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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 451, The Closing Curtains of the Battlefield

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Blood Vine was one of the most dreadful types of Mutant Parasitic Plant. It could continuously grow by absorbing blood and Spiritual Energy.


Now, Thorns had chosen to nourish her Natal Blood Vine with the blood and Spiritual Energy of Cat King. This way, not only would she be able to grow her Natal Blood Vine stronger, but she could also gain a formidable assistant.


Cat King’s charm and cuteness were secondary, what really captivated Thorns was the terrifying combat power of Cat King. Had Thorns’ Innate Talent when she was Human not been Sixth Sense, and had she not fused with Blood Vine, gaining the ability-Absolute Defense, she would have fallen here today.


Cat King’s speed was just too terrifying.


That speed was no less inferior to the Transcendent Snow Leopard moving at full speed. Moreover, compared to Snow Leopard, Cat King was stealthier.


Ordinary Mutant Beasts wouldn’t even be able to detect her, and they would lose their lives without even knowing how and when.


Thinking this, Thorns looked at the small Cat in her arms with fervor in her eyes.


“Meow meow…” Continuously meowing, the petite black-footed Yellow Cat silently lowered her head. Every living being harbored a fear of death, especially powerful Mutant Beasts like Cat King.


Feeling the terrifying Blood Vine infiltrating her network of blood vessels, surrendering to Thorns was just an inevitable choice for Cat King.




Meanwhile, at another battlefield…


“3rd Stage…” Just as these words echoed, the space rippled. At the same time, a blood-color stream shot towards the sky from a tiny figure, covered in shimmering scales.


*Crack!* As he clenched his fist, a loud bursting sound rang as if the very air had exploded. The moment Golden Ant clenched his fists, tiny hairline black cracks spread around his fist.


At the same time…


Glancing deeply at the robust humanoid figure not far away, Golden Ant started speaking, a rare attempt on his side, “You’re strong, very strong…”


Saying so, he changed the topic and added, “But unfortunately, you ran into me.”


Just as these words fell, Golden Ant raised his fist.




*Roooaar…* Accompanied by a dreadful roar, a towering column of light came down. Before the Humanoid Tiger could even react, the towering column struck it directly.


*Booooooom…* A deafening explosion rang, shaking the entire primeval forest.


Facing Golden Ant, who had executed his 3rd Stage Strength Boost, not to mention this tiger, even the Giant Black Tiger would feel its heart drop.


Golden Ant’s power had been that terrifying. He was unimaginably strong. If he was not limited by the duration of his Strength Boost’s 3rd Stage, even labeling him as an Apex Transcendent would not be an exaggeration.


It should be noted that Golden Ant had extended the duration of his Strength Boost’s 3rd Stage from three breaths to seven breaths after having fought several battles at full strength.


In other words, during these seven breaths, even a formidable Fourth Order Tier-2 Transcendent would find it challenging to compete with him.


However, if the battle was not over within these seven breaths, things won’t bode well for Golden Ant either. Therefore, every time Golden Ant used the Strength Boost’s 3rd Stage, he did so with great caution.



The battlefield slowly returned to calm as the various battles consecutively reached their conclusions.


Even the battle between Black Fox, White Fox, and Blood Tiger was forced to conclude under the mighty punch of Golden Ant.


**Gulp…** Black Fox and White Fox nervously swallowed their saliva, looking at the petite golden figure that had now restrained its Vital Energy, their faces filled with astonishment.


At this moment, if one looked not far from Black Fox and White Fox, they would discover a very large crater, where the Second King of the Five Tiger Clan, Blood Tiger lay reluctantly at the bottom.


It struggled to get up, but was unable to exert any strength.


What plunged Blood Tiger even deeper into despair was that every bone in its body seemed to be shattered, causing it indescribable pain.


*Roar, Roar, Roar…*


Giving out roars of grief, Blood Tiger sported a hint of despair for the first time in its life. It shifted its gaze towards the small golden figure standing at the edge of the crater.


“Who are you, really?” Gathering the last bit of its strength, Blood Tiger asked in a shocked voice.


“Misty Mountains’ Fifth Great Beast…” answering in a low voice, Golden Ant slowly turned around.


Shortly after he left, his voice echoed clearly in the minds of Black Fox and White Fox, “Take the Second King and Fifth King of the Five Tiger Clan into custody, I’ll bring them back to Misty Mountains.”


“Yes, yes…” Black Fox and White Fox accepted in a respectful voice without a moment of hesitation.



*Tap, tap, tap…*


A cacophony of dense footsteps echoed as numerous Mutant Beast swarmed towards a battlefield, surrounding it.


In the center of the battlefield, a Giant Black Tiger and a White Tiger with wings were circling each other…


Blood from their wounds had already entered their eyes, blurring their vision. But the gait of these two Giant Tigers remained firm and steady, glaring fiercely at each other.


However, at this moment, as if sensing something around them, White Tiger suddenly grinned and stated, “It seems like our side has won.”


“Indeed,” the Giant Black Tiger nodded in agreement, not denying it either.


Then, as if thinking of something, the corner of the Giant Black Tiger drew back as it asked in a resonant voice, smiling, “Shall I surrender?”


“Surrender? Would you?” With a playful smile, White Tiger licked the crimson blood flowing down his cheek. [This bastard almost knocked me over.]


At this moment, White Tiger’s Spiritual Energy was depleted, and his strength had almost hit the bottom. However, the Giant Black Tiger was not that far off either.


Now, the two Tigers were competing in endurance. Whoever lasted longer would be the ultimate victor.


At this moment, White Tiger’ eyes suddenly shrank, as if noticing something. But before he could say something, Golden Ant, who was observing from a distance, had already thrown a punch.




Immediately after, followed by a deafening clap, a Mutant Yellow Fox that was attempting to launch a sneak attack on the Giant Black Tiger, was sent flying like a cannonball.


“You’re really my Brother, you know what my heart wants!White Tiger sported a grin, displaying a triumphant expression.


Witnessing this, the Giant Black Tiger’s eyes flickered with a deep and complex emotion, but it didn’t say much.


It simply crouched slowly, getting ready to attack.


As its body became taught, its body started surging with even more formidable strength.


The next moment, in the gazes of countless Mutant Beasts…


*Rooaar, Rooaar…* Giving out successive Tiger Roars, the two Giant Tigers fiercely clashed with each other, as the curtain rose on the most primitive and bloody hand-to-hand combat.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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