Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 45, Toxin Secretion – Paralysis


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


[When cultivating Mutant Beasts, the most important thing is to strengthen myself.] Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu pulled his status screen right away.


With 172 Evolution Points at his disposal, he could upgrade several abilities. For instance, he decided to strengthen his branches first.


Since he had decided, Yu Zi Yu did not hesitate for a moment to agree to the prompt asking for a confirmation.


<Are you sure you wish to use 5 Evolution Points to upgrade your branch?>


“Yes,” Yu Zi Yu confirmed with a nod.


Although 5 Evolution Points seemed a bit excessive, the consumption of Evolution Points had always been worthwhile. In other words, this kind of enhancement was definitely worth its cost.


While these thoughts were running in his mind, Yu Zi Yu suddenly felt a surging warmth emanating from the corner of his body. And before he could react, this warmth was already spreading toward one of his branches.


*Kacha…* Accompanied by a crisp sound as if the bark had cracked, new shoots began to sprout at the end of the branch that was strengthened once again.


At the same time, a stronger vitality permeated and spread uncontrollably, accompanied by even more pleasant fragrance.


“This…” In a moment of rare astonishment, Yu Zi Yu noticed an indescribable change in his branch after the enhancement.


After the branch was initially upgraded with the Evolution Points, Yu Zi Yu gained the ability to control the branch like his arms.


And now, after the second upgrade, Yu Zi Yu’s control had been further strengthened, and had gained not only increased toughness, but also an additional ability.


Realizing this, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to the status screen.


Mutated Branch (Level 2) – A branch that has undergone several upgrades. Its hardness is comparable to steel. It can be freely bent and extended. In addition, the branch can secrete a toxin that can paralyze and even render prey consciousness.


Staring at this information in daze, Yu Zi Yu fell silent for a moment.


It was undeniably terrifying.


The branch, which was already formidable, could now secret toxins. Just the thought it alone was horrifying.


At this moment, a feeling began to rise in Yu Zi Yu. If he managed to upgrade all his branches, his combat power would at least multiply by several times. After all, each of his countless branches was his tentacle. Within the reach of his branches, he could attack anytime and at will.


After his branch had gone through another upgrade, merely blocking the attacks was not enough, his enemies would now have to resist the toxins it secreted.


Although Yu Zi Yu had no idea how terrifying this toxin was, the fact that it was an ability attached to Level 2 made it evident how formidable it was.


After all, none of his Level 2 abilities could be scoff at.


The Level 2 Shroud of Mist could envelop tens of thousands of mountains, and the Level 2 Hallucinogen could freely weave illusions and confuse the senses within the mist.


However, despite his terrifying combat power, Yu Zi Yu had an inherent limitation that could not be ignored.


He was just a Willow Tree. He might possess fearsome combat power, but he was unable to leave the ground.


*Haaa…* Yu Zi Yu let out a long, deep breath, feeling a little helpless.


If he could uproot himself and freely run under the sun, why would he have to fear the Humans? If he could not win the fight, he could just simply flee. In this vast world, there must exist a place where he could find refuge.


Unfortunately, his most frustrating predicament was being rooted in the ground, forced to silently watch over this canyon.



And right then, sensing something, Yu Zi Yu was suddenly struck with an idea.


“You will be the test subject. Although I don’t want to, who asks you to be the most disobedient!?” With a mischievous smile in his heart, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to the nearby spot, where the Honey Badger was stubbornly digging a hole, trying to escape from the tree cage.


Currently, the Honey Badger, who had mostly recovered from its injuries, had not actively chosen to leave Yu Zi Yu’s vicinity, but it still retained its reckless nature.


Apart from going out to hunt during the time permitted by Yu Zi Yu, the Honey Badger was solely focused on trying to dig out of the tree cage, and engage in fights with other Mutant Beasts.


If it were not for the fact that it would obediently bring back prey during hunts, providing Yu Zi Yu with Evolution Points, he would have dealt with him long ago.


Of course, considering the fact that the Honey Badger provided him with Evolution Points, Yu Zi Yu only confined it within the tree cage to prevent it from causing trouble.


However, this fellow was pretty cute in itself. It was just that it seemed to have developed a grudge against Yu Zi Yu’s tree cage.


Every time it saw the tree cage erected by Yu Zi Yu, it would let out a cry of joy and surprise, and then started fiercely biting it as if it coveted it very much. But once it realized that it could not bite through the tree cage, it would return back to its digging activities.


It kept digging deeper and deeper, and even after digging 20-30 meters deep into the ground, it still could not escape from the cage.


Thinking about this, Yu Zi Yu could not help but burst into laughter.


The branches gently started swaying, and then, a green and verdant branch swiftly entered a nearby dark hole on the ground.


At this moment, using the branch’s vision, Yu Zi Yu could already see a several times bigger the Honey Badger. It was digging like an excavator, unleashing its full force as its claws kept constantly moving back and forth.


Extending bit by bit…


Yu Zi Yu slowed down the branch’s speed as it stealthily extended deeper into the hole.


Fortunately, the Honey Badger was completely focused on digging, and failed to notice the branch approaching.


Just as the branch was about to reach the Honey Badger, Yu Zi Yu suddenly accelerated the branch.


“Chi”, accompanied by the sound of a needle piercing, the branch struck the Honey Badger, who failed to perceive it due to its speed.


Right then, under Yu Zi Yu’s bated breath, the Honey Badger’s movement suddenly froze, followed by what looked like a spasm, its hind legs started shaking left and right…


“It’s paralyzed already!?”


With a smile in his heart, Yu Zi Yu was delighted by the speed and the toxicity of the toxin.


However, before Yu Zi Yu could relish his surprise…


*Growl~* A low growl suddenly made Yu Zi Yu’s face slightly stiff.


The next moment, the motionless Honey Badger suddenly shook its head, and then, as if nothing had happened, it began digging again.


“Uh…is this really paralysis caused by a Level 2 Toxin?” Seeing this, Yu Zi Yu began to doubt his outlook of life.


If it could not even paralyze a Tier-0 Level Mutant Beast for long, how could the toxin pose a threat to Transcendent beings of the same level?




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