Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 44, Ambition


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[Perfect! Absolutely Perfect!]


Raising his gaze, Yu Zi Yu looked at the entrance of the canyon, where Nine Tails and Storm Wolves had already started feasting on their prey, and then turned his attention to the additional 60 Evolution Points he had gained. He felt that there was no wiser decision than this.


He just needed to ensure that these guys did not kill their prey right away when they went to hunt, but instead brought it back, fulfilling his need for Evolution Points.


There was no denying that it was truly a wise idea.


Because of this decision, Yu Zi Yu had already gained 120 Evolution Points thanks to these pets up until now. In addition to the ones he had, his Evolution Points had now reached a staggering 172 points!


It was worth mentioning that perhaps due to the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, the number of Mutant Beasts was growing day by day. 


The prey they casually hunted was more or less at Tier-0 Level 1.


Of course, this could not be compared to the beasts surrounding Yu Zi Yu, the Willow Tree.


In just a few days, even the haughty White Crane, after drinking from the small Spirit Lake created by Yu Zi Yu, had reached Tier-0 Level 2.


Furthermore, the clever and resourceful little Golden Monkey not only drank the water from the Spirit Lake but also picked up the leaves falled from Yu Zi Yu’s body and ate them.


As a result, it had reached Tier-0 Level 3. It even awakened a pretty good Innate Talent – Extreme Absorption.


Thanks to which, its body could absorb more beneficial substances than an ordinary Mutant Beast, which in turn continuously increased its physical strength.


In other words, the Golden Monkey would become more and more formidable with time, while undergoing no change in its body, until the day it truly became vulnerable, possessing bronze-like skin and bones as hard as iron.


Of course, that was in the ideal case.


Overall, the Extreme Absorption was still a pretty good Innate Talent; it was not much weaker than Yu Zi Yu’s Super Regeneration.


From a certain perspective, the Golden Monkey’s Innate Talent was even more advantageous in battle. However, what suits one best was ultimately the strongest.


Compared to the Golden Monkey’s Innate Talent – Extreme Absorption, Yu Zi Yu still preferred his Super Regeneration.


With this talent, Yu Zi Yu could freely extend his branches, and even allow his underground roots to spread faster.



At this moment, Yu Zi Yu raised his vision again and looked at Nine Tails, whose fur resembled flames, crouching at the entrance of the canyon. He could not help but chuckle.


Nine Tails was sitting on its hind legs, with its ears pricked up. Although there were bloodstains on its mouth, it didn’t look hideous or repulsive.


On the contrary, it gave off a blood sense of beauty.


In contrast, the Storm Wolves were devouring their prey in big bites and a messy manner, swallowing it greedily. And that was how they should be. Also, from time to time, they would raise their emerald eyes, scanning the surroundings in vigilance.


If there was no one to compare, it would have been nothing. But with someone setting the bar, the eating appearance of the Storm Wolves naturally looked messy and disgusting.


“In the future, I should try to let these guys eat cooked food or teach them to dine elegantly.”


After some thought, this idea flashed in Yu Zi Yu’s mind.


As his Mutant Beasts, they naturally could not continue to feast on raw meat like before. With strength came increased intelligence. Yu Zi Yu did not want their intelligence to be solely focused on battles.


Only through diversification could their intelligence be developed to a greater extent. It just so happens, certain cultural customs of Humans could greatly enhance their intelligence.


And here, it revealed Yu Zi Yu’s big ambition.


As a Tree Monster, the hope of coexistence with Humans was exceedingly slim. As the adage goes, the people of a different race or ethnicity could not be trusted.


Having a profound understanding of Humans and their history, particularly a certain period of colonization, Yu Zi was well aware of the terrifying nature of the Human race.


It was a race that was capable of wielding a butcher’s knife against its own kind without hesitation. [How could anyone expect them to willingly coexist with others? Even if some individuals are willing, they could only go along with the majority’s decisions. Moreover, if I put myself in their shoes, would they really want some other race to threaten their position when they are already standing atop nature’s hierarchy?]


[Whether one was a compassionate monk or a ruthless butcher, there is no room for hesitation. Because this matter not solely concerns a single individual, but concerns millions of people of their race. Showing mercy at that time would only push the Human race further into the fiery pit of Hell. So, they will view it as having no other choice. Naturally, the same for me as well.]


Yu Zi Yu understood that he had no other choice, and even the Humans themselves did not have many options.


He knew there were no right or wrong in this. It was merely the eternal struggle of ‘the strong and the weak.’



Unless… one day, Yu Zi Yu became so powerful that Humans dread him, otherwise he could not have any say.


[‘if you are powerful enough, the world will treat you kindly’. Seems like it’s never more true than now. If I want to make others treat me kindly, I must be strong, strong enough to make them tremble in fear.]


[As for what I can do before I become strong? Wait!? No! Absolutely not! That had never been my strong point.]


[Until I am strong, I need to make my own pack. After all, there is strength in unity. Just like Humans, alone, they could easily be slaughtered by Mutant Beasts, but united, they are the most fearsome race in the world.]


Many bricks make a house.


And that was exactly what Yu Zi Yu intended to do.


He wanted to use his abilities to create an empire that belonged solely to him. This way, even if the Humans became aware of his existence, they would be bogged down with hesitation due to various concerns. At worst, he would start a race war, directing the attention of Humans with countless waves of beasts. At that time, Yu Zi Yu could hide in the shadows.


Here, it must be said that Yu Zi Yu was a little selfish.


But for someone who had been given a second chance at life, selfishness was necessary.


After all, Heaven destroys those who don’t look out for themselves.


These words were spoken to him by mankind themself.


He was not that great that he would sacrifice himself for the sake of others.


Ultimately, Yu Zi Yu was just a fortunate individual who had reincarnated as a Willow Tree.


And now, he was just fighting for survival.


Of course, if Humans did not push him too hard, things would not escape to the point of no return. At least, deep down, Yu Zi Yu did not mind coexisting with them.


The prerequisite was that they did not harbor any ill intent toward him.


After contemplating all these thoughts, Yu Zi Yu had a clearer goal in his mind.


While strengthening himself, he was planning on cultivating numerous Mutant Beasts.


Moreover, one more thing that was worth mentioning was that some Mutant Beasts did not require extensive nursing.


Mutant Beasts like Bull Demon and Storm Wolves needed to be trained to their utmost strength, and they could vie for the position of leader of the pack or herd by themselves.


This way, Yu Zi Yu could gain a herd of Buffaloes or a pack of Wolves without paying too heavy a price.




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