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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 425, Lightning Refinement

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Wyvern, a species that only exists in legends.


Although not as legendary as the mighty Dragons, the power of the Wyvern in the current era was not to be underestimated.


And now, an egg with the bloodline of Wyvern was placed in front of Sarcosuchus.


*Huuuu…* Sarcosuchus took a long, deep breath. Even someone as indifferent as him failed to conceal the excitement on his face.


“Divine…Tree…” calling out once again, Sarcosuchus raised his head, gazing deeply at the true form of Yu Zi Yu in the heart of Misty Mountain.


The gratitude in his eyes was self-evident.


“You have been guarding Misty Mountain in the absence of Divine Tree all along; this is the reward you deserve,” speaking in an affirmative voice, Bull Demon gave Sarcosuchus an encouraging look.


“En.” Nodding, Sarcosuchus shifted his attention to the Wyvern egg.


After a while, as if having made his mind, he fiercely opened his huge mouth. 


There was no denying the sheer size of his mouth; it was like gaping maws of the abyss. 


One gulp, that was all Sarcosuchus needed to swiftly swallow the giant Wyvern Egg with the height of an average Human.


Nothing apparent happened; everything remained calm as usual.


Staring long at Sarcosuchus, who seemed to be undergoing no apparent change, Bull Demon, the Bull-headed humanoid creature, did not leave. Instead, he chose a small corner, sat down, and pulled out a jug of Spirit Wine from his waist.


Because at this moment, he sensed that Sarcosuchus happened to be undergoing an indescribable and inexplicable transformation.


However, this change was too slow, so much so that Bull Demon could not detect it immediately.


“You just focus on absorbing; I’ll guard you,” Bull Demon advised as he took a sip of Spirit Wine. He had already removed the giant axe from his back and placed it on the ground.




Sarcosuchus did not refuse Bull Demon’s help. Or more accurately, he had absolute trust in Elder Sister–Nine Tails, Second Brother–Bull Demon, Third Brother–White Tiger, and Fifth Brother–Golden Ant. 


As for the other Great Beasts, they had yet not made any place in Sarcosuchus’ heart as they had joined too late.


Time slowly passed.


Compared to the distant dark clouds coming down with thunder and lightning, the area around the Spirit Lake was much calmer. However, if someone with a keen eye for details was here, they would undoubtedly notice that an inexplicable pressure was beginning to fill the entire Spirit Lake.


It was not a pressure caused by one’s strength, it was pressure released by one’s bloodline. It felt like encountering the fiercest hunter at the top of the food chain, inducing trembling fear and trepidation.


“Huhl!?” In doubt, the Tyrannotitan-Titan, who was sitting on another mountain peak, suddenly had a change in his expression. Because at this moment, he actually sensed an unfamiliar breath waking up, as if gestating, yet filled with a deathly cold sensation.


“Fourth Brother!?” A bit perplexed, Titan promptly sprang into action. He looked towards the distance, where the Mammoth–Tundra, who wore an equally puzzled expression, was located.


“Let’s go, take a look.”


Calling out each other, both Titan and Tundra started rushing towards Spirit Lake in large strides.


Not only them, but other Mutant Beasts including White Tiger, Flathead, and even Golden Monkey vaguely sensed an intimidating pressure rising from a corner of Misty Mountains.


*Roooaar…* A Tiger’s roar tore through the night sky as White Tiger spread his wings and flew into the air.


*Crackle* Like a bolt of lightning falling from the sky, Flathead shot straight towards the Spirit Pond from the peak he was residing..


“He succeeded!?” Nine Tails, who was guarding Yu Zi Yu, smiled as a look of gratification appeared on her face.


However, right at that very moment, she seemed to have noticed something and suddenly shifted her gaze.


The next moment, a giant black egg, the height of an average Human, trembling continuously deep within the Spirit Pond caught her eyes.


Faintly, she could hear immature roars resembling a Dragon’s roar coming from it.


“Huh!?” Nine Tails was a bit confused.


“Domain.” Seemingly aware of Nine Tails’ confusion, a golden figure slowly walked out from behind a large tree. Looking up, it turned out to be the elusive Golden Monkey.


“It is said that the Dragons of the West have always been domineering. They all have their own ‘Absolute Domain.’ Within their Domain, they do not allow any members of their kin to appear, even close relatives are no exception. Now, this unborn Wyvern has taken Misty Mountains as its own Domain. Now, sensing the breath of its kin, it’s naturally roaring as if warning.”


Listening to Golden Monkey’s analysis, Nine Tails raised her eyebrows slightly. 


[Wow, this unborn child already has such a domineering attitude without even being hatched…]


Nine Tails admired, “It seems that our Little Brother is quite amazing.”


This statement was not something casually made by Nine Tails. It had not yet hatched, yet its roar could already create ripples in space. Such outstanding talent was truly praiseworthy.


“How can he not be powerful?” Suddenly, a familiar voice came from a distance.


“This is the Tenth Great Beasts picked by Divine Tree, the Number 0 the Great Beasts of Misty Mountains that’s not known to anyone.”


Following the voice, Nine Tails and Golden Monkey discovered a girl in green dress, carrying a Five-Color Spirit Flower, that seemed to be the epitome of beauty, on her shoulder, slowly walking towards them.


They were none other than the Five-Color Spirit Flower and her vessel which helps her walk in Misty Mountains, Saroli.


“The tenth Great Beast?” Smiling, Nine Tails took a deep look at the Wyvern Egg lying in the depths of the Spirit Pond.


[I had no idea. But it seems, Master highly values this little one.]


Yu Zi Yu had long decided to limit Great Beasts to nine, yet he had made an exception for him.


At this moment, a glowing chain with lightning streaking around it suddenly fell from the sky.


*Whoosh…* Like a gentle breeze, the divine chain-like Willow Branch gently caressed the Wyvern Egg.


*Raaoaaar, Roooaaar, Rooooaaaar…* A series of Dragon’s roars echoed, but they were getting increasingly weaker and weaker, like a little kid complaining his grievance.


No words, or anything else.


All there was, was this Willow Branch extending from the depths of the dark clouds, overflowing with blue essence, continuously infusing it into the Wyvern egg.


At the same time, the aura of the Wyvern egg suddenly surged, even the dense black electric arcs streaking around it also intensified by several times.


Lightning Refinement—Drawing the lightning from nature and then refining it into purest energy, Yu Zi Yu was bestowing it upon the Young Wyvern – to refine its bloodline.



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