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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 452, The Fox Clan’s Treasure

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Three days later, on the peak of Green Hill, an elegant Black Fox was standing quietly, accompanied by Thorns, Golden Ant, and the others.


At this moment, all of them happened to be gazing in a direction, where several figures were gradually moving away under the setting sun. 


Leading these figures was a White Tiger with wings, who appeared to be beside himself with joy and pride. After all, two of the five kings of the Five Tiger Clan had submitted, one being the Second King–Blood Tiger, and the other being the Fifth King–the Humanoid Tiger.


With these two terrifying Tigers bolstering the ranks, the status of his Mutant Tiger Clan within Misty Mountains would be greatly elevated.


Furthermore, besides the Blood Tiger and the Humanoid Tiger, White Tiger has also successfully subjugated dozens of Tier-1 Mutant Tigers.


They were the surviving members of the Five Tiger Clan, who wanted to join Misty Mountains following the Blood Tiger and the Humanoid Tiger.


As for the mightest of the Five Tiger Clan, the Giant Black Tiger…


As if sensing something, White Tiger, who was already walking on a mountain peak, suddenly turned around, raising his gaze slowly.


Immediately, as if traversing space, a dark and gloomy gaze met his.


“Next time, I won’t lose to you.” Heaven a sigh, the Giant Black Tiger decisively turned around.


This time, he lost. It was a complete loss.


On that night, they fiercely fought for several hours, before he became completely exhausted and slumped on the ground.


However, surprisingly, instead of killing him, White Tiger gave him a choice, “Surrender to our Misty Mountains, and from now on, you’ll be the Patriarch of our Misty Mountains’ Tiger Clan…”


“Patriarch…” the Giant Black Tiger muttered to himself. Looking at the sincere gaze of White Tiger, the Giant Black Tiger felt a complicated emotion.


He was also well aware of Misty Mountain. It was well known as the most terrifying force among Mutant Beasts.


However, he did not expect Misty Mountains to be so terrifying that even casually deployed Mutant Beasts could overpower him.


Seeing the Giant Black Tiger remaining silent for a long time, White Tiger smiled and gave another proposal, as if understanding the Giant Black Tiger’s hesitation, “Let’s do it this way. I’ll give you three months. After three months, you’ll come to me, and we’ll fight again. If I lose, then we’ll forget about it as if this has never happened. But if you lose again, then you’ll join Misty Mountains…”


Hearing White Tiger’s proposal, after much hesitation, the Giant Black Tiger chose to lower his head.


Actually, he had no other choice either.


If he refused, there was only one path left for him, one that he did not want to set himself on, and neither did White Tiger want to see him take.


After all, it was rare for powerful Transcendents of the same species like them to encounter one another. The loss of any one of them would be truly unfortunate.



This time, besides dozens of Tier-1 Mutant Tigers, and the Tier-2 Blood Tiger and Humanoid Tiger, the Lord of the Green Hill, White Fox King was also following White Tiger.


[Since they have surrendered to Misty Mountains, they naturally need to pay homage to Master.]


This was an unwritten rule in Misty Mountains – ‘Everyone in Misty Misty Mountains must revere the Divine Tree. Everything has to be done according to the will of the Divine Tree.’


Although no one said this, many Mutant Beasts think so in their hearts. Naturally, White Tiger was also a most faithful practitioner of this statement.


Be that as it may, what left everyone speechless was that before leaving, White Tiger actually set his eyes on the Supreme Treasure of the Green Hill’s Fox Clan.


“Since you’re coming to see the Divine Tree, aren’t you going to bring a gift? And, let me tell you, ordinary gifts won’t catch his eye…” Saying this, White Tiger generously gave Black Fox and White Fox two drops of Life Essence.


“Erm…” Staring at the Spirit Essence with abundant vitality, the eyes of both Black Fox and White Fox lit up with fervor.


Right at that very moment, White Tiger tempted them again, “If your gift satisfies the Divine Tree, you can have as much of this Spirit Essence as you want…”


*Haaaa…* After hearing White Tiger’s statement, Black Fox and White Fox glanced at each other before taking a long, deep breath.


“All treasures in the world belong to the capable. Only the Divine Tree is worthy of this treasure.” Saying this, the Black Fox Queen pulled out a Spirit Herb from a mysterious valley.


White Tiger and Golden Ant had no idea about the name of this herb, but the moment they laid eyes on it, they were shaken.


That inexplicable sense of mystery surrounding it almost made them feel as if they were facing the Five-Color Spirit Flower, Aurora. 


“It is indeed a Supreme Treasure.” White Tiger sighed deeply with emotions. He couldn’t help but recall the Giant Black Tiger’s reminder to him. ‘The Fox Clan’s Spirit Herb is a treasure. If you have the chance, you better take it with you…”


It was precisely because of this sentence that White Tiger set his eyes on this Spirit Herb.


The result left him quite satisfied. 


Not only did he subdue most of the surviving force of the Five Tiger Clan, but he also obtained the Supreme Treasure of Green Hill’s Fox Clan.


Every time he recalled this, White Tiger grew increasingly satisfied.


“Now, who dares to say I’m stupid?” Wearing a mischievous smile, each step White Tiger took seemed much more powerful.




However, at this moment, what White Tiger didn’t know was that shortly after his departure, in the depths of a mountain, Golden Ant was standing quietly on a treetop, and lying across him was a Giant Black Tiger, crouching on a rugged boulder.


“My Third Brother eyeing the Fox Clan’s Supreme Treasure must be because of you, right?”


“How did you know?” A shadow of a smile appeared on the Giant Black Tiger’s face, piqued.


“My Third Brother is good at everything, but he’s lacking in the brains department…”


“Uh…” Hearing this, the Giant Black Tiger’s expression stiffened slightly.


He really had not expected for this to be the reason.


However, looking at Golden Ant’s earnest expression, he heaved a helpless sigh and stated, “So it turns out that the one who defeated me is somewhat of a fool.”


*Hmph!* Golden Ant coldly snorted as his gaze became a bit colder.


He could say this because White Tiger was his Third Brother, but if an outsider said something like this, there would be a reckoning,


At this moment, seemingly sensing the anger of Golden Ant, the Giant Black Tiger smiled and changed the subject, “Since I fell to the Fox Clan’s scheme this time, how could I possibly let them feel any better?”


“Indeed, you can’t let others be happy while you are suffering.” With a cold smile, Golden Ant crossed his arms around his chests and affirmed, “However, I didn’t expect the Fox Clan’s Supreme Treasure to be such a valuable item. If I knew about it, even I would have set my eyes on it.”


Affirming this, Golden Ant turned around and left.


However, shortly after he left, Golden Ant’s voice echoed in the Giant Black Tiger’s ears, carrying a rare hint of warmth, “Thanks for reminding my Third Brother. We, Misty Mountains, owe you a favor. We’re quite satisfied with that Spirit Herb.”



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