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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 426, Rock Dragon Bloodline

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“How envious,” the Five-Color Spirit Flower voiced everyone’s thoughts, watching the purest Lightning Energy being infused into the Wyvern Egg by the Willow Branch stretching from the depths of the dark clouds.


This was nothing short of Heaven’s blessing.


Unfortunately, none of the Mutant Beast present was of Lightning-Attribute.


*Haaaa…* Sighing, Golden Monkey suppressed the envy in his heart and reminded, “The breakthrough of Divine Tree is extremely crucial. It’s likely to have a serious effect on the future situation. So, everyone, please pay close attention to every single detail.”


“That’s natural,” Nine Tails, Five-Color Spirit Flower, and others responded with a nod, one after another. They would have done it anyway, that went without saying.


However, now that the mysterious Golden Monkey had given them a reminder, they would naturally pay even more attention.



At this moment, in the Spirit Lake of Misty Mountains.


*Roooaar…* A roar echoed through the sky. However, what was astonishing about this roar was that it bore some resemblance with a Dragon’s roar, and also carried an inexplicable majesty.


Looking up, a colossal beast, the size of a huge mountain, could be seen slowly lifting its body. At first glance, this colossal beast seemed to have no significant differences from the previous Sarcosuchus. However, a closer inspection would reveal that this colossal beast possessed a longer body and a broader chest.


The most outstanding feature was the front limbs of Sarcosuchus. They were no longer short and stout as before, but resembled Dragon claws, giving of an inexplicable sharpness and fierceness. They gave the impression that they could tear everything apart at a moment’s notice.


Moreover, the color of Sarcosuchus’ hide began to change. The previously earthy-brown had become even more refined, and also exuded a sense of the earth’s heaviness.


Dense and solid patterns had appeared on the surface of its body. These patterns were intricate and complex, and gave off a sense of elegance and mystery.


*Roooaar…* Raising his head, Sarcosuchus gave out another Dragon-like roar that resounded through the sky.


Immediately afterward, much to the shock and amazement of numerous Mutant Beasts, a tremendous amount of energy started gathering in his mouth.


“Dragon’s Breath…” Bull Demon cried in surprise. Even someone as experienced as him could not help but have his expression change.


However, the very next moment…




Like belching after a meal, Sarcosuchus abruptly closed his mouth.


“Did I scare you?” In a rare moment of banter, Sarcosuchus looked towards the surrounding Mutant Beasts.


However, at this moment, as if discovering something, a surprised cry suddenly echoed from the crowd of Mutant Beasts, “Fourth Brother, your eyes…”


“What’s wrong with my eyes?” Taken aback, Sarcosuchus looked towards the Spirit Lake.


The next moment, a pair of huge golden vertical pupils entered his sight.


“Dragon Eyes…” Sarcosuchus was a bit puzzled, but was not too surprised. Simply because, somehow, he had received some of the Dragon Clan’s inheritance.


Although it was meager, it was the genuine inheritance of the Dragon Clan.


Thinking of this, Sarcosuchus could not help but recall that scene.


In that scene, he saw a pitch-black, steep wall of rock, and a pair of light golden vertical pupils embedded on it.


However, after taking a closer look at the wall, he could not help but notice that the wall appeared to outline the shape of a head.


And those giant light golden vertical pupils were its eyes.


“We’re… the ruler of the earth… We’re… the Rock Dragon King… We’re at the end of the era…one of the last remaining hopes of the Dragon Clan…” The vast voice echoed in the pitch-black world. 


Before Sarcosuchus could react, the voice continued, “Take it… my blood… Take it… everything of mine… The glory of our Dragon race… shall remain forever…”


*Haaaa…* Sarcosuchus’ consciousness returned once again, and he heaved a deep breath.


Whether it was an illusion or not, he felt that the owner of that voice seemed much more terrifying than his Master—the Divine Tree.


