Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 47, Invincible Within Arm’s Reach


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Hmmm…” Yu Zi Yu smacked his lips, looking deeply at Qing Er, who was sleeping soundly on his root, shimmering with starlight.


Others may not be sure, but there was one thing that Yu Zi Yu was certain of. A ‘monster’ bearing strengths of both an anomaly and a Human was about to be born.


Others might not know, but how could he not be aware of it?


In addition to her two Innate Talents, the Fire-Attribute Elemental Talent and Psychic Talent, she was also getting significant resources allocated to her by the Humans. Meanwhile, on Yu Zi Yu’s side, he was also providing her with a large amount of Life Essence, and nourished her Soul through his roots.


Just thinking about these made Yu Zi Yu’s scalp tingle.


In conclusion, Qing Er truly possessed an enormous amount of resources.


If she still could not rise to the top, then probably no Human could.


“Fortunately, I have a cheat called Evolution Points in my hand. Otherwise, after some time, even I might find it hard to continue to dominate over you, little girl.” Sighing in his heart, Yu Zi Yu was also amazed at the opportunities she had encountered.


[Such opportunities are definitely the template of a protagonist! The ordinary would never be able to suppress her. Still, she relies on my roots to nourish her Soul. It could be said that we have formed a bond similar to a contract.]


[Maybe symbiosis!? No, no no. To be more precise, it should be called companionship.]


Qing Er’s entire existence rested upon him. Without Yu Zi Yu, there would be no Qing Er. Because of this, Yu Zi Yu was confident that she was completely under his control. Moreover, fundamentally speaking, there was no conflict of interest. One was a Soul, and the other was a Tree.


One was incorporeal, and the other was corporeal, but they were both anomalies among anomalies.


In this Era of Transcendents, their encounter was already a stroke of fate. They were destined by fate to support each other.


Therefore, considering all these, Yu Zi Yu wholeheartedly nurtured Qing Er as if she was his confidant.


And she had not disappointed him either.


Given time, Qing Er would undoubtedly become his right-hand woman.


As these thoughts crossed his mind, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze toward Qing Er softened a little.


*Crack* As the branch snapped, a drop of rich essence gently fell on the sparkling starlight in his roots.


However, what Yu Zi Yu did not notice was that as the Life Essence touched the light, the girl sleeping deep within the radiance suddenly pursed her lips.


“Mas…ter.” With a hint of attachment, Qing Er fell into an even deeper slumber.



Time flew by; in the blink of an eye, it was already winter. Heavy snowflakes were drifting in the depths of the mountains.


The entire world was covered in a vast expanse of white as snowflakes flutter down from the sky, creating a scene as if white tents had been erected all around, adorning the earth in silver.


However, within this silver-clad world, a hazy mist lingered and refused to disperse, shrouding the mountains.


However, the truly frightening aspect was not this. The real terrifying aspect was that the thick fog had covered hundreds of mountain ranges.


At this moment, if one were to look down from the sky, starting from a corner, the fog extended in a northeast to southwest direction, stretching for over 100 kilometers in length, and 30-40 kilometers in width, shrouding everything in a hazy white mist.


A peak could be found every few hundred meters. It would not be an exaggeration to say that there were hundreds of mountains stretching over these hundreds of kilometers.


However, the fortunate thing was that the dense fog was only spreading within the mountains and had not engulfed the cities.


Otherwise, there would be Human armies stationed around the mountains in constant vigilance.


A hail of bullets and artillery fire would be raining down on the mountains instead of the snowflakes.


But, to be honest, could the firepower that Humans were proud of really be effective against the mist that seemed to be alive?


Smiling, Yu Zi Yu, who was located deep within the fog, wore a strange expression.


Several months had already passed by now.


During this time, Yu Zi Yu had not done much aside from maintaining the dispersal of fog, and continuously strengthening himself using Evolution Points obtained from his pets’ prey.


Over these months, Yu Zi Yu had consumed hundreds, even thousands of Evolution Points to upgrade his numerous branches.


This consumption was really terrifying, there was no denying it. However, compared to the consumption, the rewards were worthwhile.


At this moment, if one were to raise his gaze and look toward the North Canyon, he would be able to see a green waterfall several dozen meters wide descending from the sky. It could even be said to be like the Milky Way descending from the sky.


This was the fruit of Yu Zi Yu upgrading his numerous branches.


Each of his branches were now at Level 2.


Putting everything else aside, just the combat of a single branch was enough to strangle ordinary Tier-0 Level 7, Level 8, and even Tier-0 Level 9 Mutant Beasts.


And now, Yu Zi Yu has over a hundred such branches. 


One could imagine the terrifying sight of hundreds of branches attacking simultaneously.


Heaven collapsing!? Earth shattering!?


What was even more shocking was that the range of Yu Zi Yu’s branches had reached about a hundred meters.


In other words, everything within a hundred meters radius of him had become his domain.


‘Phew…’ Exhaling a long, deep breath, Yu Zi Yu finally felt a sense of true power.


If he was categorized according to human’s Peak Spiritual Energy classification, his current Peak Spiritual Energy should at least be around 70,000 to 80,000.


If such terrifying Spiritual Energy were to appear in a Mutant Beast… According to Yu Zi Yu’s estimate, such a Mutant Beast would be capable of razing a county to ground within half a day.


Of course, as a Willow Tree, Yu Zi Yu did not possess such abilities.


However, if a beast with Peak Spiritual Energy of around 70,000 to 80,000 were to appear within his hundred-meter range, Yu Zi Yu believed that it would not survive until tomorrow.


It was something Yu Zi Yu was absolutely confident in.


In close combat with the same level opponent, he was completely invincible.


To put it in a more boastful way, he was invincible within arm’s reach.


Anyone who dared to offend his presence within a hundred meters was either not born yet or had already bitten the dust.


Yu Zi Yu chuckled, having a certain amount of confidence in himself.




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