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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 448, Unbridled Frenzy

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“Can I really block it?”  Whispering to herself, Thorns lowered her head, sporting a playful expression.


However, at this moment, a whisper suddenly rang in Thorns’ ears,  “Have you given up?”


The voice was cold, but not ice cold; it was a kind of coolness, like sweet and cold. Yet, in response to this voice, Thorns’ smile grew even wider.


“You can give it a try,” softly whispering, Thorns was already wrapping her arm around her chest with one hand, snapping her fingers with the other.


The snap of her finger sounded much like provocation.


At the same time, Blood Vines rose from around Thorns at a speed visible to the naked eyes.


Instead of launching an immediate attack in response, Cat King, lurking in the shadows, cast a deep glance at the Blood Vines rising around the Human-looking girl.


For some reason, it had a bad premonition, as if the moment it launched an assault, it would be met with a thunderous strike. It found this feeling somewhat absurd, Forcing it to choose to continue waiting, in hope of a better opportunity.


Meanwhile, other Mutant Beasts did not pause.


*Roooaaar…* Right then, a terrifying Tiger roar, accompanied by a strong smell of blood, echoed through the forest as an enormous Blood Tiger sprinted towards Thorns and the others, seemingly emerging from a sea of blood.


However, before this Blood Tiger could reach Thorns, Black Fox and White Fox exchanged a glance before simultaneously leaping into action.


*Howl, howl…* Amidst piercing Fox howls, a black and a white pair of claws with Spiritual Energy circling around them fiercely slashed out.


*Schlish…* Immediately after, a ripping sound rang as a wound appeared on the pouncing Blood Tiger.


Yet, right then, Black Fox and White Fox felt their hearts skip a beat.


Born with the inherent sharp wit of the Foxes, they instantly created distance without a moment of thought.


In an instant, just as Black Fox and White Fox pulled away, two blood arrows suddenly shot out from the Blood Tiger’s wound with a swoosh.


*Boom, boom…* Immediately after, much to the astonishment of many Mutant Beasts, two blood-colored storms suddenly appeared in the distance. The area where the storms raged was the location where the blood arrows were aimed.


“Uh…” Black Fox and White Fox slightly froze, flabbergasted. They really had no idea Blood Tiger was capable of something like this.


Right at that very moment, an arrogant and aggressive voice echoed in the air, “Come on, hurt me, hurt me more. Come on.”


Shouting in a crazed and excited voice, Blood Tiger once again turned into a streak of blood light and pounced towards Black Fox and White Fox.


“Tsk, there’s actually such a strange guy?” A grin appeared on Titan’s lips, feeling excited.


However, seeing that Black Fox and White Fox had already tangled with the Blood Tiger, he did not want to steal someone else’s prey right from their jaws. Moreover, there was an even more terrifying character quietly standing on a grotesque rock in the distance.


*Roooaaar…* Suddenly, a Dragon-like Roar roar echoed through the sky as Titan lifted his legs.


Displaying an increasingly violent and aggressive aura, he wantonly unleashed his attacks in all directions, proclaiming his dominance.


At this moment, seemingly aware of Titan’s provocation, the distant Giant Black Tiger narrowed its eyes slightly, and the corners of its mouth slowly cracked, sporting a cruel smile.


“Another one seeking death?” Just as the drop of these words, a terrifying surge of Spiritual Energy burst from him with a deafening roar.








The terrifying Spiritual Energy seemed boundless. At the same time, the boundless darkness under the night seemingly converged towards it, forming a massive black vortex centered around the Giant Black Tiger.


Watching this scene, not to mention Titan, even Golden Ant, who was currently locked in battle with the Fifth King of the Tiger Clan, had a slight change in expression.


“Old Seventh…” Upon hearing Golden Ant’s somewhat worried voice, Titan also momentarily paused. 


Grinning, Titan assured, “It’s okay, Fifth Brother, I can definitely take it…”


Speaking this, Titan also added, a rare request for help, “By the way, Fifth Brother, you better end the battle quickly.”


