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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 446, The Legendary Five Tigers

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North of Green Hill, there stood a primeval forest. Its trees were tall and enormous, some reaching a height of a hundred meters.


Even in the Era of Spiritual Energy resurgence, such tall trees were a rarity, except Misty Mountains, where they could be found in abundance thanks to Yu Zi Yu’s nourishment.


As such, it was unexpected to find trees reaching such heights in the vicinity of Green Hill.


It stood as a testament to how amazing the Green Hill was. A fertile land with diverse fauna. This blessed paradise had nurtured many powerful Mutant Beasts.


Suddenly, a loud and resonant Tiger’s roar reverberated from the distant primeval forest.


“They’re here.” Focusing her gaze, Thorns, leading many Mutant Beasts, stood on a hillside. Beside Thorns, there were two large Foxes.


One was a White Fox with two shiny black eyes that curved upwards. With her fluffy tail held high and a petite body, she exuded an exquisite feeling.


The other was a Black Fox. Her eyes were narrow, and under the moonlight, seemed extremely charming, akin to a woman with myriad charms—enchanting and elegant.


Now, hearing Thorns’ reminder, she lazily retracted her front limbs and slowly stood up, stretching her neck. Her every movement revealed an indescribable charm that even made Thorns squint involuntarily.


“If she managed to transform like the Great Demons in myths, she would undoubtedly be extremely beautiful, a calamity for the people.” Sighing, Thorns also looked towards Golden Ant, who was standing quietly on a tree, and reminded, “Fifth Brother, there is a good chance that we’ll be fighting a fierce battle later.”


“I know.” responding coldly, Golden Ant clenched his fists tightly, only because the next moment, he sensed a very frightening murderous aura approaching.



*Roooaar…* The resonant Tiger roar resounded through the mountains and forests.


The next moment…


*Tap, tap, tap…* Accompanied by heavy footsteps, numerous black shadows slowly emerged from the darkness of the night.


Looking up, numerous giant Mutant Tigers confidently emerged from the pitch-black darkness amidst dangerous peaks and rugged rocks, one after another.


“So you are the reinforcements of the Fox Clan…” speaking in a very cold voice, an enormous, black, and robust, Tiger, fixed its sharp eyes towards Thorns and the rest.


“Dark Tiger…” muttering to herself, Thorns’ pupils also contracted sharply.


She was unable to deny the sheer brilliance of Dark Tiger’s formidable strength, even its aura gave her a sense of oppression. Especially, the countless shadows converging beneath its feet, seemingly emerging from the deepest darkness, exuding an indescribable power.


At this moment, Thorns also noticed three strange tigers beside the enormous Black Tiger.


One was a completely blood-red Tiger with a lush and vibrant fur, just the sight of which sent a chill down the onlooker’s spine.


This was the second King, Blood Tiger King, cruel and bloodthirsty in nature.


Next to Blood Tiger King was a very petite Tiger. However, rather than calling it a Tiger, it might be more appropriate to call it a Cat. Simply because it was too small, merely the size of a basketball.


Yet, this tiny figure made Thorns narrow her eyes.


“A Mutant Black-Footed Cat…” Thorns whispered in a low and somewhat vigilant voice.


True to its name, the Mutant Black-Footed Cat was a type of Cat, and an adorable Cat at that.


However, underestimating it due to it being a small Cat would be a fatal mistake.


Even before the advent of the Era of Transcendence, Mutant Black-Footed Cats were renowned for their off-the-charts combat power among Cats. While they might appear cute during their time of rest, everything would change when they encountered a prey.


Its steely, fierce eyes, the slightly arched back, and the  dark fur on their feet were enough to overwhelm its prey in terms of aura.


Yet that was not the most scary part.


The most terrifying aspect was that, even before the Era of Transcendence, Mutant Black-Footed Cats could hunt prey four times their size, even successfully hunting giraffes.


Their body was merely the size of two palms of an average Human.


This was testament of how brutal these Cats were.


Now, with the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, where everything and everyone was evolving, and the blessing of Spiritual Energy, the difference in size factor could be reduced to almost zero.


In light of this, no one could tell how terrifying this Cat could be. This was the third king of the Five Tigers Clan—Cat King.




Taking a deep breath, Thorns shifted her gaze to the last figure.


Terrifying, and extremely so.


The last figure, the Tiger-headed Humanoid, had a thick coat of fur with alternating yellow and black stripes. It also bore a ‘王’ character, meaning king, shining on the forehead. It had thick and muscular limbs, with a well-developed skeletal structure. Its muscles were so prominent that they resembled Coiling Dragons.


With its broad shoulders, and a towering physique, resembling a stone tower, it looked quite imposing.


He was the Fifth King, nameless.


The reason for him having no name was because he was always cold and indifferent, never speaking with anyone. If it weren’t for the well-informed Black and White Foxes, no one would know of his existence.


However, the more mysterious one was, the more terrifying it would be. This was one of the unchanging truths of the Era of Transcendence.


Now, deeply looking at this figure, Thorns had to admit, the Fifth King was indeed very frightening. It was a powerhouse no less than herself.


“The kings of the Five Tigers Clan are each more formidable than the last…” With a deep sense of apprehension, the originally charming and elegant Black Fox tensed up, with her black and silky fur fluttering along the wind.


“Indeed.” Nodding, Golden Ant, standing on the treetop, also acknowledged.


However, it was more than just acknowledgement; his fighting spirit was soaring.


Visible to the naked eye, a storm started brewing with Golden Ant at the center, showing signs of spreading.


“No wonder they dared to provoke us, they actually brought such reinforcements.”


Gazing deeply at the golden figure on the treetop, Dark Tiger’s eyes also flickered slightly.


However, in a moment, its expression turned cold, and it snorted, saying, “However, you still can’t escape death.”


Just as its words fell…




A terrifying Tiger roar suddenly echoed.


Then, visible to the naked eye, concentric ripples of sound waves profilerated from the mouth of this giant Black Tiger.


*Boom, boom, boom…*


Accompanied by successive explosive sounds, countless rocks within a radius of kilometers shattered, and even the towering trees started to be reduced into powder.


Tiger Roar—The terrifying Tiger roar carries extremely strong penetrating power, capable of turning into soundwaves, devastating everything.


“This guy…”


Watching this devastating attack that crushed everything in its wake, Black Fox Queen’s scalp also tingled. But after a moment, she gritted her teeth and stepped forward.


After all, behind her was her clansmen. If she allowed these soundwaves to wantonly wreak havoc behind her, her clan would probably suffer heavy casualties.


However, before she could unleash her Spiritual Energy, a terrifying Dragon-like roar suddenly reverberated from the forest behind the Black Fox Queen.


The roar was extremely tyrannical, no less weaker than the fearsome Tiger roar.


*Booooooom…* Accompanied by a terrifying clap, the two sets of soundwaves, that left visible ripples in the air, collided with each other.


For a moment, many Mutant Beasts felt as if the world had suddenly gone silent.


However, if they happened to touch their ears, they would definitely notice their ears bleeding.


Right at this moment, the members of the Five Tigers Clan finally noticed an extremely terrifying figure slowly rising in the forest behind the Fox Clan, much to their shock and dismay.


They had never seen this figure before.


It was extremely grim and hideous.


Its front limbs happened to be raised high, and it had a humongous steel-whip-like tail swaying left and right behind it.


When this figure stood up completely, it overshadowed the sky, blocking the moonlight above entirely.




Its foot slammed on the ground, sending fearsome tremors through the ground, spreading in all directions, causing this primitive forest to shake.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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