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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 436, Sirius! Otherkins

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*Aoooo, Aoooo…* A series of howls, like the desperate cries of beasts in distress, filled the air.


Turning their gazes, Kerry and Nekomata looked at the screen not far away, displaying the scene of a white laboratory with numerous sophisticated instruments neatly arranged, running incessantly.


All the Otherkins were familiar with these instruments.


They were gene modification instruments, which could modify Humans into Otherkins, strictly forbidden by China.


However, the set of instruments in Ling Er’s hands now had undergone several modifications, far more effective than before. Now, these instruments could directly extract the genes of Mutant Beasts and integrate them into the Humans.


The current cultivation of the Otherkins involved continuously awakening the ‘beast genes’ within, thus constantly gaining strength. Strange physical features, like the obvious beastly features of Nekomata were signs of powerful Otherkins.


The more severe the beastly transformation was, the more terrifying the Otherkin was.


Rumor had it that the Otherkin currently reigning at the top had developed a stage known as ‘Awakening.’


In this state, the Otherkin’s appearance would undergo a significant transformation, and their strength would skyrocket, encompassing both power and speed. However, mastering this Awakening State was extremely difficult. Until now, even the strongest Otherkin could only stay in this state for a moment. However, even that brief moment had impressed Miss Ling Er, who had unparsimonious praised it, saying, “This is a powerful form unique to the Otherkins.”



At this moment, Kerry and Nekomata focused their gaze on the screen, displaying Zang Feng lying on a cold iron bed, bound tightly to the bed by chains.


*Aggghhhhhhhh, Argghhhh…* Biting his teeth tightly, Zang Feng’s expression became fiercer and more terrifying. Occasionally, he let out a pitiful howl.


However, upon closer inspection, veins bulge on Zang Feng’s face, as white hair not belonging to a Human began to grow from his skin. 


Even more terrifyingly, long fangs emerged at the corner of his mouth.


However, this was only the beginning.


*Zi Zi…* Amidst the sharp and grating noise of friction, sharp claws began to grow from Zang Feng’s hands.


“Well?” Watching Zang Feng’s increasingly horrifying transformation on the screen, Kerry’s frown deepened.


“Just what kind of Mutant Beast’s blood are you using on him?” Kerry was a bit perplexed, and a whole lot shaken.


Even Zang Feng, a Tier-2 Superhuman, failed to suppress his beastly nature, and continued to animalize. It was enough to tell how terrifying the Beast Gene was. After all, for ordinary people, even the slightest transformation after gene modification was deemed remarkable.


This was one of the reasons why the Otherkins were growing increasingly formidable. Compared to the past flamboyance, the current Otherkins displayed more severe animalization as they grew stronger.


In other words, weak Otherkins were no different from Humans.


It was precisely because of this reason that weak Otherkins could live incognito among Humans.


Of course, these weak Otherkins would also display a certain degree of beastly features under strong stimulation.


It was also the primary method used by the Chinese government to locate Otherkins.


*Haaaa…* Nekomata took a long, deep breath, as a complex expression appeared on her face.


However, after a moment of hesitation, Nekomata gritted her teeth and straightforwardly replied, “It was accidentally auctioned off at an underground auction. However, according to our research, it might be the Blood Essence of an extraordinary Mutant Beast…”


At this point, Nekomata speculated, “If my guess is right, it might be left by those two terrifying Mutant White Wolves of the Great Prairie….”


“Mutant White Wolves…” muttering to himself, Kerry could not help but recall the recent incidents of the Great Prairie.


At night, many Humans in the Great Prairie witnessed two fearsome Mutant Beasts engaged in a heated battle. 


One of them was an enormous White Wolf with a crescent moon mark on its forehead. This giant Wolf was called Sirius by the Humans and was hailed as the ruler of the Great Grassland, alongside the Blood-colored Wolf discovered earlier.


Contemplating this, Kerry fixed a deep gaze on the figure on the screen and remarked, “If this genetic material truly belongs to Sirius, he is quite fortunate.”


“But, that would depend whether he can survive it or not,” saying so, Nekomata once again focused her gaze on the screen.



After some unknown time…


With a click, a large door slowly opened.


*Tap, tap tap…* Accompanied by heavy footsteps, a figure with silver-white hair entered the sight of many figures.


However, just at this moment…


A crisp sound made everyone astonished as they noticed cracks appeared on the ground beneath the silver-white short-haired figure’s feet, as if unable to withstand his weight. 


*Gulp…* Gulping nervously, an Otherkin who had been waiting at the door respectfully handed out a long sword, stating, “Sir, this is your saber.”


“Saber…” muttering to himself, the young man took the saber.


However, the next second…


“So light…” the silver-white-haired young man remarked in a surprised voice, and exerted a little force.


Immediately, the hilt of the saber seemed unable to withstand his strength and instantly shattered with a cracking sound.


“Uh…” At the sight of this, not to mention the other Otherkins, even Kerry and Nekomata could not help but narrow their eyes.


“The degree of fusion of this guy with the Mutant Beast’s genes is exceptionally high, unbelievably high,” taking a deep breath, Nekomata earnestly explained.


“In that case, have we created an exceptional companion?” Smiling, the handsome and dashing Kerry raised the wine glass in his hand and started walking slowly.


“Welcome aboard, Zang Feng. From now on, you will be a core member of our Dark Council.”



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