Although ruthless and brutal, Titan was not foolish. With his current perception, he could naturally sense the terrifying strength of this Giant Black Tiger.


[Damn it, even if this guy’s not a Fourth Order Tier-2 Transcendent, he’s definitely close to it. Besides Snake Queen and the Elder Sister, no one has ever given me this kind of pressure.]


With these thoughts in mind, Titan couldn’t help but complain in his heart, [Powerful Transcendents are rarely seen among Mutant Beasts!… Yet why did such a monster pop out as soon as I came out?]


However, Titan did not brood over it. As someone capable of commanding many ferocious Mutant Tiger Tribes, how could the Giant Black Tiger be weak?


If it wasn’t for the fact that the Giant Black Tiger was rarely active in the Human World, it might have been labeled as another Monstrosity.


Of course, that was just a possibility.


Currently, although the Giant Black Tiger was strong, it was still a bit short of the Ten Monstrosities of the continent. After all, while the Giant Black Tiger was growing, the Ten Monstrosities were also advancing.


Just like the current Number One Monstrosity of the continent, Yu Zi Yu, who was advancing toward Tier-4.



*Roar…* The Giant Black Tiger looked towards the sky and gave out a roar, shaking the sky. Subsequently, accompanied by swelling sound waves surging outwards and flattening towering trees in their wake, a storm of black aura continuously spread in all directions.


The ground instantly cracked with deafening rumbles.


At the same time, a claw, tens of meters long and formed from Spiritual Energy, emerged from the darkness, ruthlessly tearing towards the Behemoth, Titan.


Before Titan could even react, the enormous black claw had already reached Titan with a swoosh.


The ominous aura emanating from the black Tiger Claw of Spiritual Energy made Titan narrow his eyes.


The Dark Element was the most vicious of all; a moment of negligence could result in erosion by it.


*Haaaa…* Taking a deep breath, Titan covered his giant front limb with Spiritual Energy.


But before it could fiercely strike, a sudden roar echoed at the horizon.


“Damn it, you dare to hurt my Seventh Brother!?” The thunderous Tiger Roar shook the entire battlefield. This Tiger roar was different from the roars of the Four Kings of the Five Tiger Clan. It was more domineering, carrying an unparalleled tyranny and aggression.


An indescribable tyranny, as if it came from ancient times, a roar echoing through the ages…


“Uh…” Momentarily taken aback, the corner of Titan’s rose into a smile.


[Third Brother has finally arrived.] Smirking in his heart, Titan retracted his raised front claws, allowing the black Spiritual Energy Tiger claw to tear him.


*Squish…* The Tiger Claw, fueled by black Spiritual Energy, tore a gaping gash on Titan’s body with a ripping sound, as a massive splash of blood dyed a large part of the sky red.


Titan just shot a glance at the long gash; he did not seem to care much about it.


This wound may look severe, but for Behemoths like him, it was only a superficial injury.


The real trouble was the terrifying erosion of the Dark Element.


However, it could be easily cleared with Spiritual Energy later.


The reason Titan chose to forgo defense and take the injury was not without any rhyme and reason. He understood his Third Brother, White Tiger quite well. He knew that despite his silly behavior and appearances, White Tiger was extremely loyal.


If he saw his brothers getting hurt, it might blow his top and he just might go berserk.


And what role would fury play for White Tiger?


Anger might cloud other people’s judgment, but for White Tiger, it meant an exponential increase in his strength.


It was a true outburst.


The angrier he got, the more terrifying he became. Trading a superficial injury for an exponential increase in his Third Brother’s combat power was quite cost-effective.


Of course, if other Mutant Beasts knew about Titan’s thoughts, they would undoubtedly be dumbfounded. Because Titan had always shown a cruel and aggressive behavior, and usually remained alone. He had never shown such cunning-as-a-Fox behavior.


No, this shouldn’t be called cunning as a Fox. A more accurate description would be great wisdom hidden beneath apparent foolishness.


Beneath Titan’s ferocious and terrifying appearance was a subtlety that those around him had yet not noticed. This was one of the most important reasons why Titan steadily reached his current position.



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