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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 466, Heaven-Reaching Stamp

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*Pfffteee, pffffteee, pffffteee…*


*Roar, roar, roar…*


The White Elephant trumpeted, and the colossal hideous beasts in the giant waves roared, baring fangs at each other.


*Boom, boom, boom…* Suddenly, the next moment, the White Elephant, the size of a mountain, lifted his legs and charged straight into the waves, causing the ground to quake fiercely.


Before anyone could react, a deafening bang reverberated amidst the massive waves before a 100 meter-long, hideous monster covered in spikes was sent flying several kilometers away, with swathes of water splashing and rolling backward.


For a moment, it seemed as if a torrential rain had started pouring down.


However, at that very moment…


*Roar…* Another roar reverberated through the sky as a head suddenly shot out from the depths of the sea, eliciting the White Elephant’s pupils to shrink.


The head was extremely fast, incredibly so. Instantly, the White Elephant felt a pain shooting from his thigh.


Looking closer, the White Elephant noticed that the head belonged to a hideous Sea Beast resembling a Giant Turtle covered in spikes.


“To think a Turtle would be so quick when poking its head out!” The White Elephant remarked in a calm voice, not caring much about it.


He might not claim to be invincible in other aspects, but when it came to defense, he indeed did not fear most attacks. It was this aspect that bolstered the White Elephant’s confidence the most when it came here.


Except for the Sea Beast King, not to mention these Sea Beasts who were weaker than him, even if they were one level stronger, he would still not fear their attacks.


Although the White Elephant couldn’t guarantee victory, he could definitely hold his ground.


Right at that very moment…


*Boom…* Flapping the purple wings, Ling Er’s figure instantly disappeared in front of the Sea Beast King–the Black Elephant.


Whether it was an illusion or something else, but Ling Er felt that after changing its form, the Sea Beast King’s reaction had dropped a notch.


No, to be more accurate, the Sea Beast King seemed to have inherited the clumsiness of the White Elephant.


Despite its clumsiness, to lower-level creatures, it still appeared as fast as the wind.


However, as far as Ling Er, a Tier-3 Superhuman, was concerned, it was not fast. its attacks were as glaring as the sun, too obvious and predictable. 


This was also the biggest weakness of huge Mutant Beasts. While they possessed unimaginable power and unshakable defense, their large body size inevitably limited their speed, causing them to be sluggish.


It was inevitable.


Except for the species in the myths and legends that were close to perfection, the other Mutant Beasts or Sea Creatures of this world more or less had certain deficiencies.


*Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…* Accompanied by a fleeting purple streak, Ling Er’s figure kept flickering around the Black Elephant.


This was Ling Er’s mission, to hold off the Sea Beast King.


Fortunately, the Sea Beast King had taken an Elephant Form, otherwise Ling Er wouldn’t have been confident in pinning it down.


*Roar, roar, roar…* One deafening roar after another echoed. Clearly it had an Elephant Form, but its cries were different from that of Elephants.


Then, suddenly…

*Swoosh….* Ling Er’s pupils shrank as a black trunk, so huge that it resembled a pillar reaching the sky, slamming towards her entered her sight.


Fast. It was as fast as a black lightning bolt.


It was hard to imagine how fast an Elephant could swing its trunk. However, after a glance at the White Elephant fighting off three Sea Beasts alone, a realization dawned upon Ling Er.


This Sea Beast King was actually learning the attacking methods of the ‘White Elephant’, as if the White Elephant was its teacher, and the Sea Beast King was his student, diligently absorbing everything.


But what left her surprised was that despite both of them swinging their trunks, when Sea Beast King swung its trunk, the very air seemed to explode, and an enormous trough, hundreds of meters long, appeared on the ruins of the city, whereas the trough left by the White Elephant was only tens of meters long.


The sight of devastation left by the Sea Beast King caused the corner of Ling Er’s eyes to fiercely twitch.


