Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 43, Bull__Demon!! Engraving Words


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Smiling mischievously, Yu Zi Yu’s worries disappeared a little, and he regained some of his original vigor.


His gaze then shifted toward the nearby black Wild Buffalo with crescent-shaped horns.


[This fellow has decent talent; he deserves a name.] Thinking so, Yu Zi Yu sunk into deep thoughts. 


He pondered for a while, but failed to make up his mind.


He wanted to give this Wild Buffalo a name no less impressive than ‘Nine Tails,’ but after much consideration, he could not find a suitable one.


[How about I call him Bull Demon King?]


After hesitating, Yu Zi Yu thought of a very famous monster. But then, he thought it sounded a bit strange.


[Hmmm… let’s drop the ‘King’ part and simply call him Bull Demon.] After a moment of contemplation, Yu Zi Yu reached a decision.


Bull Demon…


The name not only reflected his expectations for it, but also sounded much better than ‘Bull Demon King.’ At least, it did not feel awkward.


Having made a decision, Yu Zi Yu beckoned with his branch, called the Wild Buffalo over.


*Mooo…* Mooing, the black Wild Buffalo shook its head, approaching Yu Zi Yu.


“Allow me to engrave two words for you.”


With his mischief triggered, Yu Zi Yu transformed his branch into a sword and lightly carved on the Wild Buffalo’s crescent horns.


Stroke by stroke, words radiating strength and vigor were carved on the horns.


It had been a while since Yu Zi Yu had written anything, and it felt a bit challenging. Be that as it may, it did not affect the beauty of the characters.


Looking up, the tips of the black Wild Buffalo’s crescent horns now bore two beautiful and powerful words.


‘Bull’ and ‘Demon’ (牛魔).


Written in traditional Chinese script. At first glance, they exuded an indescribable aura.


“It looks quite good.”


Looking at the words carved on the horns, Yu Zi Yu smiled, satisfied with the result.


[In the future, if Humans were to discover the character on its horns, their minds would definitely conjure many unrealistic associations.] With this expectation in mind, Yu Zi Yu considered leaving his mark on other Mutant Beasts.


However, after sweeping a glance at everyone, he realized that apart from the black Wild Buffalo, there were only a few other Mutant Beasts that were convenient for engravings.


Although he could engrave on Nine Tails’s claws, they would not be that noticeable, making it difficult to fulfill Yu Zi Yu’s mischievous prank.


[Could this be considered a small revenge against Humans?] Contemplating, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze returned to the Buffalo’s horns, feeling content with his masterpiece.


After those humans had frightened him for days, it would be unjustifiable not to have a little revenge.


And it was not that difficult to understand why the carving on the Buffalo’s horn could be used as a means of revenge.


In the future, when this black Wild Buffalo possessed extraordinary power, Yu Zi Yu would send him out for a stroll.


At that time, Humans would discover the characters on its horns. Not to mention that it would be frightening, but certainly would not be able to avoid speculations. Perhaps they would guess that the Mutant Beasts were learning Human culture. Or maybe they would think that this Mutant Beast was the pet of a certain powerful Human.


Regardless of the speculations, it would undoubtedly give them a headache.


After all, Humans were always highly suspicious!



The white mist enveloping the dense forest was like a living, breathing entity, spreading along the ground in a peculiar way.


From a distance, it appeared as if a massive mist creature was devouring everything.


And in the forest filled with mist…


*Swish!* A red streak of like was heading straight into the distance like an arrow.


Shortly afterward, the streak of light paused for a moment, as if it had discovered something, but then changed its direction and started shooting toward another side.


A short while later, a lake appeared in its sight.


The lake was not large, but it was extremely clear. Especially with the ethereal mist gently drifting above the lake, like a thin veil, adding a touch of mystery.


At this moment, the red streak of light, which had now arrived at the lakeside, gradually revealed its form.


It was the size of a calf, with deep red and vibrant fur. It had a tail, like a deep red flame, hanging loosely and gently brushing the ground.


Nine Tails!


The most terrifying Mutant Beast under Yu Zi Yu’s command.


Given its strength, it could easily rule a part of the forest.


And now, this overlord-level Nine Tails was standing at the nearby stone bank, its fiery eyes fixed on the edge of the lake, where a porcupine happened to be drinking water.


It licked its lips, exuding a hint of allure.


Suddenly, Nine Tails’ body moved. Its soft fur danced along the wind as it instantly transformed into a red streak of light.




There was no wailing or screaming.


There was only the sound of the drinking porcupine’s head heavily smacked into the edge of the lake by a claw that had appeared out of nowhere.




The water was splashed 10 meters high into the air.


However, just as the splash of water was about to reach Nine Tails, soaking its fur, its pupils suddenly shrank as its magnificent flame-like eyes surged with brilliance.


Time seemed to have frozen as a cracking sound resounded.


The splashing water seemed to have frozen in mid-air.


Taking advantage of this frozen moment, Nine Tails effortlessly bit the huge porcupine and rushed deep into the mountains.


Its speed was even faster than before.



After a short while, at the entrance of the canyon, Nine Tails slightly slowed down.


It lifted its head, as if it did not want the porcupine to touch the ground


However, there was no denying that the elegant and symmetrical Nine Tails, even when walking with a prey as large as itself in its mouth, was exuding an indescribable elegance. It was as if it was the embodiment of nobility.


At this moment, Nine Tails’ two beautiful erect ears slightly twitched, as if it had discovered something.


Looking to the side, Nine Tails spotted several unusually large green wolves in the dense forest, approaching the canyon, carrying their prey in their mouth.


“Tsk tsk, everyone’s back!” Deep within the canyon, Yu Zi Yu, who witnessed this scene, could not help but laugh. As carnivores, both Nine Tails and the Storm Wolves were not like Bull Demon, the Wild Buffalo, who could satisfy its hunger by eating grass. Hunting wild beasts was necessary for them.


Considering this, Yu Zi Yu secretly hinted these guys to bring back their prey and eat here.


As for why, it did not need much explanation.


The next moment…


*Swish Swish Swish* With a thought, Yu Zi Yu’s branches pierced through the air, instantly transforming into five shooting swords.




Before they could react, the prey in the mouth of four Storm Wolves and Nine Tails, that were hanging by a breath, all met their demise.


<Ding! You killed Tier-0 Level 2 Mutant Porcupine, Evolution Points +20.>


<Ding! You killed Tier-0 Level 1 Mutant Rabbit, Evolution Points +10.>



A series of crisp and electronic system notifications echoed in Yu Zi Yu’s ears, music to his ears, making him smile.




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