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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 435, Zang Feng! Dark Council

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“Declare war…” A very unfamiliar and frightening term, nonetheless, it had its reasons for doing so. It had spared no efforts to unite the forces of the seas and guide the seven clans in advance, which ultimately led to its life coming to an end.


Moreover, the most helpless part was that while leading the Sea Beast Clan among the Seven Sea Clans, some unexpected error had occurred, which resulted in devolution.


A rather pitiful form of evolution.


Even though the Patriarch of the Sea Beast Clan had terrifying combat power, his intelligence was pitifully low. In other words, the entire Sea Beast Clan had turned into primitive creatures with low intelligence and a brutal nature, that lived by preying on other species.


However, primitive as they were, their potential had been tapped.


Their fearsome size, coupled with their inherently brutal nature, endowed their clan with formidable combat power.


Considering their formidable combat power, the Sage of the Sea Clan, after much deliberation, chose to keep them.


Now, like a pet, the Patriarch of the Sea Beast Clan was kept by the Sage’s side. 


As for the other clans, although their population was extremely sparse, they had become a force to reckon with.


Moreover, most of the Mutant Sea Creatures were intrepid and strong. It believed that the strength of the seven Patriarchs would be enough to lead the rest!


In other words, it was time to launch a war.


“Next time, after I open my eyes again, this world will completely belong to the ocean,” muttering in its heart, the Sea Prophet, also known as the ‘Wise One,’ a Mutant Blue Whale, slowly closed its eyes and chose the enter final hibernation.


It was exhausted, so exhausted that it did not want to open its eyes.


At this moment, looking at the slowly sinking figure into the depths of the ocean, the six figures around the pillar of light all nodded slightly.


“Make the final preparations,” saying this, a figure holding a chain led Patriarch of the Sea Beast Clan towards a certain direction.


“Yes,” with a rare touch of respect, the rest of the figures slightly nodded their acknowledgment.


However, what no one knew was…


After the return of these seven Sea Kings to their respective sea areas, a war that would affect the entire world was about to erupt.



And at the same moment, in a corner of China…


“Are you sure you want to join the Dark Council?” a young man, with long silver hair and pale skin, asked once again, the corner of lips drawing a curve.


“Yes,” repeatedly nodded a cold-faced young man with sharp features.


Had there been a Chinese Superhuman here, he or she would have definitely gasped in shock. Because this young man was actually an extremely notorious wanted criminal in China, Zang Feng.


In the past, with a sword in hand, he had massacred an entire clan, solely for revenge. Whatever may be the reason, murder was a crime, especially such a widespread massacre. For this reason, China had no choice but to send people to apprehend him.


However, surprisingly, Zang Feng, initially an insignificant Tier-0 human, gradually grew stronger through the pursuit, engaging in fights and killings time and time again.


And now, he has become a Tier-2 Superhuman.


His legendary experiences had been much praised by numerous denizens of the darkness, to the extent that there was a sudden rise in criminals in China.


Now, this remarkably talented individual actually chose to bow his head and voluntarily join the Dark Council.


“Alright.” Nodding, the corner of Vampire–Kerry’s lips curled into a grin. Then, he immediately added, “You can only join the Dark Council by undergoing the experiment. After you’ve truly joined the Dark Council, I promise to grant you a drop of Life Essence as agreed.”


Upon hearing this, Zang Feng heaved a heavy sigh.


Joining a force was inconsequential for him, the Life Essence, on the other hand, was critical to the life and death of his close friend.


For this reason, he had no other choice.


Moreover, after being on the run for so long, he indeed wanted to find a place to settle down. The Dark Council, which was rising among the forces of darkness, does truly seem like a decent choice.


Others may not have an idea, but how could someone like him, who had long wandered in darkness, not?


The Dark Council was not a simple organization. The mystery surrounding it endowed this organization with too many unknowns.


Rumor had it that this organization’s influence extended far and wide, capable of swaying the opinions of certain important figures.


And this was just one aspect.


What was most terrifying was that this organization wielded such immense power that it held the Life Essence coveted by countless individuals in its grasp.


Life Essence was an indescribably precious treasure, coveted not only by Second Order Tier-2 Superhumans but also by Third Order and the terrifying beings known as the ‘Apex Superhumans.’


It stood as a testament to how precious this Life Essence was. And now, by simply joining the Dark Council and undergoing the experiment, he could obtain such precious treasure.


*Haaaa…* Zang Feng took a long, deep breath, also feeling a bit excited.


Even though he knew the experiment was extremely dangerous, he did not hesitate, because he had tread through mountains of corpses and seas of blood.


For him, it was just another trip, nothing more, nothing less.


With this in mind, Zang Feng slowly raised his gaze and looked in a certain direction.


There, several figures dressed in white lab coats were waiting silently.



Not long after, watching Zang Feng’s back as he entered the laboratory, a seductive figure with curves in all the right places slowly emerged from the darkness.


However, what was surprising about this figure was she happened to have cat-like ears and two purple tails attached behind it.


Nekomata, one of the few Tier-2 Otherkins. She was also the Otherkin in charge of the modification.


“This is the first time we’re modifying a Tier-2 Superhuman, isn’t it?”


“Are you confident?” Smiling, the Vampire Kerry took a sip from a wine glass, tinged with red.


“What do you think?” With a playful smile, Nekomata played with the two daggers in her hands.


After a moment, as if remembering something, Nekomata reminded, “We’re modifying Zang Feng’s blood and cells with the highest-level gene that we Otherkins, or rather, the Dark Council can obtain. The chances of succeeding are extremely high. But, I don’t know if he can suppress the beastly nature after the modification. It would be really regrettable if he fails to do so.”


Upon hearing this, Kerry smiled and frankly stated, “After reaching his current level, if this guy can’t do it, then there aren’t many people who can.”


“That’s true,” Nekomata agreed with a nod, also acknowledging this.


After all, Zang Feng’s experiences were considered legendary among the denizens of the darkness. He single-handedly escaped from the hands of China repeatedly. As such, if his staunch willpower was unable to resist the erosion of the beastly nature, not many people could do so either.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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