to pick a military map, they would see that aside from the cities, the majority of the regions had been reduced to Yellow Zones.


There was no other option, after all. In this era of Spiritual Energy resurgence, there were too many places that warrant caution. It was not just about the mutant beasts, there were also unknown crises lurking in the forests or jungles.



“It has been several days since they sent anyone. It seems like it’s not going to be a big problem,” Yu Zi Yu muttered, heaving a sigh of relief.


Although he was not afraid of confrontation, he truly disliked engaging in battles of wits and courage with the Humans. 


Shaking his head and clearing his mind, Yan Gao Yuan started thinking about the real issue at hand.


Currently, he was a Tier-1 Transcendent. According to the information he had obtained from Qing Er, his Peak Spiritual Energy should be around 17,000 – 18,000.


Among the mutant beasts he was raising, the strongest one was the Red Fox.


It was originally at Tier-0 Level 4, but after devouring the Giant Golden Eagle, it had successfully advanced to Tier-0 Level 6, with its Peak Spiritual Energy fluctuating around 6,000.


Raising his eyes, Yu Zi Yu looked at the huge Red Fox, that looked like draping a cloak of flames, lying on a giant rock under the moonlight.


However, at this moment, its gaze turned cold, as if it was warning.


And indeed, it was the case.


As his gaze swept around, Mutant Beasts such as Storm Wolves, the Black Wild Buffalo with crescent horns, one by one, slowly lowered their heads.


But right then…


*Growl~* A low growl suddenly echoed in the moonlit night.


The Honey Badger, who had recovered from most of its injuries, was unexpectedly prostrating on the ground. However, it was also aggressively grinding its claws against the ground, baring its fang at the Red Fox.


“Tsk tsk…” Yu Zi Yu could not help but chuckle, knowing that an interesting show was about to unfold.


As he had expected, the next moment…


Under Yu Zi Yu’s gaze filled with anticipation, the Red Fox that was lying on the rock suddenly got up.


*Awooo…* A long howl resounded, giving rise to a gust of wind. A mighty pressure swept toward other Mutant Beasts, like a wave of fire rushing toward them, making many Mutant Beasts retreat several steps.


Right then…


With a swoosh, a streak of red light instantly cut through the night sky.


*Beng!* Accompanied by a tremor, the Mutant Honey Badger was smacked into the ground by the Red Fox’s paw.


“Still so violent.” Looking at the elegant Red Fox trailing its tail like a flame, Yu Zi Yu could not understand why this elegant Red Fox was so violent, always resorting to brute force. However, he did not dislike it.


With a mischievous smile, Yu Zi Yu extended his branch.


The Red Fox, in perfect consort, released the Honey Badger from the clutches of its claws and took a few steps toward Yu Zi Yu’s main body. Then, as usual, it extended its head, allowing Yu Zi Yu’s branch to gently stroke it.


Squinting its eyes, a human-like delight appeared on its face, as if it was truly enjoying it.


“From now on, your name is Nine Tails.”


Yu Zi Yu murmured, granting this extraordinary Red Fox an extraordinary name.


Nine Tails!


The legendary Nine-tailed fox, whose each tail harbored unimaginable power.


It symbolizes strength, and even mystery.


In a certain sense, it was regarded as an auspicious beast.


By giving the Red Fox this name, it was evident how high Yu Zi Yu regarded it.


But it was justified; the Red Fox was exceptionally intelligent.


Moreover, in this era of Spiritual Energy resurgence, with every single thing undergoing evolution, anything was possible. 


[Who could say that this red fox would not advance further? In the future, if it evolved again, it just might become the legendary Nine-Tailed Fox itself. Heck, anything was possible!] 


It was just like Yu Zi Yu, who aspired to become an existence like the Willow Deity.


[Putting aside everything else, it is important to have dreams. Who knows, they just might just come true?]




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