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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 428, Innate Willow Leaf

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“She is Sister Qing Er, the most mysterious Eldest Sister of Misty Mountains. She has always been most trusted by Master. She is like Master’s right-hand,” responding to Snake Queen, Little White, the White Flood Dragon, noticed the surprised expression on the Snake Queen’s face and continued to explain, “However, Sister Qing Er’s whereabouts have always been extremely mysterious. Even in Misty Mountains, there are very few who know.”


“Ah…” Snake Queen was slightly taken aback as she got her answer.


But after a moment, as if noticing something, Snake Queen asked in astonishment, “Is Sister Qing Er a Human?”


“No.” Shaking her head, Little White frankly replied, “Sister Qing Er’s true form has always been a secret. But one thing is certain: Sister Qing Er is definitely not Human.”


“Okay.” After a short silence, the Snake Queen fell into a brief contemplation, gazing at the slowly walking girl in the distance.


[She is not even Human despite the strong Human aura radiating from her? How inconceivable!]


Meanwhile, Ling Er paid no heed to the expressions of the numerous Mutant Beasts. Her entire focus was on the giant tree before her, approaching it with light footsteps.


As she slowly raised her gaze, she beheld a towering tree surging with a lightning-blue color, with lightning streaking all around it.


*Crackle, crackle…* Amid crackling sounds, resembling a cacophony of thousands of birds’ chirps, the entire North Canyon was filled with lightning and thunder.


“You’re immersed in deep cultivation!?” Feeling helpless, a sigh escaped Ling Er’s lips. She rarely got the chance to come back, and now, when she did, she could not even talk to her Master. It was a bit of a pity.


However, upon further thought, Ling Er’s lips curled up slightly.


[Compared to chatting with me, Master’s cultivation is more important.] Thinking of this, Ling Er took out a dazzling blue crystal from her bosom. 


This blue crystal immediately attracted the attention of all the Mutant Beasts. Because, the very moment it appeared, it instantly drew thousands of lightning arcs in the air, even increasing the number of lightning bolts falling from the sky.


For a moment, crackling lightning arcs filled the area of several kilometers.


“This is the essence of Spirit Stones, a treasure discovered by Humans by chance after completely mining out a Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine. It is said to be the agglomeration of a tremendous amount of Lightning Spirit Energy, far surpassing the amount in the Spirit Stones. What’s more amazing is that it can absorb Lightning Elements from the air to replenish itself…”


While introducing the blue crystal, Ling Er slowly approached Yu Zi Yu’s tree body and placed the piece of Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stone Essence on a branch.


The next moment, as if sensing it, Yu Zi Yu’s tree body trembled slightly.


Immediately afterward, under Ling Er’s delighted gaze, this small piece of Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stone Essence gradually merged into Yu Zi Yu’s tree body.


“Thankfully, it’s useful.” Ling Er heaved a sigh of relief.


The moment she knew that Yu Zi Yu was planning to look for Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stones and Spirit Treasures, she was clear about his intentions. For this, she even risked exposing herself and stole this piece of Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stone Essence from one of the top ten new cities—Lightning Emperor City.


Of course, it was not without the price. Her stunt resulted in heavy casualties among the Otherkins, who were personally nurtured by her.


Even now, the Otherkins were still being hunted down by Lightning Emperor City.


However, their deaths did not even come close to the importance of her Master’s breakthrough. For her Master’s breakthrough, Ling Er would not even bat an eye even if she had to sacrifice all the Otherkins.


This was Ling Er, the one Yu Zi Yu trusted the most.



Ling Er did not stay for long, time did not permit it.


*Haaaa…* Taking a deep breath, Ling Er looked at Nine Tails, Brewmaster, and others beside her, and exhorted, “Master’s breakthrough is of great importance. Remember to protect him well.”


“Yes, Eldest Sister,” everyone responded in unison, even the lazy Brewmaster showed a serious expression.


“En.” Satisfied, Ling Er nodded her acknowledgement.


Having watched them grow, she had firm belief in them.


However, just at this moment, as if remembering something, Ling Er’s gaze shifted to a large tree.


Surprisingly, in the direction of her gaze, there was a figure leaning against the tree, cloaked in a black robe and appearing somewhat lazy.


Upon closer inspection, one could notice a cold gleam flickering every now and then within the young man’s eyes.


It was none other than Leng Feng, the Human with the Innate Talent – Dark Shadow. He was the Leader of one of the major Clans of Misty Mountains, the Rat Clan.


Not only the Rat Clan, but the other major Clans also had a favorable impression of him.


Just because Leng Feng was very good at taking care of young beasts and cultivating Spirit Pants. Even the production of the Macaque Clan’s Monkey Wine had greatly increased under his guidance.



Looking at this young man in the distance, a rare smile appeared on Ling Er’s face.


Then, her lips moved slightly.


“I’ve brought your sister back,” a faint voice echoed in Leng Feng’s mind, causing his expression to suddenly change.


Immediately after, as if finally comprehending what she said, a look of disbelief blanked his face.


“What!? What did you say?” asking in an excited voice, Leng Feng took a brisk step, rushing towards Ling Er.


However, before he could get close, Ling Er waved her hand.


*Boom…* A fearsome gust of wind blew towards Leng Feng, sending him flying backwards.


And right at that very moment, Ling Er’s voice echoed in Leng Feng’s ears again, “Go back to your bamboo forest and take a look.”


Giving the advice, Ling Er turned around and started walking towards the outside of Misty Mountains.


She had limited time. There were probably many people watching her outside Misty Mountains. For this reason, she could not stay for too long.


However, shortly after Ling Er left, unnoticed by anyone, a Willow Leaf rose from deep within Yu Zi Yu’s tree body.


This Willow Leaf was exceptionally transparent. At a glance, one could see a green radiance flowing within the crystal-clear leaf .


Innate Willow Leaves—The three most terrifying Willow Leaves that Yu Zi Yu had refined. They were capable of taking someone’s life from thousands of miles away when infused with Spiritual Energy.


They were truly life-reaping leaves.


They were also one of Yu Zi Yu’s biggest trump cards.


And now, one of these Willow Leaves surprisingly pointed towards a direction before shooting straight towards Ling Er.


Moments later, amidst Ling Er’s astonished gaze, a Willow Leaf arrived in front of her, swirling before her in a lively manner.


“Master…” calling softly, Ling Er turned around and deeply looked at the towering Willow Tree.


At this moment, as if sensing her, the patterns on this Willow Leaf began to slowly undulate.


After a moment, two lines of small characters emerged.


“Take care of yourself. If you’re in danger, use this Willow Leaf immediately.”



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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