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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 420, Divine Melody! The Horror of Misty Mountains

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“Divine Tree, this body’s Innate Talent is pretty impressive.” As she spoke, the girl took out a musical instrument.


It was a different instrument than Pungi, a bamboo flute.


“Her talent—Voice of All Things, and my ability–Enchantment, have fused perfectly,” expressing her deep admiration, the girl began playing the bamboo flute.


After a while, a long and beautiful melody echoed in the wind.


Listening to this melody, even Yu Zi Yu could not help but squint his eyes.


He felt as the fragrance of flowers on the other side was dancing elegantly, rising and falling, slowly drifting over from a distance, filling his heart.


By the time Yu Zi Yu reacted, 15 minutes had passed.


At this moment, as Yu Zi Yu’s gaze drifted into the forest, he astonishingly discovered that each and every Mutant Beast appeared to be intoxicated. Even the ancient trees in the forest were swaying gently, as if dancing.


“Well!?” In a rare moment of amazement, Yu Zi Yu turned his gaze towards the young girl


After a moment, a series of information flooded into Yu Zi Yu’s mind.


Unique Abilities: Divine Melody – The perfect fusion of Saroli’s Innate Talent–Voice of All Things, and Five-Color Spirit Flower’s Unique Ability–Enchantment has sublimated into a strange power that can influence or even control others through sound.


“HHhmmmm” Yu Zi Yu gave a joyous nod, feeling a bit proud.


[I guess, my insight is pretty good. At least, I have chosen a pretty decent gift for Five-Color Spirit Flower. If properly cultivated, perhaps an expert who can kill with music might emerge in the future?]


Of course, it was Yu Zi Yu’s one-sided desire. Currently, Five-Color Spirit Flower seems to be a little unfamiliar in controlling Saroli.


Not to mention anything else, she was still pretty inexperienced in playing musical instruments.



After a long time, the music finally stopped, before a helpless voice echoed in the air, “Divine Tree, I feel like I need to learn what Humans call music.”


“You can.” Nodding, Yu Zi Yu further promised, “If I get a chance, I’ll bring you a musician.”


Five-Color Spirit Flower grinned upon hearing this, even her voice carrying a touch of joy. “I knew it; Divine Tree understands me best.”


At this point, Five-Color Spirit Flower suddenly paused.


Immediately after, her petals trembled slightly, as if sensing something.


Then, she asked to confirm, “Divine Tree, have the Humans really come?”


Her voice carried a hint of surprise and confusion.


[How can Humans step foot in a forbidden zone like Misty Mountains? What’s more, they don’t appear to be weak at all. Are you kidding me!? When did Humans become so courageous?]


But before Five-Color Spirit Flower could dwell on it further, a deep and thick voice echoed from the dense fog. “Greetings, Divine Tree, I, Benson, have come to keep the appointment. I request to meet you.”


“Greetings, Divine Tree, I, Benson…”


Benson’s voice echoed through most of Misty Mountains.


“You’re here!” Yu Zi Yu chuckled, a bit surprised.


He really had not expected for the boorish Russian to be so decisive.


Nonetheless, a guest was a guest.


More importantly, the Iron Fist Tyrant–Benson seemed to have brought something he desired.


With these thoughts in mind, Yu Zi Yu manipulated the thick fog.



Meanwhile, in the northern part of Misty Mountains…


At the northern side of the Misty Mountains, a black convoy came to a stop, with dozens of people standing silently on the side.


Among them, the renowned expert of Russia, the Iron Fist Tyrant–Benson, was standing respectfully at the forefront.


However, if someone observed carefully, they would notice that even this expert, who had shaken the entire nation and even half the continent, had a look of uneasiness and even anxiety.


“You’re here…” A light laughter suddenly echoed in their ears.


Before Iron Fist Tyrant–Benson could react, the perennial mist of Misty Mountains parted on either side, revealing a path wide enough for a convoy to travel.




After a momentary surprise, Iron Fist Tyrant–Benson took a long deep breath. Then, he waved his right hand and ordered, beckoning to the convoy, “Let’s go.”


With that, he took a step forward, following the road, slowly heading deeper into Misty Mountains.



The Misty Mountains were lush and dense. The bushes and the towering trees on either side made the surroundings dark and humid. Adding more to the dread, the dense mist drifting on both sides seemed to be changing endlessly.


Occasionally, deep and resonant roars, as if coming from ancient times, could be heard.


“Is this the mythical Mist Beast of Misty Mountains?” Peering into the depths of the mist, and spotting a colossal monster formed from mist, Iron Fist Tyrant–Benson’s pupils could not help but constrict, with a trace of vigilance flickering within them.


With his strength, he could naturally see that this Mist Beast was only at Tier-1. However, its indestructibility was what made it truly scary.


Without any specific countermeasures to deal with it, just this Tier-1 Mist Beast would be enough to pin him down for quite some time.


Furthermore, this was just the tip of the iceberg of Misty Mountains.


As they progressed, the road became even darker, with tree roots trailing on either side like railings, extending towards the depths.


*Crunch, crunch…* 


Stepping on a thick layer of fallen leaves, the convoy headed gingerly deep into the Misty Mountains.


Every Russian had large beads of cold sweat dripping down their temples.


The dark and gloomy forest brought nothing but fear. It was like an ancient forest, the oppressive pressure of the Misty Mountains caused everyone’s heart to be gripped by a chill. Even the palms of the drivers holding the steering of the black trucks became cold and sweaty.


Suddenly, a terrifying roar reverberated through the forest.




The entire convoy instantly came to a halt.


Right then, everyone saw a snow-white Leopard leap out from the mist, landing in front of them.


On the back of this Snow Leopard sat a Human girl.


The reason they were certain that she was Human was that Benson had seen her before.


She was none other than Saroli, the genius of the Snake Charmer Branch.


At present, she was holding a bamboo flute and wearing a green dress. She resembled nothing short of an elf.


However, what surprised Benson was that the current Saroli appeared unfamiliar to him. She was unlike her past innocent self. While the current Saroli was also wearing a smile on her lips, she had a profound and unfathomable air to her.


Even someone as experienced and knowledgeable as Benson found it hard to read her at a glance.


“I am the High Priestess under Divine Tree. Just follow right behind me,” her voice, calm and melodious, resonated like divine music but devoid of any emotions.


“High Priestess!?”


Benson and the others were completely baffled.


But by the time they reacted, they found Saroli, riding on the Snow Leopard, already moving slowly towards the deeper parts of Misty Mountains.



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