“They hardly have the same level of power.”


Suppressing the shock in her heart, Ling Er’s expression became even more solemn.


If she was hit by that, she would be seriously injured if not dead.


The battle ravaged on.


However, Ling Er seemed to be caught in a dilemma.


From afar, everything looked the same, the figure with purple wings continued to entangle with the Black Elephant. However, compared to before, the Black Elephant’s attacks were noticeably more fierce, and its movements were more agile.


All this was because of the good teacher not far away.


“You stupid Elephant! Are you afraid this bastard can’t kill me?” Ling Er complained, her face somewhat pale.


Being entangled with this kind of monster was pure torture. If she wasn’t proficient in psychic power and had strong perception, she would have been killed by the Sea Beast King long ago.


“Uh…” Hearing Ling Er’s complaints in the distance, the White Elephant momentarily froze. With his intelligence, he could naturally tell that the Sea Beast King was intentionally or unintentionally imitating him.


However, the problem was that the White Elephant was engaged in a battle with the three Tier-3 Sea Beasts all alone. While he wanted to show restraint, he did not dare to.


Although these Sea Beasts were not very smart, their continuous fearsome attacks were still terrifying. Every now and then, he was pushed into a corner, and he was forced to use some of his true abilities.


Just like now…


Sensing the nearby Sea Beast resembling a Turtle coming at it, the White Elephant took a long, deep breath.


*Haaa…* And as he drew breath, the depths of White Elephant’s eyes flickered with a bright glow.


The next moment, he lifted his two hooves, as thick as buckets, as the terrifying Spiritual Energy continuously gathered towards them.


“Heavenly-Reaching Stamp…” a mutter escaped the White Elephant’s mouth before a terrifying pressure spread from it.


Immediately after, the Turtle-looking Sea Beast’s expression drastically changed as its body came to an immediate stop all of a sudden. Faintly, it could feel even the surrounding space was imprisoned.


And the very next moment…


*Boom!* With a deafening boom, a pair of feet, white as jade, entered the Turtle-type Sea Beast’s sight, coming down on it, and growing bigger and bigger.


Even the flow of time seemed to have slowed down.


However, in a moment, a sharp shattering sound rang, as the very fabric of space shattered, revealing cobweb-like cracks.


Finally, the pair of white feet truly landed on the Turtle’s shell.


*Boom…* The earth violently shook, and a terrifying shockwave spread in all directions.




*Roar…* A wail filled with despair resounded in the air.


However, as Ling Er listened to this utterly desperate roar, her expression suddenly changed drastically. Because at that very moment, an extremely hoarse and husky mutter sounded not far away from her.


“Heavenly-Reaching Stamp…* Following the sound, Ling Er was astonished, seeing the Black Elephant covered in spikes slowly lifting its forelimbs.


“How is this possible?”


“Are you kidding me?”


Both Ling Er and the White Elephant cried out in shock and dismay, their faces changed dramatically.


[Isn’t it supposed to learn and even develop higher abilities only after being attacked? How did it learn just by looking? How is this possible!?]


However, now, Ling Er had no choice but to accept it, because her figure suddenly froze in mid-air, as if this entire space was imprisoned.


Visibly, a pair of black, spiky feet descended from the sky, directly targeting the space where Ling Er was imprisoned.


“You stupid Elephant! You damn bastard! I’ll remember this forever!” Sporting a rare drastic change in her expression, Ling Er lost all of her composure for the first time in her life.


The nearby White Elephant, sensing the urgency of the situation, rushed over immediately, while roaring using psychic energy, “The Heaven-Reaching Stamp imprisons space, while the descending hooves crushed everything within. Once locked, no one can escape. The only option left is to just weather it…”


“Weather it!?” The corner of Ling Er’s lips twitched fiercely, and her pupils shrank to the size of pine needles, watching the massive shadow coming down on her.


[Are you sure I can take this attack head-on!?]



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