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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 447, Silent Steps

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“Someone can actually withstand my Tiger Roar!?” An exclamation escaped the Giant Black Tiger, yet no concern could be seen on its face.


The Tiger Roar was just its most rudimentary technique.


[If they can’t withstand my Tiger Roar, then there is no meaning for me to come here.] Thinking about this, the Giant Black Tiger cast a deep glance at Thorns and the others, a hint of fierceness flashing in its eyes.


*Roooaar…* Suddenly, a long Tiger roar, akin to the horn of war, echoed in the primitive forest.


At the same time, an overwhelming tide of beasts emerged from the darkness, crashing towards Thorns and the rest like ocean waves.


“We won’t lose.” Casting a glance at each other, the Black and White Foxes successively gave out howls.


*Howl, howl…* Compared to the dominating roars of the Giant Black Tiger, the howls of the Black and White Foxes were more like the weeping of women, carrying a deep sense of desolation that seemed to infect the night itself.


However, upon hearing their howls, countless Mutant Beasts couldn’t help but reveal a touch of emotions. It was as if they were also infected, and belligerent intent began to rise.


“Kill! We won’t allow the Tiger Clan to plunder our Green Hill,” a howl from an unknown direction completely ignited the battlefield.


*Boom, boom, boom…” Then, with fearsome tremors shaking the ground, countless Mutant Beasts on either side pounced at each other.


In the gaze of powerful Mutant Beasts, they fiercely clashed with each other.


*Roar, Roar, Roar…*


*Screech, Screech, Screech…* A cacophony of roars and screeches of countless Mutant Beasts spread through the entire battlefield in an instant.


What was somewhat astonishing was that as the two waves of beasts crashed into each other, they left a circular battlefield in the center empty.


This circular battlefield looked like a forbidden zone. Not a single Mutant Beast dared to step into it.


The reason was that this circular battlefield happened to be where the Four Kings of the Five Tiger Clan and Thorns and others happened to be standing.


All the commotion in the outside world appeared to be barred from this circular battlefield. Even Thorns, who loved the scent of blood, held her breath with a serious gaze.


After all, everyone acquiesced to the fact that the Four Kings of the Five Tiger Clan were terrifying.


In light of this, the fact that the well-known Green Hill Fox Clan was forced to seek refuge under Misty Mountains did not come out as a surprise.



At this precise moment…


*Haaa…* Thorns took a long, deep breath and pointed forward, her fingers trembling. At the same time, one after another, blood-red vines emerged from the ground continuously, spreading and enlarging.


One meter…


Two meters…




In an instant, they spanned over an area of dozens of meters.


These blood-red vines looked like blood-red Pythons, scary and fierce.


And the very next moment…


*Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…* One after another, these blood-red vines shot towards the four Kings of the Five Tiger Clan, one after another.


At the same time…


“1st Stage,” Golden Ant, who was standing silently on a treetop, shouted as his figure suddenly jolted.


Immediately after, his figure shot out like a cannonball.


However, before he could even come closer to the proud and aloof Giant Black Tiger, who was looking at everyone with a condescending gaze, a robust figure fiercely intercepted him.


With a deafening clap, resembling a clap of thunder, fists collided with each other.


Looking at the Tiger-headed Humanoid figure, who had managed to block his fist, the corner of Golden Ant’s lips rose into a grin. Subtly, an indescribable expectation could be seen in his eyes.


“Fight!” At the drop of this word, Golden Ant clenched his fists a bit more tightly.


Immediately after…


*Boom, boom, boom…* Frequent thunderous claps like the constant pitter-patter of rain suddenly resounded through the entire primitive mountain forest.


Looking up, a golden petite figure and a robust yellow figure turned into two streaks of light, entwining with each other. Wherever they passed, not to mention giant trees, even the rocks instantly shattered into pieces, shooting in all directions.


“This little creature can actually go head-to-head with Fifth King!?” cried the Giant Black Tiger in an astonished voice, sporting a hint of seriousness.


Others might not have an idea, but how could it not? Old Fifth, known as King of Strength, while having a Humanoid Form, excelled in explosive strength. It once infiltrated the Human realm, learned from a hidden expert, and mastered a set of powerful martial arts.


While his moves may appear cruel and vicious, they were the best interpretation of strength. It could be said that even it didn’t want to confront the Fifth King in terms of explosiveness.


But now, much to Black Tiger’s surprise, a tiny-little Ant could…


*Tsk…&* Clicking its tongue, the Giant Black Tiger chuckled sinisterly. [That Ant should be the prodigy of the Ant Clan.]


It liked prodigies the most. Every time it slaughtered the prodigy of other races, it experienced an indescribable pleasure.


Just like not long ago, a prodigy of an Elephant Tribe challenged it. Its mournful cries were something that the Giant Black Tiger missed even now.


At that very moment…


*Swoosh* Suddenly, the sound of something rapidly moving attracted the attention of the Giant Black Tiger. Looking up, it noticed a delicate figure leaving afterimages, constantly flickering among the tall trees.


Cat King, its Third Sister, was a terrifying existence with speed reaching incomprehensible levels.


Among Humans, there was an ancient profession called Assassin, Cat King could be called a ‘natural-born assassin.’


In just a few breaths, she had crossed hundreds of meters, pouncing towards the distant Humanoid Figure.


“Just in time.” With a light laugh, Thorns glanced at the fleeting figure in the air, sporting not much concern.


She raised her hand as numerous blood-red vines dancing in the air suddenly changed direction, rapidly shooting towards this petite dark figure.


*Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…* The blood-red vines moved as swiftly as wind itself, creating sharp sounds of cutting through air.


However, just when they were about to get close to this petite figure, Thorns’ pupils suddenly shrank, because, the next moment, this petite figure disappeared into the air.


“Hmmm…?” Thorns exclaimed in surprise, a bit taken aback. 


Right at that very moment, she heard a faint voice coming from the side, “Cat King is so fast that it’s unimaginable, but that’s not the most terrifying part about her.


The most terrifying aspect about her is that the faster its speed, the quieter the sound it makes, eventually even disappearing from our sight… that is the infamous ‘Silent Steps’ of Cat King…”


Listening to the nearby Black Fox Queen’s voice, Thorns’ eyebrows rose slightly. There was no denying that the Black Fox Queen’s remarks had truly left Thorns astonished.


[But is it really enough?] As if thinking of something, a shadow of a smile subtly tugged the corner of Thorns’ lips.


She was recalling her Master’s evaluation of her: ‘Thorns, your Blood Vines weave an ‘absolute defense.’ They can detect all means of attack before they even get close to you, preemptively evading or even blocking them. This is your most powerful ability. Of course, whether it can block or not depends on you.’



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