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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 459, Tianshan Forbidden Zone

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Translator:  Ashish

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At this moment, unknown to anyone, at another Forbidden Zone in China–Tianshan…


Suddenly, a sound echoed through the entire mountains…


*Pffffteee* A long, resounding cry, full of vitality.


At the same time…


*Thud…* Accompanied by a footstep, the entire Tianshan Mountains trembled.


Following that, to the astonishment of the Humans in a city near the Tianshan Forbidden Zone, a white pillar shot towards the sky, piercing it.


*Swoosh…* As if inhaling, the clouds started swirling, streaming into the white pillar, causing them to dissipate slowly.


At this point, the Humans finally came to realize that the white pillar piercing the sky was actually an Elephant’s trunk, much to their shock and dismay.


Except, this particular Elephant’s trunk was as white as jade.


Just at this moment…


*Thud, thud, thud…* With increasingly heavy steps, the quakes became even more intense.


Finally, a terrifying figure gradually came into view, leaving every Human gaping in disbelief. Its body was immaculately white, without a single hair on it, and its height surpassed that of mountains. What was even more unbelievable was that with each step it took, its size seemed to increase.


By the time it walked out of Tianshan, the shadow it cast covered an entire city.


This was an extremely huge Elephant. To be precise, it should be called a White Elephant.


However, at this very moment, the White Elephant cast a long, deep glance in the direction of Shanghai, with a hint of Human-like anger flickering in its eyes.


*Pffffteee* Another long trumpeting echoed through the sky before the Elephant Trunk descended from the sky, bringing forth a storm that ripped through the clouds.


However, after a moment, as if afraid of inflicting harm, the Elephant Trunk suddenly halted, circling in the sky before retracting.


Immediately after, the Humongous White Elephant started shrinking at a speed visible to naked eyes.


In a moment, its figure had disappeared from Humans’ sight, as if it was never there.


However, if someone paid attention to the exit of Tianshan at this moment, they would certainly notice a small Elephant, white as jade, shaking its trunk and walking east.


No, to be precise, it was not walking, rather as it moved, a cluster of clouds lifted it into the air, making it look like a mythical God riding on the clouds.


Elephant King, one of the overlords of Tianshan Forbidden Zone, and also the one least fond of disputes. It usually remained hidden inside the Forbidden Zone, calm and peaceful.


However, today, the influx of a persistent smell of blood from the horizon finally stirred its anger.


However, shortly after this overlord left…


In the heart of Tianshan Mountains, a lake that seemed to have settled for tens of millions of years suddenly rippled.


Immediately after…


*Nay, nay…* Neighing, another mysterious creature suddenly cupped its fist towards a Snow Lotus that had emerged from the depths of the lake.


“That idiot,” A disdainful voice filled with dissatisfaction echoed.


“Sister, don’t speak ill of Elephant King like that. He simply doesn’t want to see living beings harmed,” The petals of the Snow Lotus, that was shimmering with an ethereal glow, trembled slightly as it gingerly consoled.


“He might mean well, but he had no idea that the current invasion of the Sea Clan only looks impressive and it’s not going to bear any fruit. So, why bother getting involved?” The mysterious creature sighed, sounding helpless.


“Only looks impressive!?” The Snow Lotus was taken aback and a bit puzzled.


“Yes, it’s just a gimmick. Although the Seven Kings of the Sea Clan are formidable, the territories they have actually conquered could not even amount to one-seventh of the oceans…”


“Huh…” Dumbfounded, the Snow Lotus was stunned for a moment.


The Lotus found it extremely hard to believe that the fearsome Seven Sea Kings, who had launched such a horrific invasion, had only managed to conquer one-seventh of the oceans, even with all of their daunting strength combined.


However, sensing the Snow Lotus’s astonishment, the mysterious creature added, “In terms of strength, the Seven Sea Kings have indeed reached the pinnacle of the deep sea. However, the deep sea is unfathomable, and there are many creatures that can rival them. Some monsters may not be their match, but it would not be easy for the Seven Sea Kings to subdue them. And those monsters would never obey the commands of the Seven Sea Kings. In other words, the Sea Kings have shallow roots in the deep sea. So, it’s not a good idea for them to invade the land at present. Just why are these seven still so stubbornly insistent on this invasion?”


At this point, a cold smile appeared on the mysterious creature’s face as it stated, “They haven’t even unified the seas yet, and they’re already thinking about invading the land. Moreover, they’re invading all seven continents at once. I don’t know what they’re thinking. Are they in such a hurry to die?”


“Uh…” The Snow Lotus looked bewildered. As someone who had always stayed deep in Tianshan, it was unaware of such secrets.


Just then, as if thinking something, the Lotus asked curiously, like an inquisitive child, “Sis, how do you know all this?”


“Well…” The mysterious creature was slightly taken aback, before she responded with a helpless smile, “If you go out, you’d find out that I am a member of the Seahorse Clan, and we live in the vast ocean. The Heaven Lake here is connected with the ocean. I can come and go between the two. So naturally, I have seen and learned a lot.”


Saying this, the mysterious creature added with a smug look on her face, “Not long ago, I received an invitation from one of the Seven Kings of the Sea Clan, the Mermaid Queen–Tidecaller, but unfortunately, I’m not interested in such matters, so I declined straight away.”


Saying this, the mysterious creature glanced deeply outside Tianshan Forbidden Zone, her eyes flickering with dread.


And at this moment, sensing the creature’s fear, the Snow Lotus sighed helplessly. “Sis, are you still haunted by that Tree Monster?”


“I can’t help it!” In a solemn tone, the mysterious creature added with anguish, “Back then, that Tree Monster already possessed Sovereign-level strength! It alone far surpasses the Sea Kings! Now that so much time has passed, who knows how terrifying it has become?”


Saying so, the mysterious creature cast a glance in the direction of Shanghai, sighing. “Stay away from such matters. If you anger that Tree Monster, not to mention the Seven Kings of the Sea Clan, even those few old bastards hidden in the depths of the deep sea won’t be able to escape…”


Dropping this warning, the mysterious creature silently retreated back into the depths of the lake…


With her departure, the only thing that remained on the surface of the lake was a blooming Snow Lotus, radiating an ethereal glow.


At this moment, its petals trembled before the Snow Lotus seemingly multiplied into millions, covering the entire lake.


It was an extremely beautiful sight, no words could describe it. Yet, the only flaw of this divine beauty was that there was no one, no creature, to appreciate it.


The only ones accompanying it were lakes and trees.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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