“Bearing the continent, nurturing all things… Rock Dragon Supreme…” subconsciously, Sarcosuchus could not help but murmur these words, which seemed to be engraved deep in his Soul.


However, just as Sarcosuchus spoke this sentence, his colossal body, resembling a huge mountain, suddenly trembled. At the same time, much to the astonishment of countless Mutant Beasts, the scales on Sarcosuchus’ body began to change rapidly.


In just a moment, his scales seemed to have gained a metallic texture, shimmering with a faint shine. Meanwhile, the part of his hide that was devoid of scales had become as hard as granite.


At a glance, the current Sarcosuchus even looked like a giant statue coming to life.


However, the fierce light emanating in his light golden Eyes made him look particularly terrifying.


Not to mention other Mutant Beasts, even Bull Demon could not help but be struck with a sense of danger when looking at the Sarcosuchus’ eyes. A sense of threat that only a peer of the same level would give.


He even felt that the current Sarcosuchus was even more terrifying than Snake Queen, who was of the same level.


However, not long after…


*Huuuu Pheeew…* Sarcosuchus broke into rapid and heavy breaths as beads of sweat appeared on his face.


“This ability consumes too much of my stamina,” concluding in a somewhat helpless tone, Sarcosuchus returned to his previous Crocodile Form.


“Tsk, tsk, you obtained such a formidable ability, and you’re still complaining?” Bull Demon muttered in a rare sarcastic tone.


“It may be formidable, but it can’t be sustained for long.” Sarcosuchus sighed, but his voice had a rare touch of satisfaction.


Apparently, this ability was also a pleasant surprise for him.


Dragonization—You can briefly transform into the legendary Rock Dragon. The stronger you are, the more thorough the Dragon transformation. Until one day, you can choose to make it permanent, and completely transform into the legendary Rock Dragon Form.


This was another extremely terrifying ability. It could even be said that this was not just an ability but an Innate Talent unique to Sarcosuchus.


Now, he had two forms.


One was the Sarcosuchus Form: as a prehistoric giant Crocodile with the bloodline of a Wyvern, Sarcosuchus’ instantaneous outburst of strength, for which he was already known as the Flesh Dragon, had received another upgrade.


And it was not just any upgrade.


Sarcosuchus possessed another fearsome ability, the Bloodthirsty Tyrant.


Bloodthirsty Tyrant—a formidable ability which grants Sarcosuchus an exponential increase in speed and strength as it grows more furious and its injuries worsened, until its body was dyed crimson. At which, Sarcosuchus will go on a rampage, experiencing comprehensive growth in all aspects of its body. Even its self-healing ability will be enhanced.


The combination of these two were enough to almost call the current Sarcosuchus the King of Close Combat.


However, this was just one of the forms of Sarcosuchus. When he recited the words seemingly engraved deep in his soul, he could trigger Dragonization, transforming into the legendary Rock Dragon.


Although Sarcosuchus, after Dragonization, still did not quite resemble the legendary Rock Dragon due to his limited strength, and even looked completely different, Sarcosuchus’ combat power was further strengthened.


Unfortunately, this ability consumed too much stamina. Moreover, Sarcosuchus was yet to familiarize himself with the fighting style of his Rock Dragon Form.


The Rock Dragon was not adept at offense. However, Sarcosuchus liked close-combat and preferred to fight by putting his life on the line.


In order to seamlessly control that form, Sarcosuchus would need a considerable amount of time to familiarize himself with it.


However, it was still acceptable. At least, compared to an ordinary Wyvern, the current Sarcosuchus with Wyvern bloodline was already on the path to grow into a Dragon.


Moreover, this Dragon was not a Darkness-Attribute Dragon. It was another type, a Rock Dragon.


This was because Sarcosuchus originally had the potential to transform into a Rock Dragon. And, under the stimulation of the Wyvern bloodline, he had taken this path ahead of time.


No one knew about this. However, everyone was certain about one thing: the colossal beast lurking in the deepest part of Misty Mountains had truly grown.



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