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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 431, Emerging Forces

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Translator:  Ashish

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“Humans are truly strange. They are clearly afraid of our Misty Mountains, yet they keep coming, again and again.”


Silently watching the Humans outside Misty Mountains, White Tiger hidden in the deep fog could not help but sigh.


“This is how Humans are!” Thorns, sitting on White Tiger, smiled, playing with the Blood Vine in her hand with great interest.


However, after a moment, something seemed to have clicked the blood-haired girl. She suddenly raised her head and looked towards the center of the altar, where stood a figure in a green dress, carrying a beautiful and mesmerizing Five-Color Spirit Flower on her shoulder, and took the initiative to ask, “What’s next?


“So many Humans have come, are we going to let them all in?”


Upon hearing Thorns’ question, the Five-Color Spirit Flower chuckled as she replied, “How is that possible? The offering at the altar is the most sacred ceremony of our Misty Mountains.”


Speaking this, the Five-Color Spirit Flower briefly paused before adding further, “As our Misty Mountains’ most sacred ceremony, it naturally has many rules.


For example, only Tier-2 Transcendents can approach the altar. Or like, the resources brought must be satisfactory to us…”


As her words fell, leaves with countless small characters slowly floated into Thorns’ hands.


“Tsk tsk, so many rules…” Going through the rules on the leaves, Thorns’ eyes could not help but flicker incessantly.


[Rather than rules, it’s more accurate to say that we’re choosing the right people and resources. But, even if some Humans have realized this, they would still come just to get their hands on a treasure like Life Essence. After all, strength is the most important of all, and Divine Tree has long understood this. Using Eldest Sister’s methods and the exaggerated advertising effect of Iron Fist Tyrant, the efficacy of the ‘Life Essence’ has been severely exaggerated, attracting countless Human experts. Overwhelmed by our Misty Mountains’ strength, these Humans have no choice but to follow the rules of Misty Mountains. This is exactly what Divine Tree expects. Unfortunately, Master is in seclusion; so he can’t see this.]



At this moment, Saroli, who was standing calmly at the center of the altar suddenly lifted her footsteps, “I’ll go and lead a suitable person.”


“Suitable?” White Tiger was slightly taken aback, and a bit puzzled too.


After a moment, tilting his head sideways, White Tiger looked at Thorns and asked, “Sixth Sister, what does she mean by a suitable person?”


“Well…” After thinking for a moment, Thorns finally gave a simple answer, “It’s someone who is about to break through. Such people, stimulated by Life Essence, can quickly break through and further enhance the reputation of Life Essence.”


“They must also possess ambition. Such individuals need to be unwilling to be under anyone. Since they chose to come to Misty Mountains, they must also harbor the desire to proclaim themselves as rulers, just like Benso, the Iron Fist Tyrant. Selfish enough as well. Only those who live for themselves will not consider righteousness between monsters like us and Humans.”


At this point, Thorns’ pupils also shrank and became focused as she affirmed with a hint of caution, “However, such individuals are the most likely to become truly powerful and terrifying existences.”


“Uh…” Momentarily stunned, White Tiger was a bit confused. He clearly failed to understand.


But Thorns just smiled at this.


This was already within her expectations. She knew that her Third Brother was good at everything, but was simple minded. In the face of a complex race like Humans, he would be half a beat slower if he did not kill them on sight, much less have a battle of brains with them.


But just at that moment, as if sensing something, Thorns’ face suddenly changed ever so slightly.


Upon careful listening, she heard an extremely sharp cry coming from the horizon.


“Elder Sister is calling us, let’s go back first.”


“Very well,” with a loud shout, White Tiger flapped his wings and rushed towards the depths of Misty Mountains, creating a huge storm.


As for these Humans, with the Five-Color Spirit Flower and the Sarcosuchus guarding the periphery, they could not stir up anything.



Shortly after this, in the depths of Misty Mountains, in North Canyon…


Mutant Beasts all around the canyon were gazing silently at the figure under Yu Zi Yu’s towering tree body–a Red Fox with four tails swaying like flames.


“Elder Sister, what happened? Why did you summon us?” Bull Demon, the most mature and calmest of all, stepped out first and asked.


“I’ll let Fal I explain everything,” saying so, Nine Tails’ gaze turned to the sky at the fist-sized Peregrine Falcon.


*Screech…* With a cry, the oldest of the Peregrine Falcons landed on the treetop of a large tree. Then, after looking around, Fal I finally started speaking, “On this continent, there are various other forces of Mutant Beasts besides our Misty Mountains. While their strength may vary, each and every force more or less rules over a territory.”


Just as Fal I finished speaking, White Tiger’s surprised voice suddenly echoed in the air, “Uh, is this for real? Why have I not heard of these forces at all.”


Giving White Tiger a blank look, Fal I helplessly continued, “Third Brother, you’ve never even stepped out of Misty Mountains. How could you have heard of them?”


At this point, Fal I’s gaze also turned to the figure in the corner, a figure with the upper body of Human and the lower body of a snake.


After a moment, as if sensing Fal I’s gaze, Snake Queen also affirmed with a nod, “He is right. Our Misty Mountains is not the only force among Mutant Beasts. There are many forces that imitate Misty Mountains, or to be more accurate, forces similar to Misty Mountains. For example, in the depths of the Western Desert, the Lord of the Desert, whom Divine Tree had a brief encounter with, is the leader of one such force. The vast desert is under his rule, and although there are not many powerful entities under him, they are not to be underestimated.” 


“There is also the Fox Clan, named Green Hill. This Fox Clan has the Black and White Foxes, who are quite cunning…” Speaking of this, Snake Queen was astonished to find that the Mutant Beasts were all looking at her with curiosity.


“Continue talking,” an somewhat excited White Tiger prompted. He really had no idea about these things. He was hearing about them for the first time, and it truly piqued his curious heart.


At this moment, the nearby Bull Demon also smiled and stated, “Snake Queen, please enlighten us. Although I know a few forces, I really do not know as much as you do.”


“Alright,” after a moment of silence, Snake Queen also agreed.


Then, after thinking for a while, she organized her words again, “If I’m not mistaken, there is the Crow Clan near the North Sea. They are the rulers of the sky, commanding numerous Mutants Raptors. Even Humans are very afraid of this force. As for the Great Prairie, there’s no need to say much. The Wolf Clan has a notorious reputation, with their leader, Sirius, and Gorewolf. Even I am wary of them. In the depths of the Arctic Region… there are rumors of the ‘Four Kings of Arctic’… I do not know if it’s true or false though.”



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