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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 449, Shadow Tiger

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Witnessing his Seventh Brother-Titan getting mauled in the distance, with a massive splash of blood gushing out of the wound, White Tiger’s pupils shrank to the size of a needle point. 


“You, you…” The sight of this left White Tiger fuming; he felt a fire burning in his chest.


The next moment…


*Roooaar…* A terrifying Tiger Roar reverberated through the sky. Immediately after, in the horrified gazes of countless Mutant Beasts, a violent storm swept across the horizon, tearing apart the white clouds under the night sky. 


At the same time, a white streak, like a meteor, headed straight towards the distant Giant Black Tiger that had turned the boundless night into a black cloak. 


“Huh!?”  The Giant Black Tiger furrowed its brow slightly, feeling its chest tighten. For some unknown reason, it felt an inexplicable sense of crisis.


Just at this moment…


*Boom…* A howling storm came rushing as the white streak rapidly drew near.


Subsequently, a Tiger even larger than itself entered the Giant Black Tiger’s line of sight. The Tiger had a pair of fierce-looking white wings on its back, resembling Dragon Wings.


“A Tiger with wings…” exclaiming in amazement, the Giant Black Tiger leaped to one side.


Immediately after, a deafening crash fiercely shook the ground.


Looking up, a large pit, about 40-50 meters, had appeared at the Giant Black Tiger’s prior location.


Right at that very moment, before the Giant Black Tiger could react, a huge white figure suddenly leaped from the pit, pouncing at the Giant Black Tiger.


“You injured my Seventh Brother, I’ll kill you.” With slightly bloodshot eyes, Old Third, White Tiger, fiercely swung his whip-like tail, creating a sonic boom. 


*Crack…* In just an instant, this whip-like tail struck the Giant Black Tiger, sending it flying before it could even react.


*Boom, boom, boom…” One after another, the Giant Black Tiger crashed into the trees, snapping them in half. At the same time, a mournful roar also echoed, expressing the agony coursing through his body.


The pain was off the charts. The Giant Black Tiger seldom suffered injuries, and one such as painful as this was a first for it. It felt as if its bones had been crushed.


Just then, as if sensing something, the Giant Black Tiger’s pupils fiercely contracted. Because, in the corner of its eyes, it spotted a crazed White Tiger pouncing at it once again.


“You…” However, before it could even roar its anger, the Giant Black Tiger felt itself lose control of its body as it was thrown to the ground.


*Skkkkrrrrrrrrrr..* The Giant Black Tiger skidded for tens of meters, leaving a two to three meters deep mark.


Just at this moment, with a whoosh, Spiritual Energy started converging as a prismatic glow emerged from White Tiger’s throat.


In the astonished gaze of the Giant Black Tiger, a thick beam of wind struck its head at point-blank range, producing a deafening explosion.


*Boom, boom, boom…* Thereupon, the ground shook repeatedly as the Giant Black Tiger was forcefully rammed into the deepest part of the earth, leaving behind a bottomless pit.


*Whoosh…* A night breeze swept through the nearly devastated primeval forest, gently ruffling the fur of the giant White Tiger with snow-white wings and a cold, icy gaze, standing silently on a rugged boulder.


“Come out. I know this kind of attack is not enough to kill you,” rebuking in a cold voice, White Tiger stared at the seemingly bottomless hole not far away with a cruel and fierce gleam in his eyes. Even if he could not see, he could feel a very oppressive aura rising.


“It’s been a long time, a long time… since I suffered such a serious injury…” A calm and hoarse voice rang. But within that calmness, there was a chilling coldness.


“Next, you’ll suffer even more miserably,” White Tiger rebuked in such a calm and collected voice that it sounded as if he was stating a fact.


At the same time, he retracted his white wings, which adhered tightly to his body like a plate of armor. Simultaneously, his body also tensed up, and muscles started vibrating at a terrifying frequency, continuously gathering even more vigorous power.


It was a ‘Muscle Breathing’ technique that Sarcosuchus had taught him. It enabled its user to amplify their muscular power by regulating their breathing.


*Thump, thump, thump…* At this moment, heavy footsteps rang from the bottomless pit while the already dark pit became even darker.


Looking closely, it seemed as if an endless darkness was spreading towards the outside world.


Immediately after, a sinister figure, with most of its head covered in blood, entered White Tiger’s line of sight.


Its previously silky black fur was now messy and disheveled. At a glance, it looked much like a stray dog.


However, at this moment, White Tiger dared not be careless. Only those who had truly fought against the Giant Black Tiger would understand how astonishing its combat sense was.


Even when White Tiger ambushed it, fully suppressing it, the Giant Black Tiger managed to evade all fatal attacks.


Even with the terrifying pillar of storm that White Tiger had fired at it from point-blank range, the Giant Black Tiger managed to dodge most of it.


“Uh…” With his mind in turmoil, White Tiger became even more cautious.


Needless to say, a tough battle lay ahead of him.


Still, despite the fierce battle awaiting him, he believed that he needed to boast a little.


Thinking of this, White Tiger sneered and taunted, “If the so-called Black Tiger King is only this strong, then it’s truly disappointing.”


“Oh, really?” With a grim smile, the Black Tiger looked at White Tiger with a somewhat complicated gaze.


After a moment, sighing, the Giant Black Tiger spoke sincerely, “As fellow Tigers, why should we fight each other?”


“Fight each other?” Sporting a cold smile, White Tiger responded indifferently, “Putting aside the fact that you injured my Brother, a mountain can’t have two Tigers, a Clan can’t have two kings. That’s enough reason for us to fight.”


“Two kings…” muttering, the Giant Black Tiger’s gaze also became serious.


“So that’s how it is.” The corner of Giant Black Tiger’s mouth rose into a smile as realization dawned upon him.


“It seems that we do need to have a showdown.” As he spoke, the endless darkness began to slowly contract. After a moment, to the somewhat astonished gaze of White Tiger, from the seemingly deepest part of the profound darkness, another Giant Black Tiger emerged.


However, this Giant Black Tiger was even darker, and even its facial features were somewhat blurry.


Unique Ability: Shadow Tiger—Bestowing its own shadow with immense Spiritual Energy, it can materialize its shadow, which possesses 70% of its strength.


“Come, let us start all over again.” Just at the drop of its words, two consecutive roars reverberated through the night as two Giant Black Tigers pounced fiercely towards White Tiger from either side.



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