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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 468, The Advent of Tree World

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<Ding, you have killed a Tier-1 Mutant Crab, Evolution Points +30,000.>


<Ding, you have killed a Tier-2 Mutant Lobster, Evolution Points +140,000.>


<Ding, you have killed a Tier-0 Mutant Squid, Evolution Points +1,000.>



One after another, countless system prompt sounds successively echoed echo in Yu Zi Yu’s ears. However, Yu Zi Yu chose to selectively block out these notifications and turned his attention to the city.


Looking up, the pillar of lightning was still descending from the sky, piercing through the entire city, leaving a deep bottomless pit.


However, that wasn’t the most terrifying part. The most terrifying part was the penetrating power of the lightning gathered in the sky. While it tore through the earth, it also pierced through the sky.


In the distance, Humans and Mutant beasts could see a pillar of lightning piercing through the sky.


“What’s that?”


“A pillar of light?”


Exclamations rang out, one after another, as the residents of a city hundreds of kilometers away looked up at the sky. The next moment, a brilliant pillar of light, reaching straight towards the heavens, caught their eyes.



Meanwhile, in another remote town, not that far from the city invaded by the Sea Beast King…


This town too had been invaded by Sea Creatures. It was now submerged in sea water and home to countless Deep-Sea Creatures, who had chosen to take temporary refuge here.


Every now and then, one could see Sea Creatures chasing after the Humans, leaping over the high-rise buildings.


However, at this moment…


*Crackle, crackle…* Crackling sounds of electricity echoed at the horizon one after another, drawing the attention of numerous Sea Creatures, who, to their horror, witnessed the vast sea at the horizon surging with countless silver-white Lightning Serpents.


The Lightning Serpents were as swift as the wind, spreading along the sea and streaking over in a flash.


*Roar, roar, roar…* In a moment, painful cries reverberated one after another, as countless Sea Beasts were reduced into charred carcasses.


Moreover, some Sea Creatures, like those in the first city, instantly disappeared.


And this was the might of the Lightning-Attribute Divine Skill, Lightning Strike.


The Lightning Strike was primarily an offensive skill. Whether it was single target damage, or its destructive might, it had almost reached the pinnacle in offense. Although it had spread across hundreds of kilometers, with the sea water acting as a medium, its terrifying might had silenced the entire world. 


The entire world was truly silenced, because at this moment, inside the National Spiritual Energy Monitoring Bureau…


Countless people watching the live feed from satellites. They witnessed lightning spread in all directions from the city, where the Sea Beast King appeared as the epicenter, sweeping through city after city.


“Can a Mutant Beast really unleash an attack like this?”


“This must be an illusion, it must be…*



Exclamation filled with shock and dismay rang one after another, a look of disbelief plastered on the faces of everyone.


However, while everyone was reeling from disbelief, the Deputy Director of the Spiritual Energy Monitoring Bureau, looking at the familiar frequency of Spiritual Energy fluctuations analyzed by the sophisticated instrument, fell silent.


After an indeterminate amount of time, she glanced at the screen and softly uttered two words, “Tree…Monster…”


[It’s definitely the Tree Monster. The Strongest Monstrosity of the Continent has finally awakened!] She was not sure whether she should be happy or sad.


Happy, naturally, because the appearance of the Tree Monster had put a stop on the invasion of the Sea Creatures..At least, looking at the satellite images on the screen, the Deputy Director of the Spiritual Energy Monitoring Bureau was fairly certain of this.


Sad, naturally because the Tree Monster had emerged from Misty Mountains, and it might not be good news for Humanity.


Compared to its terror, even the current onslaught of Sea Creatures seemed insignificant. At least,China still had a chance against the invasion of Sea Creatures. However, against the awakened Tree Monster, let alone China, even the combined might of all of Humanity would not be enough.


It would be akin to breaking a rock with an eggshell.


Thinking of this, the Deputy Director of the Spiritual Energy Monitoring Bureau couldn’t help but feel bitter.



Meanwhile, in a charred city, a hint of green began to rise, with tender shoots rising anew. At the same time, a powerful vitality started permeating the air.


Looking up, starting from the center of that green, lush grass began to grow.


*Rumble, rumble…* In a moment, the ground started quaking as one branch after another broke the ground, extending upward. Accompanying them was an indescribably thick trunk, slowly rising towards the sky.


It was an extremely beautiful sight.


Under the dark and oppressive sky, still blanketed by thick and dense clouds, a Willow Tree had sprouted from the ground.


With a faint green halo surrounding it and its branches gently dancing along the wind, standing tall amidst all the destruction, it perfectly portrayed the cycle of life and death.


At this moment, glancing at the devastated city, the charred wasteland, adorned with the scars of the horrific battle, deep gullies and bottomless pits, as well as, the charred carcasses, which had not burnt to ashes, and were still radiating a whole lot of heat, Yu Zi Yu couldn’t help but heave a sigh.


His sigh was filled with indescribable melancholy.


Ground littered with corpses and carcasses, and a sea of blood stretching for kilometers. He really did not want to see the Human World reduced to such a hellish state.


Suddenly, a murmur echoed in the devastated city, “Advent of Tree World.”


At the drop of these words, the city centered around Yu Zi Yu suddenly bloomed with greenery.


Immediately after, much to the shock of the surviving Mutant Sea Beasts, White Elephant, and the Humans, who luckily happened to be in the unaffected part of the city, behind Ling Er and White Elephant, the ground violently started quaking, as if struck by an earthquake, with countless trees sprouting from the ground, lush and robust.


Their branches continuously stretched towards the sky, and their roots spread deep into the earth.


In just a few breaths, a vast and ancient forest had sprung up from the scorched earth.


No, to be accurate, the scorched earth was no longer visible. All that remained was a vibrant primeval forest.


All of this was built upon countless corpses buried beneath the forest.


How lush and majestic the forest was directly related to how many corpses were buried, and the more the better.


By the time countless Humans and Mutant Sea Beasts reacted, a vast forest had miraculously risen at the end of the horizon.


“A miracle!?” a voice emerged out of nowhere, giving voice to the thoughts of everyone present.


For a moment, the majestic and picturesque sight had left the surviving Humans silent.


However, the very next moment…

*Swooosh…* A gust of wind, that had appeared out of thin air, startled everyone. 


Much to the astonishment of many Humans, the forest, which had sprung up from the ground, started gradually disappearing into the thick fog rolling in from the west.




Stunned, someone attempted to approach, but in a moment, as if realizing something, his expression drastically changed as a cry of alarm echoed, “Misty Mountains.”


A look of pure horror had blanketed that man’s face.


[Yes, this must be Misty Mountains. Only the mist from Misty Mountains could be so mysterious. Only the mist from Misty Mountains can be so lifelike.]


And now, looking at the Towering Tree hidden in the depths of the fog, reaching into the dark clouds, realization seemed to have dawned upon him, and he mumbled softly, “The Tree Monster must have come… the Tree Monster must have come…”


Hearing these repeated mutters, the others finally reacted, their faces turning pale.


At this moment, no words were needed to provide an explanation. With the mist as a boundary, and the forest as a base, another Forbidden Zone had quietly emerged deep within China, and no one dared to refute it.


In fact, many felt grateful.


Because the appearance of this Tree Monster had completely suppressed the invasion of Sea Beasts that had swept through much of the land.


Until now, not a single person had heard the roar of Sea Creatures, as if everything had returned to calm.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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