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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 453, The Invasion of Sea Creatures

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While Golden Ant and others remained at Green Hill to continue their training… 


In Shanghai, a coastal city of China, and one of the most prosperous ones.


Even before the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, and more so afterward, this city particularly stood out. The reason being the abundance of geniuses and consecutively emerging experts.


Among China’s top ten prodigies, three of them came from this city. What was even more terrifying was that due to its location at the coast, Shanghai was under a constant threat of Sea Creatures. Every Superhuman in the city could be considered to have emerged from mountains of corpses and seas of blood. Whether in terms of strength or techniques, they were a cut above ordinary Superhumans.


Thus, Shanghai was also known as Principal City, alongside Guangzhou, Anshan, and Chongqing.


At this moment, in Shanghai, on a bus heading towards the coast, a long-haired girl was sitting by the window. She gazed into the distance as the corners of her lips slightly curved into a shadow of a smile, her eyes gleaming with a faint glow.


She was very beautiful, exuding the kind of spirit and youth that only high school girls possess. She wore a slightly transparent white blouse, the corners of which fluttered along with her long hair, captivating many male students on the bus.


She was Lin Zi Yi, a transfer student who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere; her identity shrouded in a veil of mystery.


Today, she was following the Spiritual Energy Academy to the coastal military zone for a trial.


This so-called trial was the ‘graduation exam’ of every Spiritual Energy Academy in Shanghai. Everything they had learned and practiced in the Spiritual Energy Academy was for killing Mutant Beasts.


If they failed to slay Mutant Beasts, then all the knowledge and skills they had learned would have been useless.


Hence, killing Mutant Beasts, including Mutant Sea Creatures, became the graduation exam for every Spiritual Energy Academy in Shanghai.


In this regard, the Spiritual Energy Academies would cooperate with the military. Students who displayed outstanding talent might even be directly recruited into the military and become key members of the Theater Command.


However, at this moment, as if noticing something, Lin Zi Yi sitting by the window furrowed her brows.


“What’s that!?” softly murmuring, she gazed into the distance, looking towards the direction of the sky and sea.


After a moment, she seemed to have made some confirmation.


*Haaaa…* Exhaling gently, the young girl looked towards a nearby professor and called out, “Sir, there seems to be some problem, I’ll go take a look first.”


“Alright,” the bespectacled professor seemed to be aware of the girl’s identity and granted his permission.


Just as the professor gave his permission, much to the stupefaction of her classmates, Lin Zi Yi’s figure gradually started to blur in the air. The space around her seemed to twist as a transparent vortex was formed.




“Is it for real? Spatial Energy, how is that possible?”


“It must have been an illusion for sure…”


Cries of surprise rang one after another as numerous students stood up from their seats.


As graduating students, their understanding of spiritual energy was already quite advanced. Some exceptionally talented individuals had even become Tier-1 Superhumans. However, now, looking at this girl, not to mention the ordinary students, even those who were already Tier-1 Superhumans were gaping in astonishment.


However, a certain knowledgeable student, seemingly realizing something, couldn’t help but mutter, “Owl, one of China’s top ten prodigies known for possessing magical Innate Talent, is actually a girl, and such a young one at that.”


Owl, one of China’s top ten outstanding talents, was a famous prodigy in Shanghai. However, she was too mysterious. Not to mention her appearance, but even her gender was a mystery to most people.


However, her signature technique was highly recognizable, only because the Innate Talent hailed as magical was a genuine Spatial Innate Talent. It allowed her to merge with space and instantly teleport.



Just as the girl disappeared, a figure with fluttering long hair appeared above a certain part of the sea.


Hovering in the air, gazing towards the end of the sea where massive waves were rising, the girl’s expression grew increasingly solemn.


Had she not sensed the extremely terrifying crisis, she wouldn’t have exposed her identity in front of her classmates.


She just wanted to be an ordinary high school student, and experience ordinary high school life. Unfortunately, fate had other plans in store for her and brought her to this dreadful era.


“Sea Creatures Invasion, and one far more fearsome than anything ever seen…” murmuring to herself, the girl brought her two fingers together to assume a sword and slashed towards the end of the sea.


*Swoosh…* Accompanied by the sound of tearing fabric, a black line tore through the sky.


However, surprisingly, as time passed, that black line continued to grow bigger. By the time it had traversed a distance of several hundred meters, the line had grown into a black crack tens of meters long.


And roaring within the crack was a terrifying force capable of tearing everything apart.


Space Rend – Tears apart the space in an area, triggering chaotic spatial turbulence that shatters everything in its wake.


It was a terrifying technique. 


At least for lower-level Mutant Sea Creatures.


However, just as this formidable technique approached the colossal waves, it fiercely shook.


Immediately after, a pitch-black shadow, so large that it blanketed the sky and sun, emerged from the towering waves, much to the shock of Lin Zi Yi.


*Roooaaar…* A thunderous roar shook the heavens and the earth. Simultaneously, a horrifying head covered in spikes also poked out.


It was a monster, a true monstrosity. However, compared to its horrifying appearance, its strength was even more horrifying.


*Roooaaar…* Another roar, even more terrifying than before reverberated through the sky, shaking the space itself, whereupon the black crack created by the girl’s slash came to a resounding halt.


Right at that very moment, the eyes of the hideous monster with spikes suddenly glowed red.


Faintly, Lin Zi Yi could hear the rattling of chains, but before she could find the source of these rattling sounds…


*Swoosh!* A spike on the monster’s body shot out. The spike was extremely fast, reaching an unimaginable level.


However, more shocking than this terrifying speed was the fact that the spike was dozens of meters long.


Looking from afar, it resembled a long spear piercing through the heavens and earth.


*Boom…* Accompanied by a resounding boom, the spike tore apart the sea in its wake, creating a trench several tens of meters wide.


“This is definitely not the power of a Tier-2 Transcendent.”


Dodging this terrifying attack with her spectacular Spatial Innate Talent, Lin Zi Yi slowly turned her head and looked back. The next moment, much to her shock, she witnessed a distant city shaking violently with a loud explosion, as if a nuclear bomb had exploded.


“This power…” Lin Zi Yi exclaimed in incredulity, her usually composed face changing dramatically.


The spike, after missing her, crossed several tens of kilometers and also struck the defensive walls of Shanghai.


At this moment, as she turned her head once again, deeply gazing at the monstrous creature, the girl disappeared into thin air without a second thought.


However, just five seconds after the girl disappeared…








Shanghai plunged into chaos, with alarms resounding throughout the entire city.


“Attention, attention! Maximum-Level Red Alert…”


“I repeat, Maximum-Level Red Alert…”


“Immediate evacuation for all non-essential civilians. All non-essential personnel, retreat immediately…”



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