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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 438, Dark Council

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“It is called Demon Blade, because it retains the Soul of a Mutant Beast. Not only is it extremely bizarre, but also extremely fierce…”


Listening to the faint voice, Zang Feng received the long saber.


However, the very moment he grabbed the hilt, he felt as if an enormous blood-red Wolf fiercely pouncing at him.


At the same time, a layer of blood mist rose from the hilt, slowly creeping towards Zang Feng.


But the next moment…


*Aoooo…* An inexplicable Wolf’s howl suddenly came from within his body. Immediately after, with a mournful wail, the saber with blood mist returned to calmness.


What surprised Zang Feng even more was that he could feel a cool sensation coming from the hilt.


The saber felt as if it was an extension of his body.


“Not bad,” Ling Er praised, a bit surprised.


Knowing that he had fused with Sirius’ gene, she immediately thought of this Gorewolf Blade. After all, this Gorewolf Blade was quite a notorious Demonic Weapon in China. 


After passing through the hands of several masters, it had finally found a worthy owner.


It should be noted that Demonic Weapons were weapons created by some smiths of China using a very fiendish smelting technique. Rumor had it that these Demonic Weapons were crafted from the bones of powerful Mutant Beasts, and on the day they were finished, they were infused with the essence of the Mutant Beasts to lock in the lingering Soul. As a result, these Demonic Weapons retained some of the original abilities of the Mutant Beasts.


More importantly, these weapons seemed to have a Weapon Spirit, something akin to a strange yet mystical sentience. If its user failed to tame it, this mystical sentience of the Demonic Weapon would erupt with a terrifying backlash.


Not long ago, a Tier-2 Superhuman had his consciousness taken away by a Demonic Weapon, and almost went on a killing spree. Had he not been discovered timely by another Superhuman, that Tier-2 Superhuman would have likely become infamous.


This was the prime reason most Humans were extremely afraid of the Demonic Weapons. Only true powerhouses understood that if these Demonic Weapons were tamed, they would become the most formidable weapons.


For instance Ling Er, who possessed a Demonic Weapon called the Whip of Underworld. It was forged using the Lingering Soul of the Darkness Serpent as the spirit, supplemented by the bones of a Tier-2 Titanoboa.  A single lash from it hurt like hell, whereby its victim felt as if they were being bitten by millions of ants.


This was also the reason why Superhumans gradually became able to contend with Mutant Beasts of the same Tier. A good weapon could greatly enhance one’s strength and a suitable Demonic Weapon could double one’s power.


In light of this, it was quite evident that Ling Er’s gift held significant value, which even Zang Feng understood to some extent.


Taking a deep glance at the Gorewolf Saber, Zang Feng looked at the nearby Ling Er with a grateful look in his eyes.


“Thank you, Chairwoman.”


With that, Zang Feng tactfully walked to Ling Er’s side.


Since he had decided to follow, he would definitely serve and protect her. 


“En.” A smile flashed on Ling Er’s lips, feeling satisfied with his addition.


Having gained a capable general was a matter of rejoicing for her.


Right at this moment, Ling Er’s gaze shifted on Kerry, the Vampire, as if she remembered something.


“How’s the situation at Mistys Mountain now?”


“Reporting to Mistress, Misty Mountains has now adopted a quota system, selecting one person to trade every three days.” Speaking up to this point, Kerry wished to speak but then stopped.


“What’s wrong?” Ling Er asked in a firm voice, a bit puzzled.


“It seems that upper echelons of various countries have noticed something. They had started taking measures to prevent powerful Superhumans from approaching Misty Mountains…” Upon hearing this, Ling Er raised her brow as a sneer appeared on her lips.


[Prevent powerful Superhumans!? Do they really dare tp? Do they think they are still living in the old era? After all, the reason why they are strong in the first place is because of their fervent pursuit of power. And now, the upper echelons of various countries are trying to stop them from seeking power. It is tantamount to cutting off their path to strength.  It would be odd if these powerful individuals do not raise a fuss.]


There were even some individuals among these powerful Superhumans that Ling Er feared.


Nonetheless, these things were irrelevant to her.


As far as she was concerned, developing the Dark Council was her prime focus right now.


As these thoughts swirled in her mind, Ling Er stated in a deep voice, “As a major superpower, China does not favor the development of our Dark Council. I plan to relocate the Dark Council to the nearby small countries.”


Saying this, Ling Er focused her gaze on Kerry, asking his opinion, “What do you think?”


“Well…” Kerry hesitated for a moment, a bit uncertain.


And right at that very moment, Ling Er added, “With the current strength of our Dark Council, we won’t be able to make much of a splash in China. However, if we become a dominant force in nearby countries, and then use our strength to continuously expand and modify other Superhumans at the same time, I believe that within half a year, the size of our Dark Council will grow exponentially.”


After calmly listening to her, not only did Kerry’s eyes start flickering, but even the nearby Zang Feng’s pupils contract slightly.


Right at that very moment, as if having thought of something, the nearby Zang Feng suddenly inquired, “Mistress, does genetic modification like mine require resources and other things?”


“But of course.” Ling Er did not hide anything and explained, “You’re an exception. Real gene modification requires a considerable amount of manpower and resources. More importantly, the requirements for the genes of Mutant Beasts are very high. Even after all this, it begs the question of whether the modification will be successful. It depends on whether they can suppress their beastly instincts.”


Saying this, Ling Er also affirmed, “We can endlessly increase the number of Otherkins, but there is no meaning in having too many weak Otherkins. What we need is Otherkins with a certain level of strength and talent.”


“Understood.” Zang Feng fell into a long silence, contemplating.


Originally, he wanted to contribute to the development of the Dark Council. However, in light of this revelation, he finally understood why Otherkins had limited numbers.


[Such stringent conditions put a limit on the number of Otherkins. Of course, the scarcity of their numbers ensured the quality of Otherkins. No wonder, the Otherkins in the Dark World referred to themselves as Neo Humans. Under such rigorous selection criteria, the Otherkins have indeed far surpassed ordinary Humans. Even the most ordinary Otherkins can be called a genius.]


Just at this moment, a voice suddenly echoed in the air, “Mistress, I’m willing to lead the Dark Council to the nearby small countries.”


Kerry declared in a firm and resolute voice, bowing respectfully.


[Mistress needs to remain in China. She can’t leave with so many eyes watching her every move, and that leaves me to handle this stuff. I have a feeling that if the Mistress is right, then the next time I return, the Dark Council would have truly become a force to be reckoned with.]



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