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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 465, The Terrifying Sea Beast King

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A deafening explosion reverberated through the sky as the purple sea of flame went crashing down to the ground in an instant.


*Ci ci ci…* Instantly, waves evaporated as charred carcasses slowly fell one after another. Some Mutant Sea Creatures didn’t even leave any bones behind.


In the face of this terrifying flame that could burn their very Soul, most of the Sea Creatures were nothing short of Ants.


However, at this moment…


*Roar, roar…* Deafening and resounding roars, seemingly coming straight from prehistoric era, carrying indescribable terror, echoed through the sky.


Immediately after, Ling Er and the Elephant’s pupils shrank as they witnessed a horrid monster, resembling an Elephant but covered in spikes, with purple flames burning all over it slowly emerging from the white mist.




“Are you kidding me?”



The sight of the monster instantly elicited cries of exclamation. Even Ling Er found it somewhat unbelievable.


However, the next moment, with a trumpeting, like that of an Elephant’s, a black Elephant Trunk covered in spikes, rapidly stretched towards the sky.


The next moment…


*Pffffteee…* The very same scene of the White Elephant inhaling the clouds and breathing them out played out once again. Except, it was executed by a Black Elephant.


What was more shocking was that the clouds it breathed out were dark, and were accompanied by lightning and thunder in the sky, giving the impression that it was the end of the world.


“Huh… How is this possible?” Owl, who had been observing the battle all along, cried out in a bewildered voice, as she gawked.


However, the next moment…


An earth-shattered explosion reverberated through the sky, as the black clouds breathed out by the Black Elephant  turned into the most terrifying storm, sweeping towards Ling Er and the White Elephant.


*Crackle, crackle…* Accompanied by continuous cracking and rumbles, the city behind Ling Er and the White Elephant instantly shattered into pieces.


Even more terrifyingly, it seemed that the White Elephant and Ling Er couldn’t withstand it either. Their figures were constantly being pushed back, like two leaf boats in a storm.


“What… what exactly is that?” cried out the struggling White Elephant, puzzled.


However, his question was answered with a thunderous roar as a massive purple sea of flames swept through the ground, crashing towards him this time.


And the moment he came in contact with the purple flames, the White Elephant let out a roaring, painful roar, staggering and leaving several deep pits behind.


The purple flames seemed to burn the very Soul. Even the mighty White Elephant couldn’t bear it.


“If my guess is correct, that Sea Beast King should have the ability to become stronger every time it encounters a strong opponent, It’s able to replicate whatever attacks it receives, and is even able to evolve into something even more horrific,” Ling Er mumbled to herself, finding it difficult to accept.


[How could there be such a Heaven-defying ability?] However, when she thought that this Sea Beast King was one of the most terrifying Kings of the Sea Clan, Ling Er fell silent. [Then again, if it didn’t possess such a Heaven-defying ability, how could this seemingly unintelligent Sea Beast command so many Sea Clans and invade the entire continent?]


Right at this moment, seemingly hearing this, the White Elephant’s pupils shrank fiercely. The next moment, the White Elephant let out a trumpeting, followed by a surge in Spiritual Energy.


A sacrosanct glow emerged all around the White Elephant, pushing away the overwhelming purple flames around him.


*Haaaa…* Breathing out a long, deep breath, the White Elephant turned his gaze towards the nearby Human hovering in the air for the first time and asked in a low voice, “How should we proceed then?”




His question only caused Ling Er’s expression to become stiff. She cast a glance at the hideous Black Elephant in the distance, and noticing it waiting for them to attack, she felt a bit helpless.


“Let’s just delay,” proposing this, she shrugged and explained, “This guy is definitely not something we can handle. The more we attack, the stronger it becomes. If you pay close attention to it, you’ll surely notice that its violent and crimson eyes are burning with anticipation when looking at us…”


Hearing Ling Er’s words, the White Elephant also froze for a moment. He immediately looked towards the hideous Black Elephant, and a pair of eyes burning with anticipation caught his eyes.


Low intelligence didn’t mean that it did not have the ability to think at all. It was just that, compared to individuals with normal intelligence, the Sea Beast King’s thoughts were very pure.


‘Become stronger, and stronger…’ 


They were as simple as that. It was an instinct, and it obeyed its instincts.


“Alright.” After a long, silent, contemplation, the White Elephant decisively shifted his gaze to the other hideous Sea Beasts lurking deep in the waves.


Compared to the Sea Beast King, the other three Tier-3 Sea Beasts, while powerful, weren’t as troublesome.


After all, they solely relied on their instincts to fight. While it was enough to overwhelm lower-level opponents, when facing opponents of the same Tier, they fell a little behind.


In front of absolute strength, all wits and tricks would be crushed. However, when both opponents were equally strong, wits became a crucial piece in the battle.


Thinking this, the White Elephant took a deep breath before firmly stating, “Let’s stop the waves from advancing further. And if necessary, snipe off the other three Tier-3 Sea Beasts.”


Hearing this, Ling Er also nodded her agreement.


However, the next moment, she immediately added, as if remembering something, 

“Don’t let the Sea Beast King perceive that our attacks can pose a threat. It should only absorb attacks that can harm it.”


“Got it,” giving a simple response, the White Elephant’s expression also became serious.


Meanwhile, Ling Er raised her hand as a ball of purple flames gathered in her hand.


[Since this Sea Beast King had absorbed my purple flame ability, I can only use purple flames in the upcoming battle. As for other means… It would  probably be best to not use them if I don’t want this creature to become even stronger.]



Meanwhile, in the distant horizon…


*Thump, thump, thump…* Accompanied by synchronized footsteps, a vast expanse of white mist swept through the ground. It was like an army of thousands, indescribably vast.


The white mist seemed endless, blanketing the sky and devouring the land.


Passing by, a remote town that had been invaded by the Sea Creatures came in its path, whereupon the white mist had engulfed the entire city in the blink of an eye.


The white mist seemed to be all pervasive, with wisps swirling everywhere.


The mist seemed to be alive, seeping into the bodies of the Mutant Sea Creatures within a few breaths, much to their horror.


And… there was no ‘after’ for them. Their bodies no longer belonged to themselves.


On another side…


*Boom, boom…* Accompanied by thunderous crashes, monstrous creatures of mist were slaughtering everything, including Humans. In the onslaught of Sea Creatures, there were few Humans left in the entire city.


Yu Zi Yu’s Mist Beasts carried out their orders right to the dot, like machines. So, occasional collateral damage was unavoidable.


If there was anyone or anything to blame, it would be their bad luck. By the time the vast mist swept over this remote town, it had become dead.


The sea was dyed red, and corpses with terror clearly visible on their faces and wide open eyes were floating everywhere. The horrific sight would send chills down everyone’s spine.


“More than seven million Evolution Points… hmmm…” murmuring, a pair of eyes hidden deep within the dense mist looked towards a direction, where terrifying auras emanated, the gaze becoming increasingly intense.


The fact that just this small town had yielded such gains, Yu Zi Yu could not help but wonder what kind of surprises awaited him next.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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