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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 469, Lifelike Teenager

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And at this moment, deep within the forest submerged in mist, an elegant figure with long, black hair could be seen flickering every now and then, appearing and disappearing in a flash.


What was somewhat astonishing was that each time she disappeared, a look of astonishment could be seen on her face, as if she had witnessed something unimaginable.


After a moment…


*Haaaa…* Taking a deep breath, the young girl gazed at the figure of a young man emerging from the thicket not far away, her eyes narrowing.


The young man happened to be quite handsome, and not that old. Except, he had been following her like a shadow. Even if Owl used her Spatial Talent, she was unable to shake him off.


On the contrary, every time she ‘teleported,’ she would find this young man with a smirk on his lips, looking at her playfully.


“Who exactly are you?” A vigilant Owl asked in a firm voice.


“Haven’t you already guessed?” Smiling, Yu Zi Yu raised a finger.


In an instant, Owl’s pupils shrank to the size of a pinhole as she witnessed a root slowly extending from the young man’s finger.


“Tree… Monster…”


Owl’s bit her lips as her gaze towards the young man became filled with fear, and even a hint of indescribable terror.


Tree Monster, once just a name heard in passing, but today, having witnessed it suppress the majority of the Sea Creatures Tide, Owl truly understood its terror.


She came to realize that this entity, that had been lurking deep within the continent, was the most terrifying entity that could not be shaken by anyone.


Meanwhile, after casting a playful glance at the young girl, Yu Zi Yu waved his hand.


In an instant…


*Swoosh, swoosh…*


One after another, rootlets surged from all directions, shooting towards the young girl in succession.


Seeing the rootlets coming at her from every single direction, Owl firmly stated, gritting her teeth, “You can’t catch me.”


At the drop of these words, her figure once again disappeared into thin air on the spot.


Only ripples in the space hinted at her departure.


However, the next moment, as Owl reappeared not far from her original position, she found the young man standing not far from her, sporting still the same smile on his lips, her gaze suddenly shook.


“You…* While she was reeling from the shock, Owl heard a confident voice suddenly echoing her ears, “There is an interval of five breaths between each teleportation, and the teleportation distance is within a radius of one kilometer. If you want to teleport for a longer distance, the interval will correspondingly extend.*


As Yu Zi Yu spoke, his eyes could not help but flicker uncontrollably, gazing at this rather mysterious young girl.


[I’ve got to admit, her Spatial Innate Talent is really enviable. No wonder she dares to linger on the battlefield of Tier-3 Transcendents when she is only a Tier-2 Superhuman. Unfortunately, she has seen something she shouldn’t have.] Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu’s Human Form, woven from countless rootlets, split apart in an instant,


*Swoosh, swoosh…* One after another, countless roots shot towards the young girl at lightning speed. By the time the young girl reacted, she felt a sharp pain in her wrist.


At the same time, her surging Spiritual Energy disappeared in an instant.


“Huh!?” Owl cried in disbelief, her voice carrying a hint of sharpness.


However, the next moment,


*Squilish…* Accompanied by a sound akin to the tearing of a piece of cloth, a poisonous thorn plunged into Owl’s neck.


And as she felt the sharp pain in her neck, Owl’s consciousness plunged into darkness, fainting.



“A mysterious girl with Spatial Innate Talent,” softly mumbling, countless branches of a nearby tree tied up around the unconscious Owl, binding her in place at Yu Zi Yu’s command.”


As the Advent of the Tree World created this forest, it was under Yu Zi Yu’s complete control. As such, controlling a tree or multiple trees was naturally not difficult.


And as for why Yu Zi Yu appeared as a living and breathing young man to Owl was also due to his ability, Hallucinogen. It was an ability that could deceive the senses.


At this moment, in the forest created by Yu Zi Yu, his Hallucinogen ability was further enhanced. Not to mention making a figure woven by countless rootlets appear as a young man, even making a piece of immovable rock as a young man would be a piece of cake for Yu Zi Yu.


However, to make it more real, the Human Form woven by countless rootlets was most apt.


After all, given Yu Zi Yu’s exquisite control, he could even sport all kinds of expression on the young figure woven by countless rootlets.


One could easily understand what that signified.


If it weren’t for Yu Zi Yu’s reluctance to hide, almost everyone would think that the teenager formed by Yu Zi Yu’s rootlets was a real Human.


“Not bad” Yu Zi Yu was completely satisfied with this form.


He was basically a Tree. As such, using roots as a medium to weave a young man and roam in the forest was within reason.


After all, his Tree Body was just too terrifying; just a slight movement of any single part would affect a whole area.


In this case, this proved to be the better choice. With a mere thought, rootlets hidden within the earth would swiftly surface at his designated spot, intertwining to form the semblance of a teenage figure. Enhanced by his ability—Hallucinogen—the illusion would appear remarkably lifelike.


The greatest advantage of this was convenience. 


Just like now, in the dark depths of the dense forest…


*Tap, tap, tap…* With heavy footsteps, a teenager slowly emerged from the depths of the ground. Not from the depths of the forest, but really from the depths of the ground.


One by one, countless rootlets kept intertwining with each other.


By the time this figure appeared in front of many other figures, it was lifelike, like a real teenager.


“Greetings, Master.” As one, six Knights knelt on one knee beneath a Towering Tree, accompanied by six Pandas who also respectfully bowed their heads.


“Mhmm.” Nodding slightly, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to a woman with fiery long hair not far away.


“Long time no see, Ling Er.”


“Long time no see, Master,” Ling Er returned the greeting with a smile on her lips. She seemed somewhat excited.


However, the next moment, a look of surprise flashed on Ling Er’s face, seemingly noticing something.


“Master, your appearance seems to be getting more realistic.” Saying so, Ling Er couldn’t help but size up the teenage figure in front of her several times.


Adorned with flowing long black hair, his eyes sharp and penetrating, his gaze unwavering and resolute, every facial feature was vividly pronounced.


From afar, Ling Er even caught a pleasant scent.


Although she knew that this was the result of her Master’s ability–Hallucinogen affecting her perception, Ling Er still couldn’t help but perceive him as a Human.


“This is for the future,” saying so, Yu Zi Yu glanced at the sky, paused, and continued explaining, “If in the future, a Monster Kingdom is to be established, it would be inconvenient to meet people in my true form. It’s better to present myself like this, weaving a body with roots to meet others.”


Listening to Yu Zi Yu’s explanation, Ling Er also affirmed with a nod, “Indeed.”


However, after a moment, as if she had thought of something, Ling Er suddenly asked doubtfully, “Master, are there any limitations to this type of body?”


“Limitations?” Murmuring, Yu Zi Yu admitted, “This body can only be woven within the range of my roots. More crucially, it’s not the body that holds importance; rather, the essence lies in my consciousness, which descends into this physical form.”


Saying this, Yu Zi Yu snapped his fingers.


*Snap!* The next moment, much to Ling Er’s surprise, one teeanger after another emerged from the ground. However, compared to the teenager in front of Ling Er, the others were clearly much more stiff and appeared rigid.


“My consciousness is the true essence,” suddenly, a voice came from behind.


Turning around, Ling Er was astonished to find that the previously dull teenager behind her now looked a bit more alive, and even sported a playful smirk, appearing vividly lifelike.


“Great.” Ling Er nodded slightly, trying her best to digest this information.


It was indeed convenient.


At least now, Ling Er felt that she didn’t need to constantly tilt her head up at a forty-five-degree angle to gaze up at her Master’s towering body.



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