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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 445, Terrifying White Tiger

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“The Chieftain–Dark Tiger and Old Fifth, who have achieved Humanoid Form, huh?” muttering to themselves, Thorns and the Golden Ant exchanged glances.


Leaving aside other things, just the fact that it had managed to achieve a Humanoid Form put them on guard. After all, there were not that many Mutant Beasts that had managed to cultivate a Humanoid Form.


One was a Bull Demon, one was a Giant Lightning Bear, and then there was the Lord of the Desert lurking in the Taklamakan Desert…


Each and every single one of them was amazingly powerful. And now, a Tiger had surprisingly achieved a Humanoid Form. Its strength could simply be imagined.


With this in mind, Thorns joked, “If Third Brother comes, won’t he get beaten the shit out of him?”


“No,” with a firm response, Golden Ant added in a cold voice, “Third Brother is not that weak.”


“Hmmm…” Looking at the serious Golden Ant, Thorns was somewhat helpless. She was just making a joke, but she never expected Golden Ant to be so uncooperative.


However, after considering Golden Ant’s character, she came to accept it.


[Fifth Brother is good at everything, but he is a bit cold, arrogant, and takes everything very seriously. However, he was right about one thing, Third Brother is not that weak.] Thinking this, Thorns gestured towards the sky.


The next moment…


*Screech…* Amidst a loud and high-pitched cry, a fist-sized Peregrine Falcon descended from the sky.


*Swoosh* It was terrifyingly fast, like a black bolt of lightning, swooping down in a flash.


The fierce gale it kicked up even caused the entire forest to bend slightly.


“You…” subconsciously crying out in surprise, White Fox’s pupils became focused.


Then, much to her astonishment, this fearsome raptor landed on Thorns’ fingertips.


“Fal II, go bring Third Brother over.”


Hearing Thorns’ voice, Fal II of the eight Peregrine Falcon siblings nodded his acknowledgment, and then, with a flap of his wings, transformed into a streak of black lightning, vanishing into the woods, leaving behind a group of gawking Mutant Beasts.


At this moment, as if sensing the surprise of many Mutant Beasts, Thorns smiled and took the initiative to explain, “That’s a Mutant Peregrine Falcon, part of our Misty Mountains’ messenger group responsible for delivering messages.”


“Just for delivering messages?”


Feeling a sudden shock, White Fox sported a hint of astonishment.


[An extremely fierce raptor of speed that far exceeded understanding, like lightning, is only being used as a messenger? Are you kidding me? Is Misty Mountains truly terrifying to such an extent?] However, at this point, noticing the shadow of a smile on Thorns Queen lips not far away, White Fox also knew that she had lost composure.


*Cough…* Forcing a cough, White Fox decisively changed the topic, “My Elder Sister, Black Fox, is about to return. Please wait a moment…”


“Very well.”


Nodding, Thorns and the others also sat down, choosing to quietly wait.



Shortly after that, a black lightning bolt streaked across the sky, leaving a howling storm in its wake high in the sky.


*Screech…* A loud and high-pitched cry resounded through the entire sky.


Immediately afterward, as if receiving some message…


*Roooaar…* A terrifying Tiger’s roar suddenly echoed from the ground. Looking in the direction of the sound, a White Tiger with snow-white wings jumped out from the forest.


“Fal II, what is it?” asking in a casual tone, White Tiger flapped his wings and soared high into the sky.


“Third Brother, we encountered a formidable clan called the ‘Five Tiger Clan’ near Green Hills. This clan is led by five Mutant Tigers, and their strength is quite formidable…” 


“Uh…” Taken aback, White Tiger was stupefied for a good while.


“Mutant Tigers…” amidst faint murmurs, White Tiger’s gaze also landed on a peak, where a bright Yellow Tiger happened to lay quietly.


This was a Tier-1 Mutant Yellow Tiger, second only to White Tiger in the Tiger Clan…


Be that as it may, Yellow Tiger did not rank that high in Misty Mountains. After all, the strongest clan in Misty Mountains, the Chimpanzee Clan, had twenty-two King Kongs. With their terrifying physique and unparalleled strength, ordinary Mutant Beasts didn’t even have the courage to make a move against them, let alone fight them.


Whereas his Tiger Clan…


To put it bluntly, if it weren’t for him supporting them, the entire Tiger Clan in Misty Mountains would be somewhat inconspicuous, not even comparable to a Clan.


*Roar, Roar, Roar…* White Tiger roared continuously in excitement.


“Let’s go, let’s go, I’ll finally get to raise my head in Misty Mountains,” excitedly shouting, White Tiger flapped his white wings and flew towards the horizon.


However, the next moment, as if remembering something, White Tiger suddenly turned around and flew back, asking embarrassedly, “Brother, where is it?”


“East.” The second oldest of the Peregrine Falcons smiled, a bit speechless.


[Third Brother’s intelligence is beyond anything.] However, just at this moment, as if thinking of something, Fal II also reminded, “Third Brother, I heard that this Five Tiger Clan is quite formidable.”


“Formidable…” Mischievously smiling, White Tiger stated in a somewhat anticipated voice, “That’s great, that’s even better. If they aren’t formidable, how can they hold up my fort?”


Speaking to this point, the White Tiger seemed to have recalled something and started complaining, ‘You might not know, but that Dark King, just because of his twenty-two King Kong, ignores me and trains all day long… And the Polar Bear Clan also, always moves in groups every day…”


Upon hearing the White Tiger’s complaints, the corners of Fal II’s beaks also twitched.


However, the next moment…


Seeing White Tiger continue complaining, Fal II felt that he needed to make things clearer.


Thinking of this, Fal II cleared his throat, emphasizing once again, “Third Brother, what I mean is, they are terrifyingly strong. If you can’t defeat them, what will you do?”




Stunned, White Tiger kept blinking his eyes in a silly manner.


“If I can’t defeat them…” White Tiger mumbled, dumbfounded.


[So, it turns out Fal II doesn’t have confidence in me. Uh…] All kinds of emotions raced in White Tiger’s mind. As if someone had stepped on his tail, he replied in an agitated voice, “Let me tell you, not to mention a Five Tiger Clan, even if there are ten of them, I can still beat them! You think a group of useless Tiger Cubs can pose any challenge to me?”



While Old Third–White Tiger boasted, streaks of black light shot from him one after another, spreading in all directions, even staining the sky a few shades darker.


Faintly, one could even hear a cacophony of countless desperate wails and screams echoing in the air.


A terrifying and oppressive air permeated the surroundings.


At this moment, even the well-experienced Fal II felt his chest tightened as faint warning bells started ringing in his mind, a sense of terror gripping his heart and Soul, warning him of an imminent attack.



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