Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 46, Qing Er’s Resources


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin




A melodious laughter like tinkling of bells resounded in Yu Zi Yu’s ears.


Looking toward the source, Yu Zi Yu discovered that it was a girl’s phantom in a flowing white dress sitting on his branch. She had her mouth covered as if she was stopping herself from laughing but could not help herself.


“What’s so funny?” Yu Zi Yu doubtfully asked, unable to understand what was so amusing that it made her laugh.


Ever since Yu Zi Yu had her constantly controlling Ling Er’s body, she had really become like a ghost, rarely speaking.


However, Yu Zi Yu understood the reason.


The girl named Ling Er seemed to have been sent by Yan Gao Yuan to a secret base.


According to Qing Er, she spent her days studying various things. And apparently, she was not just learning about combat and cultivating Spiritual Energy, but she was also acquiring various knowledge. As a result, Qing Er did not have much time to talk to Yu Zi Yu.


After remotely controlling Ling Er’s body for half a day, the first thing she did upon regaining consciousness was sink into Yu Zi Yu’s roots to replenish her energy.


“Master, there is something that even you don’t know!?”


“Uh…” Yu Zi Yu sunk into rare silence, blinking his eyes in confusion; he failed to understand the meaning behind Qing Er’s words.


“Brother Flathead, also known as Honey Badger, is an omnivorous animal that feeds on small mammals, birds, reptiles, ants, carrion, wild fruits, berries, nuts, etc. According to the records in the military’s Mutant Beasts Encyclopedia, if this creature manages to mutate, its various aspects and even its resistance will improve. Most importantly, they have a strong natural immunity to toxins, which have exponentially risen after mutation,” Qing Er explained.


“Until now, all the Mutant Honey Badgers that have been discovered are not afraid of highly toxic substances.”


Saying so, Qing Er queerly glanced at the distant hole and mockingly stated, “So, my dear Master, instead of using toxins to bully Honey Badger, why not just whip it with your branches?”




Speechless! Yu Zi Yu was truly speechless.


After being stupefied for a while, Yu Zi Yu still could not come up with a response. He was crushed on an intellectual level.


Although he knew that Honey Badgers had a formidable immunity to toxins, he did not pay attention to this detail when his playful nature got the best of him. Not to mention that he had no idea about the exponential rise in Honey Badger’s toxin resistance after mutation.


*Ah hem* After a long time, Yu Zi Yu forced a cough, seemingly trying to cover up his embarrassment.


Then, his gaze turned to Qing Er, who was sitting on the branch dangling her feet, and doubtfully asked, “It seems like you’ve gained a lot from the Humans, huh?”


Qing Er just mischievously smiled, and did not reply in response;


After a moment, she playfully brushed away a strand of blue catkin that was blocking her sight and gently stroked Yu Zi Yu’s sturdy trunk.


“These are the fruits of my recent endeavors.” 


As soon as she stated this, a series of images flooded Yu Zi Yu’s mind. As if it was shot from a God’s eye view, Yu Zi Yu felt like watching a 3D movie.


Yu Zi Yu clearly saw the girl named He Ling Er arrive at a mysterious place.


This place was truly mysterious. It appeared to be deep underground. Just taking the black elevator to the actual site felt like it took five or six minutes to reach. Then, what came into view was an incredibly massive city!


A city built underground.


Looking up, Yu Zi Yu saw a huge sign with the words ‘Spiritual Energy Research Institute’ engraved on it.



After what seemed a long time, Yu Zi Yu let out a long, deep breath.


When he looked up, he noticed that Qing Er had already sunk into the roots of the tree, entering into slumber.


“You really had it hard.” Sighing, Yu Zi Yu realized how much Qing Er must have suffered in the last couple of days.


As the name suggested, the Spiritual Energy Research Institute was a federal organization dedicated to studying Spiritual Energy. However, it was more like an academy than an organization, as it was composed of many awakened individuals, most of whom were professors.


This institute served two purposes.


One was naturally to research Spiritual Energy, and the other was to train Superhumans.


When He Ling Er, who had awakened Fire-Attribute Elemental Talent, first arrived, she was immediately called a genius, and naturally caught the attention of several professors.


And in order to live up to Yu Zi Yu’s expectations and better conceal her identity, Qing Er chose to play the role of an obedient girl, following every single arrangement of the professors. However, obediently following all arrangements did not end well; it led to a major incident.


After all, in addition to Ling Er’s body awakening Fire-Attribute Elemental Talent, Qing Er herself had also awakened Psychic Talent.


What did that mean?


Absolute development in the psychic field not only allowed her to influence reality with her psychic power, but it also manifested in improved learning speed, far exceeding the norm.


Much to the professors’ amazement and delight, a monster surpassing everyone’s imagination was born.


In just half a day, she had completely mastered a language.


In just a few hours, she learned the Spiritual Energy cultivation method that the Humans claimed to be the most difficult to practice.



She broke one record after another, becoming the most remarkable girl in the Spiritual Energy Research Institute. As a result, the resources were substantially tilted in her favor.


Of course, as a cost, Qing Er had a never-ending list of tasks every day.


Apart from the necessary cultivation of Spiritual Energy, she studied a wide variety of diverse subjects which would be beneficial to her.


Understanding the habits and weaknesses of various Mutant Beasts was also one of her mandatory lessons.


As such, Qing Er naturally knew about the Honey Badger’s immunity to toxins.




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