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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 442, Five Tiger Clan

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While Yu Zi Yu was completely immersed in cultivation, in the eastern part of the continent, there was a hill.


This hill, crowned as Green Hill by Humans, was believed to be the ancient homeland of the Fox Clan. Today, with the resurgence of the Spiritual Energy, this hill was inhabited by many Spirit Foxes. Humans, going along with flow, once again bestowed the name ‘Green Hill’ upon it.


At this moment…


*Yip…* A mournful Fox’s scream with a touch of sadness reverberated through the sky. Looking up, it originated from the top of a mountain, where a White Fox stood, 3-4 meters tall, its fur dancing in the wind, and emitting a surging Spiritual Energy.


At the foot of the mountain underneath it, numerous Mutant Beasts were fiercely battling.


Mutant Rats, Mutant Insects, Mutant Wild Boars…


Commonly seen Mutant Beasts could be found amidst them.


They were the various major tribes under the Fox Clan.


However, faced with the wilder and more ferocious Mutant Tiger Clan, even with the numerical advantage, the Fox Clan still fell into a huge disadvantage. 


*Roooaar…* A Tiger’s roar shook the mountains and forests, before a stripped Yellow Tiger leaped out from the forest.


In the air, the Yellow Tiger swiped its claw, and fiercely swung its tail. Its claw sent a Tier-1 Mutant Wild Boar flying more than ten meters away, while its tail produced a cracking sound as it whipped through a Tier-0 Mutant Ape, splitting it into two, creating a mist of blood.


“Tiger Clan’s Old Fourth, King Ba…” White Fox standing at the top of the mountain shouted in a solemn voice as a look of helplessness appeared on its face.


Compared to the Tiger Clan, the individual combat power of other Mutant Races differed too much. The group attacking them happened to be the most powerful group in the vicinity–the Tiger Clan.


Tigers could never be underestimated. They were hailed as the King of Beasts, and the ruler of the land.


Today, with the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, many outstanding geniuses emerge in the Tiger Clan. One of their Kings united various Mutant Tigers, forming a clan.


And so the notorious Five Tiger Clan into existence.


It had five Kings, each Tier-2 Transcendent of Second or Third Order.


And here lay the racial advantage of the Tiger Clan. Once a Tiger became a Tier-2 Transcendent, its combat power would be, at the very least, comparable to those of the Second Order.



“Are you obediently going to surrender the Spirit Herb or not?” Shouting in a fierce voice, the stripped Yellow Tiger that leaped out of the forest, looked at White Fox on the peak, a hint of murderous intent lingering in its eyes.


“King Ba, you should understand that the Spirit Herb is the Supreme Treasure of our Fox Clan. We’ve guarded it for years…how could we hand it over to you?” White Fox replied in a cold voice, as its hair stood erect.


Faintly, a hurricane seemed to be swirling around it.


“Hmph!” the stripped Yellow Tiger let out a cold snort. Its face turned colder as it shouted, “In that case, you’re seeking death.”


Just as these words echoed in the forest, the stripped Yellow Tiger’s body shook violently. Immediately after, much to the astonishment of various Mutant Beasts, the body of the stripped Yellow Tiger expanded at a visible speed.


In just a moment, it had transformed into a 7-8 meters tall monster.


Blood-red muscles entwined its body, resembling Coiling Dragon. At a glance, it looked extremely ferocious and terrifying.


King Ba possessed the most terrifying ability, Muscle Transformation, which allowed it to freely control its muscles. Now, relying on these terrifying muscles entwining its body, it significantly enhanced its strength and speed.


Of course, the most terrifying improvement was the instantaneous strength.


The next moment, a crimson streak cut through the air.


Immediately afterward, much to the shock of numerous Mutant Beasts, the mountain peak where White Fox stood shattered instantly


At the same time, amidst the flying debris, an enormous blood-red Tiger raised its paw and ruthlessly smashed it towards White Fox.


It was fast, unbelievably so.


The gust of winds raised by its swift movements were like a storm, crushing countless rocks into dust and even eliciting a drastic change in White Fox’s expression.


Right at that moment, as if remembering something, White Fox suddenly spoke in a pleading manner, “Your Excellency, please make a move. Henceforth, we’ll respect the ruler of Misty Mountain as our Master, and follow your lead…”


As if hearing something ridiculous, the giant Blood Tiger, King Ba revealed a disdainful sneer. “I thought you had some cards up your sleeve. It turns out you’re calling for reinforcements. Do you think it’s gonna be useful? I’d like to see who dares to stand against our Tiger Clan.”


Just as these words fell, the Blood Tiger’s blood-red Spiritual Energy swirled around it, gradually gathering around its claw, swirling around it.


At the same time, an even more terrifying storm arose.


However, right at that very moment, a cold voice suddenly rang in the air, “Tiger Clan…”


The murmur was extremely calm and soft. However, just these two words brought a slight change in the Blood Tiger’s expression.


Because, at this moment, warning bells started ringing in its mind, feeling a sense of crisis.


The sense of danger was so abrupt that it made it pause. However, in a moment, as if realizing what was happening, it fiercely clawed towards the side with its blood-red right claw.


*Swoosh…* Immediately after, a blood-red storm enveloped the right side.


But the next moment…


*Boom…* A terrifying roar, akin to a lightning strike, erupted, causing the Blood Tiger’s pupils to fiercely shrink.


At the same time, in the astonished gaze of the Blood Tiger, a large rift suddenly appeared in its blood-red storm as if something had pierced through it.


*Swoosh…* The next moment, a swooshing beam of white light caught the Blood Tiger’s eyes.


“Just what is this!!?” The muscular Blood Tiger was a bit astonished, but it reacted at a moment’s notice.


It fiercely slashed with its right claw.


*Boom…* Accompanied by a thunderous explosion, a formidable shockwave swept through the surroundings. However, in that very instant, the face of the Blood Tiger, known for its strength, changed drastically, because an indescribable force traveled through its right claw, transmitted to its body.


Its right limb trembled, so did its body, albeit a bit. Faintly, there was a slight tingle sensation in its right limb.


However, right at this moment, a very tiny golden figure entered the Blood Tiger’s sight.


“Die!” a thunderous shout, akin to a clap of thunder, reverberated as the golden figure fiercely attacked the Blood Tiger.


*Boom, boom, boom…*


Amidst continuous impacts, the Blood Tiger, without even reacting, was sent soaring into the air like a ball. What was even more astonishing was that terrifying streams of fist energy pierced through the Blood Tiger’s body, continuously shooting towards the sky.


For a moment, many Mutant Beasts could see streams of blood-red energy rising into the sky.


At the sight of this, not to mention other Mutant Beasts, even Mutant White Fox’s pupils shrank to the size of a needle point.


“So this is the strength of the Mutant Beast ranked Fifth in Misty Mountains, the Ant King!?”


A bit stunned, White Fox, who had studied various forces, mumbled in a somewhat astonished voice.



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