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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 440, Innate Talent: Lightning

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At this moment, Yu Zi Yu narrowed his eyes slightly as his gaze fell on the other half of the Lightning Spirit Grass. 


“Lightning Spirit Grass…” muttering, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes flickered incessantly.


This was a companion Spirit Herb to the Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine, just like the Blood Vine.


However, unlike the Blood Vine, the Lightning Spirit Grass had not yet developed sentience, which was a bit regretful.


Even so, the Innate Talent of the Lightning Spirit Grass could not be underestimated.


Innate Talent: Gathering Lightning – It can gather a large amount of Lightning-Attribute Spiritual Energy with oneself as the center, transforming the surrounding area into a world of lightning.


It was quite an extraordinary Innate Talent. Unfortunately, Lightning Spirit Grass had not gained sentience. So, even if it possessed the Innate Talent, it would not be able to use it.


“Heaven has bestowed it upon you. If you don’t take it, then I’ll have to take it from you.” Smiling, Yu Zi Yu’s branch around the Lightning Spirit Grass tightened around it.


The next moment, a crisp sound echoed, as the Lightning Spirit Grass in Yu Zi Yu’s branch shattered into pieces.


Immediately after, in Yu Zi Yu’s expectant gaze, the shattered half of the Lightning Spirit Grass diffused into streams of blue energy. 


*Gulp, gulp…* As Yu Zi Yu inhaled and exhaled, Yu Zi Yu’s entire branch surged with blue lightning. Looking up, the Willow Branch resembled a mystical chain of lightning descending straight from the depths of the night sky, connecting the sky and the earth.


At the same time, Yu Zi Yu felt a violent energy surging into his body.


Lightning was the most violent force in nature, even more so than flames.


Now, Yu Zi Yu’s consciousness was in a dark place, where countless bolts of lightning were streaking around each other, forming a bright and complex imprint of lightning.


“Innate Talent: Gathering Lightning…” muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu smiled in his heart.


This was what he wanted.


From the moment he saw the Lightning Spirit Grass, he had set his sights on this Innate Talent.


Absorbing Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stone could not compare to absorbing the lightning straight from nature. It was more pure and refreshing. However, at the beginning, even Yu Zi Yu could not immediately adapt to the violent nature of natural lightning.


For this reason, he had to use Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stone to gradually acclimate his body to Lightning Energy.


Now, after a month and a half, Yu Zi Yu felt that most of his body had transformed into the Lightning Body, and it was about to steal this Innate Talent.



Focusing his gaze, and gazing at the newly added Innate Talent on the status screen, Yu Zi Yu stated without a moment of hesitation, “System, upgrade the Innate Talent–Gathering Lightning.”


As soon as Yu Zi Yu requested, a cold synthesized electronic voice rang in his ear, <Are you sure you want to consume 3,000 Evolution Points to upgrade the Innate Talent–Gathering Lightning to Level 2?”


“Yes.” Nodding, Yu Zi Yu affirmed, “Directly upgrade it to Level 4.”


As soon as his words fell, Yu Zi Yu’s Evolution Points flowed away like water.


At the same time, an inexplicable energy surged from the depths of his body.


Innate Talent: Mastery of Lightning (Level 4) – As a branch of Elemental Energy, the host can freely control the violent Lightning Element for defense, attack, or even shape his own attack to his own will.


Yu Zi Yu was not surprised at all as he thoroughly went through the introduction of the Innate Talent–Mastery of Lightning.


Compared to merely gathering the Lightning Element at Level 1, it was now possible to freely manipulate the Lightning Element, which clearly marked a qualitative change.


However, in comparison to controlling Lightning, Yu Zi Yu was more concerned about drawing lightning. Only the induction of lightning could provide better assistance in his cultivation.


Although he had channeled the lightning in nature before, it was ultimately the mutual attraction of Lightning Element. Yu Zi Yu did not really absorb much.


However, things were different now. Thanks to this Innate Talent, he could possibly draw a large amount of lightning from nature.


However, if he did so, the disturbance caused by Yu Zi Yu’s cultivation would undoubtedly be several times bigger, even tens of times bigger, and might even affect the entire Misty Mountains.


Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu lowered his gaze, looking towards the Mutant Beasts on the ground, each of whom was gazing at him with a fervent gaze.


Finally, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze rested on Nine Tails, who was standing at the forefront.


“Nine Tails, lead everyone away from here.”




Nine Tails was a bit confused, but she did not refuse.


*Yip…*  A long scream shook the sky, making many Mutant Beasts tremble slightly.


Immediately after, as if having received some kind of instruction, countless Mutant Beasts backed away in all directions like a tide. Even the usually quiet White Crane, who often stayed alone, spread its wings and left the Spirit Pond.


“Good.” Yu Zi Yu nodded his acknowledgment, looking at the Mutant Beasts dispersing in all directions, satisfied.


In the early stages of cultivation, he still had some level of control. However, Yu Zi Yu could not guarantee that when his cultivation reached the end stage, or when his consciousness was completely immersed in the depths of his body, he could control it.


After all, drawing lightning from the sky was no small matter.


Lightning like this, even just a common strike, was enough to severely injure or even kill a Tier-1 Mutant Beast. For this reason, Yu Zi Yu had to be cautious.


*Haaa…* Yu Zi Yu took a deep breath as his Spiritual Energy started surging.


*Boom, boom, boom…*


Suddenly, a loud and deafening rumble shook the night sky. In the next moment, under the astonished gazes of countless Mutant Beasts, the night sky, where a few stars were still visible, suddenly turned darker.


Looking up, the pitch-black sky seemed to be pressing down, giving a sense of indescribable oppression.


At this moment, countless dark clouds had gathered above Yu Zi Yu’s head.


*Crack, crack, crack…* Accompanied by one lightning strike after another, more than half of Misty Mountains shook. The thunderous strike far surpassed anything in the past, leaving the ears of many Mutant Beasts numb and ringing.


However, this was only the beginning.


Because in the next moment…


*Crack!* With another thunderous clap, a zigzagging bolt of lightning suddenly plunged from the night sky, and following that, more lightning bolts struck down in succession.


These lightning seemed to be clashing against the darkness of the night, rampaging freely.


In just a moment, the entire North Canyon looked like a scene straight from doomsday.


Flashes of lightning and deafening claps of thunder filled the sky.


Much to the shock and dismay of the Mutant Beasts, the lightning strikes shattered mountain peaks and laid waste to towering trees that reached into the sky. Only charred trunks remained, eventually scattering into ashes.


Only that one tree, that was so tall it obscured the moon and disappeared into the dark clouds, became even more radiant under the lightning and thunder.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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