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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 460, The Ancient Barbarians

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


While the White Elephant exited the Forbidden Zone, Tianshan, the world’s second largest continent welcomed an unprecedented disaster.


Enormous waves swept through the land, flooding everything in their path. Humans and beasts alike, ran for their lives. Desperate cries and hopeless wails echoed everywhere. It was as if doomsday had arrived and the entire continent had been plunged into despair.


Unlike the world’s biggest continent, with China, ASEAN, and Forbidden Zones…


Unlike Australia, where Mutant beasts had formed a civilization…


This continent was still in its most primitive past, decades, or even centuries behind times in some places.


If someone awakened some ability, they treated it as a miracle and worshiped them.


They lived in tribes and regarded totems as their belief.


And this was the current situation of the world’s second largest continent, known as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ – Africa.


Now, as the Sea Creatures Tide swept the continent, the Humans here were not thinking of organizing resistance, but fleeing deeper into the continent with their families.


From afar, the towering waves seemed like demons crazily chasing after them, with Humans and Mutant Beasts alike frantically running in the front.


Meanwhile, in a corner of this continent…


In the deepest part of a valley resembling a fissure on Earth, also known as the Crack in the Planet’—Great Rift Valley of East Africa…


*Crack, crack…* Amidst rocks cracking, an ancient tribe prostrated respectfully on the ground.


They had dark skin, as if they permanently remained exposed to sun, and their faces were adorned with strange patterns. They wore animal skins and used stone spears and axes.


This was the Sacred Barbarian Tribe, one of the ten major tribes of Africa, with a population of about thirty million.


Just among the people present here, the Tier-1 and Tier-2 Superhumans numbered in the hundreds.


At this moment, all of them were prostrating on the ground with gazes filled with reverence.


There happened to be a series of murals not far from them. Depicted in these murals were Humans making fire from wood, Humans hunting beasts…


Although they had undergone erosion for tens of thousands of years, one could still vaguely see ancient Human life. And on a stone platform not far away, there was even a 22–meter–long footprint resembling that of a Human’s.


According to archaeologists sent by some world superpowers, this footprint dated back three million and five hundred thousand years.


In other words, three million and five hundred thousand years ago, Humanoid creatures already existed. In other words, Africa was one of the cradles of Human Civilization, a land with a brilliant ancient civilization.


This part of Great Rift Valley was one of the earliest origins of Human Civilization.


Right at this moment…


A chant suddenly started echoing in the depths of the valley.


Looking up, an old man adorned with many small braids on his head and intricate patterns on his face could be seen dancing, raising the scepter in his hand high.


He seemed to be praying or requesting.


However, as they watched the old man, the gazes of countless members of the Sacred Barbarian Tribe became even more respectful, faintly tinged with anticipation.


After some known amount of time, the valley suddenly started trembling. Meanwhile, if someone was paying close attention to the 22–meter–long footprint on the ground, they would notice that it had started to glow, continuously radiating brilliant golden light.


Faintly, an apparition started manifesting above the footprint, vaguely giving the impression of an ancient being from some distant past slowly returning along this footprint.


“The clan, called Barbarian, came from the era… The Barbarian Ancestor… created the world… left a legacy for generations to come…” suddenly, a majestic voice started echoing in the valley.


This was not a language belonging to this world, yet every person understood its meaning.


Upon hearing this voice, members of the Sacred Barbarian Tribe became even more excited, burying their heads in the ground one by one.


However, at this moment…


A young man in animal skins with extremely rough skin, a string of bones hanging around his neck, and bone rings on his ears, exuding a valiant aura, suddenly emitted a golden light.


At the same time, the gradually brightening golden footprint became even more dazzling, as if resonating…


Amidst the excited gazes of countless members of the Sacred Barbarian Tribe, this young man suddenly took a step forward, heading towards that 22–meter–long footprint.


*Tap, tap…* Step by step, as the young man drew closer to the footprint, he seemed to have already lost consciousness. However, a faint golden light flickered in between his brow.


Finally, the young man of the Sacred Barbarian Tribe arrived beside the footprint.


*Thump…* Then, the young man’s foot landed on the ‘ancient footprint’ with a deafening thump. At the same time, the ancient footprint’s golden glow became even more radiant.


Faintly, one could see a golden apparition overlapping with the young man continuously.


“In ancient times, the clan, called… Barbarians… The Barbarian Ancestor, created the world… left a legacy for generations to come…”


One whisper after another, like an inheritance, continuously echoed in the young man’s ears. With each whisper, the young man’s aura continued to rise.


However, if one were to pay attention, they would surely notice that his aura was different from that of ordinary Mutant beasts and Humans. It was ancient and profound, filled with an indescribable mystery.


After an unknown period of time, the young man slowly woke up from his trance.


Right at that very moment, water slowly flowing down the sides of the canyon caught his attention.


It was a bit salty, and carried the peculiar fishy smell of the sea.


At a closer look, the young man saw Sacred Barbarian Tribe members prostrating not far from him, one after another prostrating, with seawater reaching to their waists.


It should be noted that the Great Rift Valley was known as the Crack in the Planet. For the seawater to rise to waist level in such a large canyon, one can simply imagine how terrifying the scene outside must be.


*Haaa…* A sigh escaped the young man’s lips as a hint of world-weary look appeared in his eyes, which was atypical of a young person like him.


“Sea Clan!” Sighing, the young man took a step forward.


*Boom!* The next moment, the entire canyon shook as a majestic aura suddenly erupted from the canyon.


And at this moment, the Sea King, who was waging war in Africa, the Patriarch of Twin Clan, an Emerald Crab with claws that seemed to tear the sky apart, suddenly narrowed its eyes.


Slowly, it turned its gaze towards a direction, a hint of vigilance flickering in its eyes.


“Those who have long been dead dare to show themselves? Hmph…”  At the drop of these words, it lifted its enormous pincers, causing the towering waves to become even more violent.



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